Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez committed suicide inside his prison cell

Aaron Hernandez commits suicide inside prison cell/Fox News.

Hernandez commits suicide in his cell.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BOSTON — Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was found dead inside his prison cell early Wednesday morning after committing suicide. Christopher Fallon, a spokesperson at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts, said the ex-NFL star hung himself with a bed sheet that he tied to a cell window. He even tried to jam the cell door with various items to prevent anybody from coming in. Guards at the maximum security prison made the discovery around 3 a.m.

Hernandez, 27, was pronounced dead an hour later at UMass Memorial-Health Alliance Hospital. Prior to taking his own life, Hernandez wrote bible verse John 3:16 on his forehead with his own blood before smoking synthetic marijuana.

Hernandez, who was busy serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd, was recently acquitted of the 2012 shooting deaths of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.

After hearing the verdict, a teary Hernandez blew a kiss to his daughter.

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  1. Barney #PurpleGangster

    LaVar Ball: My sons could hang themselves better than Hernandez

  2. I feel bad for his little girl. I mean could you imagine living your life without your dad? R.I.P. GOD BLESS THE little girl

  3. Down Syndrome Dog

    Why would anyone feel sorry for that thug, he’s a piece of shit

  4. Nicole Bucknal

    Down Syndrome Dog even if he acted that way no one deserves to die sometimes people like u want me to hang myself too u know what why won’t I just do it this world is just ugh!! Jesus died for u and people say this I wonder if he regrets this I feel horrible sometimes that I act the same way

  5. I don’t think he killed himself 🤔 shit don’t make sense

  6. I don’t feel bad about Hernandez…. 🙁

    He did bad things.

  7. No way he killed himself, just got off a double murder charge, no suicide note, no one close to him felt he was in a suicidal mindset, he seemed relieved and almost happy after his acquittal, and he might have received a new trial for his first degree murder charge. He had something positive going for him, no reason to end his life. Not to mention his 4yr old daughter and fiance who he interacted very posit with in the court room just a few days ago. I smell foul play that someone paid off an inmate to murder him, or the guards were paid off to murder him. In the next coming months and years i guarantee we will find out this was definitely not a suicide, but it was someone who was pissed he got off free and decided to do something about it. Very unfortunate series of events.

  8. Coming from that lifestyle into the money Aaron Hernandez came into made him feel like a godfather; untouchable. Once he was touched and taken down, what more did he have to live for? True he was found not guilty for a double homicide but he was already serving a life sentence where after 20/25 years he could parole out. I feel in his mind he lost it all. No need to live and fight to be The Godfather again

  9. Can’t believe he killed himself, must be foul play

  10. How can ppl honestly say ” Can’t believe he killed himself, must be foul play” ? Y’all realize he had the guts to kill three ppl, shoot his friend in the eye(supposedly) and whatever else but don’t see how he could off himself in a final act of control? Smh wake up ppl

  11. Let’s be real here. People don’t go around killing INNOCENT people unless it’s terrorism. The guy who Hernandez killed was essentially useless to society anyways (the guy he killed was a criminal, gang member, nuisance to society). Hernandez did society a favor by killing this guy and himself. We don’t need people roaming around who make life difficult for innocent and good people.

  12. Christian Charles

    Punk wasted his life, played in the NFL. What a fool he had everything and he wanted to hang around gangbangers and dealers.

  13. He escaped and is still alive in cuba with tupac and biggie

  14. Christian Charles

    Punk wasted his life, played in the NFL. What a fool he had everything and he wanted to hang around gangbangers and dealers.

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