North Carolina tops Gonzaga to secure university’s 6th national championship

North Carolina’s Roy Williams wins 3rd national title/ESPN.

Carolina tops Zags, securing sixth title.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PHOENIX — Roy Williams spent 15 years at Kansas and couldn’t win one national title. Since taking over at North Carolina in 2003, Williams has collected three trophies (and counting). Conversely, Bill Self joined KU the same year and he has just one national championship that required a miraculous 3-point shot by Mario Chalmers to force overtime. Nevertheless… after experiencing heartbreak in last year’s national final, the Tar Heels (33-7) achieved a piece of redemption Monday night with a shambolic 71-65 victory over Gonzaga (37-2) — securing their 6th title while becoming just the fourth team to come back from losing the national championship the year before to go on and win it the following year.

Carolina, if you recall, suffered a devastating loss in last year’s title game on Kris Jenkins’ halfcourt dagger at the buzzer for Villanova. “I wanted to see this confetti fall on us and we’re the winners,” said Carolina’s Joel Berry II, who led the Heels with 22 points. “We came out here and we competed. It came down to the last second, but we’re national champs now.”

Justin Jackson (0 of 9 from three point range) delivered the go-ahead 3-point play with 1:40 left to seal the deal. For most of the night, fans were treated to a terrible display of shooting as both squads had trouble throwing it in the ocean. Carolina shot 35.6% from the field.

The Zags were even worse at 33.9%.

Congrats UNC!

Love him or hate him, Williams made the right decision by leaving KU.


  1. Nobody won this game. Sure, Carolina will get the trophy and Huckleberry Hound will get his 3rd (and last) national championship, but this game was so poorly officiated. Would have been nice to see each team have their best 5 on the court for the final 5 minutes.

  2. Worst refereed championship game ever. The officials took one of Gonzaga’s best players out of the game. I’m sorry but instead of remembering this as the Tarheels as champions, I’ll remember this for being one of the worst officiated games I have ever watched, actually the worst.

  3. Breck-Elaine Kitts

    Can you say VEGAS???

  4. This was the theme of the entire tournament if you ask me. Bad officiating all around. I saw intentional shoves that were not called as flagrant, fouls that even blind people were wondering why they didn’t call them. Offensive players dropping shoulder and bumping, bumping, bumping to get in on the defender. Might as well threw on a helmet, changed the shape of the ball and went from there.

  5. Refs gave tourney to UNC, first the Arkansas Game, then UK, now they highjack the championship game…. awesome the whole tourney, not just in UNC game but across the whole board of games…. story of 2017 tourney poor refs

  6. Daniel Zapotocky

    Hats off to UNC finishing strong and redeeming themselves after last year. Proud of the Zags for playing as best they could. Wouldn’t have been disappointed with either team winning.

    Saddened by all the fouls that were called…both ways. Had a significant impact on the game. This could have been a great game had the referees showed some moderation. Not taking anything away from UNC. Neither team played well, but UNC was able to finish.

  7. Michael Paul Goldenberg

    I trust that the officials are proud of themselves for taking that game away from the fans. 44 fouls, 22 each. I’m not going to comment on anything more than this: before the game, the announcers were all salivating for a great up-and-down, go-go game between two teams that love to play fast. Instead, we got a parking lot. We saw key players in foul trouble and I could smell that it was going to be more and more disgusting. Doesn’t matter for whom you were pulling or even if you had no preference: you had to hate the absurd impact of the officials on the actual conduct of the contest. I was hating it 90% of the time, completely aware of how much the refs were dictating everything, and it never got any better.

    Shameful, after such a great tournament with the two best teams getting to the finals to see it come down to that.

  8. As a Heels fan, I’m not too excited about this win. NCAA need to fix the officals and stop playing basketball in football arenas. Worst championship game I’ve ever seen.

  9. D.j. Rosenquest

    It’s so funny seeing everyone complain about the ref’s and say it’s rigged. There were bad calls on both teams. Both teams played their heart’s out. The bottom line is GU couldn’t make a play at the end and UNC played great D. If GU made plays and UNC didn’t get those 2 stops at the end and GU won it would be a different story.

  10. Raphael Champion

    people said that they were going to fail again this year HA…STAND UP TARHEEL NATION!!!

  11. This was one of the worst championship games I’ve ever seen.

  12. Roy Williams is way better than Bill Self and I love it 🙂

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