Olympic superstar Simone Biles eliminated from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ too early?

Simone Biles got the boot on ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

Simone Biles got eliminated on ABC.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Olympic superstar Simone Biles got the boot on Monday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars” and nobody saw it coming, including the audience, contestants and the show’s quartet of judges – Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli, Carrie Ann Inaba and Julianne Hough. “I am in absolute shock,” said co-host Erin Andrews. “Unreal. I’m shocked.” Viewers were treated to a Battle Royale between the final four celebrities – Simone, David Ross, Rashad Jennings and Normani Kordei.

But, in the end, it was the 20-year-old gymnast who drew the short end of the stick. “The couple leaving right now is — Simone and Sasha,” said co-host Tom Bergeron who’s announcement was met with moderate applause from a disappointed studio crowd. Despite being eliminated, Simone continued to display her signature million dollar smile.

“I’m just thankful to be at this competition. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself,” said Simone. “I’ve matured. And I can’t wait to go home and I’ll be back next week at the finale. I found out a lot about myself. I think today I experienced what they wanted. It felt refreshing. I did feel free, so I can’t ask anymore. We went out with a bang.”

“I’ve been going nonstop since the Olympics,” she continued. “I’m going to take time off, go on vacations, spend family time, friend time. I’m going to take some time and finally relax.”

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  1. king inthenorth

    I’m disgusted. This season has been absolutely ridiculous. It was so blatantly obvious who the top three should have been but nope we still have a bunch of middle aged women voting for someone because of their personality and cub fans who probably have never seen the show and just vote this guy through. He can’t dance at all, and yet Simone is going home after having two perfect scores. She could have won, and after tonight’s performances I thought she should have. imagine the freestyle we would have gotten from her, but nope we have to watch David another week. Heather, Nancy, even nick should have gone farther than him. You can see it on his face that he knows he shouldn’t be there over Simone. It’s just one ridiculous elimination after the next. The judges reaction sums everything up perfectly.

  2. The judges needed to get over themselves, like what did you think was going to happen after you spent the whole season tearing down and nitpicking this poor girl. They don’t deserve to be “shocked” when they are partly to blame. I feel so bad for Simone, she was bullied by the judges the whole season so TPTB could force their sub-par chosen winner on all of us. Hopefully, TPTB manipulation doesn’t work next week and Rashad and Emma can win since they truly deserve it, unlike others.

  3. Sjabvon Venter

    I called this elimination. Actually surprised she made it this far. Simone wasn’t likable and could not dance; just robotic steps done perfectly. She is an amazing gymnast and that did not translate well on the dance floor for her.

  4. This is rigged heather was first now it’s simone. And how did that baseball player win against Simone! Simone got better scores and is way more talented wtf even by the judges looks on their faces they seem to agree. This is rigged first heather after a perfect score and now Simone working as hard as she can. Dwts needs to get there selves together. If Norman’s leaves I’m gonna literally scream and throw this electronic out the window😂

  5. lol this is like trump vs clinton again. white america sucks

  6. fuck white america for voting for david’s stiff ass. rashad, normani, and simone should’ve made it to the finals. black excellence.

  7. Yeah well, fuck you nasty ass Blacks too. Glad we made slaves out of you.

  8. Killin' Kinda K

    Perfect reason why these shows should do away with “The Fan Vote!” The only other person on that stage in the same league with Simone is Normani and Simone is voted off, really! I have seen this happen on American Idol (no longer in business) and America’s Got Talent, basically so damn unfair because real talent is thrown off because some nondancing baseball clod is getting a bigger fan vote, BS! Heather shouldnt have been thrown off either and i didnt think id see another person get a PERFECT SCORE and be thrown off but now we have Simone with TWO PERFECT SCORES and gets thrown off. America has its head in its ass and the last two generations of parents raised some real winners, your offspring and you suck, misguided morons that will go for anything!!!

    Just for the record Simone Biles is a better dancer than Laurie Hernandez and its just not right that Simone didnt get her chance to win it all because of some baseball clod and his assclown fans. America is out of it’s rabid ass mind!!!!

  9. Listen here racist, it has nothing to do with baseball fans alone. Most people it was down to Normani and Simone. More people that could have voted for Simone, voted for Normani, and the law of averages left the baseball guy in there, which he will not win the mirror ball anyway. And as a matter of fact, Laurie Hernandez was way better than Simone. She was more fluid, and had great natural dance ability. Loved Simone as gymnastics phenom, but that alone does not guarantee her a mirror ball and being black like it does to you racist.

  10. I mean, are we always going to choose the gymnast, the figure skater, or the person who has been dancing since they were 6 as the winner? We might as well just have a regular ball room competition.
    I know most people hoped Simone would stay, but shouldn’t we judge the performers based on their progress as an individual? I’m not saying David should have stayed but he came in with absolutely no dance experience while Simone came in with near perfect technique. Yes, gymnastics is a different beast, but it still involves dancing. Heather has dance experience, and so does Normani. So how do you judge these performers with such extreme differences in levels of experience? I almost feel like they wanted a few contestants in the finals who weren’t perfect from the start.
    Now, I’m not saying we can’t choose the gymnast or the figure skater, but there needs to be some kind of growth and usually it always needs to be in the performance (acting) for contestants in those professions. And I’m ok with nit-picking, especially for Simone because she’s ready for it. She’s already good so there’s not much left to improve upon BUT those teeny tiny details.
    My personal favorite dancers are Normani and Rashad, but I’m kind of hoping Rashad wins because is really good and he’s grown fiercely from beginning to end.

  11. simone sweetie i am SOOOO sorry that a talentless flop like david would make it into the final 3 instead of you

  12. Simone has such a great attitude! She did not deserve to go home but she really handled it with such grace and positivity. She is destined for greatness.

  13. I think it is so rude when the judges and Erin acted so shocked. Very disrespectful to David. At least Tom didn’t do that. And what do the judges expect. Every week they ragged on Simone, nitpicking on all things. While some others got a pass. Of course, the constant nitpicking by the judges on Simone was going to hurt her in the end. They have no one to blame for Simone leaving than themselves. Actually to me, Simone acted rather relieved it was over. Can’t say I blame her.

  14. The judges are to blame:

    1. Their consistent over-scoring of low quality routines is tiresome, leaving bad dancers within striking distance of the top performers. All season they toss 7’s and 8’s to hacks while giving 8’s and 9’s to the best dancers… then near the end the best start getting 10’s – but that’s also when lesser dancers start getting 9’s. Don’t they realize they’re not separating the quality? Ross should have been tanked long ago by receiving the 4′, 5’s and 6’s he deserved. Other countries utilize ALL the paddle numbers: there’s a guy in Australia who once got FOUR points TOTAL between four judges!

    2. Their criticisms are infuriating. We watch a great dancer get called for not giving a toe lead or stiffening up in the shoulders on a turn – presto! A perfect score becomes a 9… A mediocre dancer is told he has improved after finally giving a decent performance – Presto! What should be a 7 or an 8 becomes a 9.

    3.Their influence on the crowd. The judges’ scores are supposed to be related to the quality of a performance – nothing else… Constantly praising lesser contestants as fun, hard-working, “what this show is all about,” full of enthusiasm, etc. surely influences undecided or easily swayed audience members into losing the fact that this is a dance contest. Most people have clear favorites, but there’s plenty of people who are swayed by judges’ comments.

    Of course personality plays a big part – it provides entertainment and helps separate choices at each level of performance. But when the judges heavily amplify the good character traits of poor dancers who they’ve over-scored it creates a season like we have now.

    I’ve watched every American DWTS season, and plenty of foreign versions. This season has maybe the worst sequence of eliminations. I can only speculate on weeks after elimination, but my “fantasy” finalists would be Normani, Rashad and Heather. Ross would have left before Heather, Nancy and Simone – perhaps even Bonner. The name of the series is not Smiling With The Stars.

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