1. This is really racist

  2. you got that juce and sause I ant gonana forget the iccccccccccccccccce

  3. powerful vid

  4. racist fucking nigger , big men with guns but without them you’ll do fookin nutin

  5. lolareuaretard

    this music video is retarded but what else would you expect from a dumb nigger

  6. Woodley Pertyl

    this is my shit

  7. Hopefully he has ‘tunnel vision’ to dig his way out of the jail cell.

  8. Nicolas Medina

    Straight up trash.

  9. Fuck KKk weak ass

  10. sometimes i just think black people use their skin as an excuse to get what they want, and to be mad at everyone and get away with it. not saying thats what kodak is doing like i dont even understand this video just saying

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