Latin Education: Actress Salma Hayek gives tutorial to translate Mexican slang

Salma Hayek provides tutorial to translate Mexican slang.

Salma Hayek gives language lessons.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — Do you aspire to enunciate Mexican slang? If so, we have a nice surprise for you. Latina actress Salma Hayek has decided to use her bilingual expertise to help shatter the language barrier. Salma, a native of Mexico who moved to Hollywood in the ’90s to pursue an acting career, teamed up with Vanity Fair recently to concoct a tutorial video that gives literal translations of Mexican slang. Salma, 50, can be seen going over phrases like ‘Que Pedo’ and ‘Eso Que Ni Que’ — all in good spirit of course.

She even offers definitions to “naughty” slang such as “No mames” which means “don’t suck.” In addition to giving lessons on communication, Salma is busy promoting her new film “How to Be a Latin Lover.” In the movie, an aging gigolo [played by Eugenio Derbez] gets dumped by his wealthy, elderly wife for a younger man, forcing him to move in with his estranged sister [played by Salma].

The movie is in theaters now.

Watch the Mexican slang tutorial below.

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  1. AutumnRage Achasse

    language lessons from a tranny…just what we all need.

  2. I learned pedo means fart. There must be a way to use this somehow…

  3. i would dick her down with a vengeance!

  4. Jguadalupe Reyes

    wrong person to translate this slang.

  5. Ismael Montano

    wow she got a lot of these wrong then again her english isn’t good. still hot a.f though

  6. I can’t think of another nation on Earth that under performs more than Mexico relative to its advantages. Mexicans should be ashamed of their nation. But all Spanish speaking nations are crap. So why learn it?

  7. She’s 50 and she’s still the most beautiful woman in the world 🌎

  8. Are you serious Salma?…. “Hombres Malos” is not a Mexican slang Phrase? Never was! never will! … I’m a Mexican, and I had never use those two words together as Mexican slang! come on, Salma!!! I think you are already forgetting your own language and can’t even speak english correctly.

  9. In MY 19 years of existence as a Mexican, never have I ever heard “chinga tu pared” 😂😂😂😂

  10. MehdiNPartDeux

    If she was my Spanish teacher, I would’ve probably payed a lot more attention in class

  11. I would nut all up in that mexican pussy

  12. I use a most of these and “Que pedo?” can mean many things. I use it to say “what’s up?” or “what’s this?/WTF?”

  13. I love her accent❤😂😂❤

  14. Fuck Mexico and Mexicans

  15. “Pedo” in Mexican slang could have three meanings:
    -Situation or Problem, like “What the fuck” or What’s the matter ”
    -Someone who is so drunk.

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