White Men Can’t Jump: LaVar Ball says Caucasian athletes are way too slow

LaVar Ball says slow white players cost UCLA a championship.

LaVar Ball claims whites are slow.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Perhaps still ticked off at UCLA’s 85-76 loss to Kentucky in the Sweet 16, LaVar Ball — the brusque father of former UCLA guard Lonzo Ball — spouted two reasons for why his son’s team was catapulted from the NCAA tournament: 1) Lonzo was bothered by a pulled hamstring and 2) his Caucasian teammates, whom LaVar referred to as “three white guys,” weren’t athletic enough to help him out. “Realistically you can’t win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow,” LaVar Ball told the Southern California News Group, presumably talking about Bruins starters TJ Leaf, Bryce Alford and Thomas Welsh.

“I told Lonzo, ‘One of these games you might need to go for 30 or 40 points.'”

“It turned out that was the one game.”

Lonzo, projected to go as high as No. 1 in the upcoming NBA Draft, was completely outclassed by Kentucky freshman De’Aaron Fox who scored a game high 39 points compared to Lonzo’s ten. The UCLA star was a finalist for the John R. Wooden Award that went to Kansas guard Frank Mason III on Friday.

LaVar, a black man, is married to a white woman.

Lonzo is biracial.

Do you consider LaVar’s remarks to be racist?

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  1. Duke 1992 champions. Bobby Hurley, Cherokee Park’s and Christian Laettner would’ve owned his son

  2. Guess he should have never signed up for UCLA. Maybe should have asked who the starting five was? Sit back and see where his other kids go to college and what is the racial mix of the starting five. Guy definitely needs to change his medications.

  3. Racism is a two way sword. If you keep bringing it up it might work for you but it also might work against you. ‘ If people want to stop racism stop bringing it up, The path to a color blind society is to stop talking about color’. Larry bird had no foot speed. Non factor. What Alonzo meant is three guys who are not a lottery pick had to pick it up and could,not. (because they are not lottery picks and no other reason). I believe another final four UCLA one and done guy Kevin Love has no foot speed.

  4. Schwartzehonky Peckerwood

    Whites use racism against blacks for over 300yrs,so it’s only fair that they get a little taste of
    their own medicine.

  5. William Freidig

    Why doesn’t the dad just be quiet. Too bad the whit kids can’t play and cost them a championship. I wonder what would would have happened if the Ball dad were white and he said that about black kids. I think there would have been riots unfortunately. I guess this gets pushed aside because of who said it. I would like to see the dad put on the spot to answer questions. Unfortunately that won’t happen because people are scared.

  6. Are you serious right now!?! If this comment were reversed and it’s a white guy saying this about 3 black guys not being good enough, riots for sure! Why does this crap continue to happen with no consequence? Makes me sick.

  7. Brock Caldwell

    If a white father would have said that about black players, the media would be going insane and there would be riots in the streets. Love the double standards by people in the media! IDIOTS!!! Lavar Ball is the biggest moron I have ever seen!! Feel bad for his kids!!

  8. If a white guy said this about black people man oh man. This is ridiculous your son got his exposed and couldn’t guard none of the wildcats guards and now you want to blame it on other people.

  9. This fool is going to cost his kids a lot of money in endorsements etc. They need to sit his old ass down and explain the game to him.

  10. Michael Escorcia

    So I have a question for all of the people who agree with this statement : if somebody were to say “you can’t win a Super Bowl with a black QB, IQ too low”, would you be mad then?

  11. White guys are forced to be more skilled but not as athletic.

    Nash – skilled passer, IQ.
    Bird – skilled shooter, skill moves, IQ
    McHale- skill moves

    Black people are the most naturally gifted athletic race. Guarantee Serena and Venus were hated on because it was supposed to stay a sport for white people. NBA started as a white sport too. Oh yea and Boxing. Oh yea and Football. Oh yea and MMA. Etc.

    White America loves its white athletes but you can’t deny many of the best athletes are black.

  12. “lavar ball, u fuck u”

  13. Old Record Player

    Lavar is terrible at math. Its 3.5 white guys.

  14. You got some caucasians that can ball, but he ain’t lying…

  15. JJmiah Udoette

    I’m black and I’m against everything this man just said. White guys can ball, there was no need to bring race in this.

  16. Nicholas Lally

    What a racist piece of dirt. I don’t understand how we as a society allow for ignorance like this.

  17. Aliveindarkness

    Who is he anyway some failed athlete that never went pro? Who cares what he says lol. If you play sports in college and you never make it pro you are a shitty athlete.

    Whites created basketball in the first place or is that yet another stolen black invention I can’t keep up?

  18. Racist turd. Maybe your clown son can make a basket.

  19. it distasteful but true…college ball is about running and movement in the NBA it doesn’t matter as much and his sons are mixed which means they enjoy all the athleticism as blks especially with a blk father

  20. And two of those slow white guys (Leaf and Alford) scored more than his son against Kentucky.

  21. UCLA’s white boys are smart

  22. Roos Rosambert

    I don’t see smart white guys in the NBA.

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