Eye-candy actress Jessica Alba celebrates birthday No. 36 in Los Angeles in style

Jessica Alba celebrates birthday No. 36 in Los Angeles/Entertainment Tonight

Jessica Alba has birthday soiree.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — America’s fantasy wife Jessica Alba celebrated her 36th birthday Friday night in Los Angeles and get this: the sweet soiree featured a Prince and Michael Jackson theme. For starters, Jessica looked magically delicious in a strapless, shoulder-exposing jumpsuit with a pair of lace gloves and a crinkly hairdo. The telegenic super mom also enjoyed an exquisite dinner at Delilah before moving the party to The Peppermint Club where invitees were treated to an exclusive birthday speech. Jessica’s husband, Cash Warren, joked with her onstage before delivering a memorable kiss.

Moments later, Warren shared an affectionate address to his lovely wife via Instagram. “I’ve spent the last few days wondering what to say to you on your birthday and I’ve come to realization that words aren’t enough,” he wrote.

“Words can’t describe the feelings I had when we first met. They can’t describe the thoughts that went through my head when you said ‘yes.’ They can’t describe my emotions when our daughters were born. They can’t describe the warmth in my heart when we hug. They can’t describe the joy when you make me laugh. They can’t describe how strong I feel when you hold my hand. They can’t describe how much I love loving you. Thank you for giving me a lifetime of experiences that I can’t describe with words.”

“Happy Birthday my babe!!”


  1. She’s like fine vine, only gets better with age.

  2. Kawhi Clamp God

    This bitch so sexy that I would apologise to her if she cheated on me

  3. Damn… she doesn’t age at all. No plastic surgery either. What’s her diet like?

  4. I wanna lick this woman’s ass

  5. god she is so freaken gorgeous. too bad she slept with derek jeter and got herpes… sigh..

  6. Imma LONG DICK this Jessica with some Game Stop Slippers on..

  7. Y’all acting like 35 is 50, relax, she isn’t THAT old.
    Look at JLO, shes like legit 50 and she looks like she just hit 40.

  8. Jessica Alba is so hot and I love her smile. Her hair always looks good. I wanna have sex with her. I love her movie The Mechanic 2 with Jason Statham and Tommy Lee Jones. Most of her movies suck LOL.

  9. I would dedicate my life to this woman soon as she asked

  10. I swear Jessica Alba only looks prettier with age.

  11. I would give anything to lick the toe jam between her toes

  12. I remember Alba being all mad when she found out she was White from a DNA test. That was hilarious.

  13. thegirl nextdoor

    she is the sweetest thing and so humble and down to earth. I love her u go girl 💞💞💞💞

  14. Maurice Rousseau

    she was so hot in the fantastic four as the invisible women

  15. Lady Stoneheart

    Her intelligence, independence and business ethics and drive make her all that more attractive. Love this woman!

  16. Grant Molyneux

    great actress, hot and a good move to get out of the trash industry.

  17. Mujtaba Gangji

    when god created Jessica Alba he gave himself a tap on the shoulder saying good job

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