Shaquille O’Neal & Charles Barkley almost came to blows on TNT’s Inside the NBA

Shaq and Charles Barkley went to war on live television.

Shaq and Barkley exchanged insults.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have locked horns before, both on and off the basketball court. But what transpired Tuesday night on TNT’s live coverage of the NBA Playoffs may have taken the cake. During their highly entertaining ‘Inside the NBA’ postgame show, Shaq and Sir Charles traded insults in a manner that would make Richard Pryor proud. Things got out of hand when an irritated Shaq said Barkley “had no idea what we’re talking about” because he appeared in one NBA finals as a player. A ticked-off Barkley then accused Shaq of “riding on Kobe’s coattails” during their championship reign in Los Angeles.

Shaq then questioned Barkley’s induction into the Hall of Fame before calling him a “bum” and threatening to “punch [Barkley] right in his face.” Not to be outdone, Barkley said he’d “throw one of these chicken wings at [Shaq’s] fat ass.” Co-hosts Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson did their best to defuse the situation. But millions of viewers had already witnessed the onslaught.

Did Shaq and Barkley go too far?

Should one or both be replaced?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Christian Ifill

    Ernie sick of this shit 😂

  2. Shaq loves to talk shit but when Chuck starts firing off on his bitch ass 😅😅 he gets hella mad! 😅😅

  3. Shaq knows his only argument against chuck is rings. Other than that he don’t have much 😂😂…he so sensitive 🙄

  4. Shaq started it lol. Can’t get pissed off when you always rub your rings in Chuck’s face and he retaliates

  5. Shaq is a big ass baby. Jesus Christ.

  6. Remember Barkley said earlier “This show would be much better without Shaq”? It was definitely some truth to that. Shaq can joke about everyone else but when the joke is on him he gets defensive and sensitive (Had the nerve to talk about Javale Magee) . I can kinda see why Shaq and Kobe kinda clashed lol. Jus saying. New nickname for now shaq… “The Big Tampon”.

  7. Nikko Leon Guerrero

    “You only been to the finals once Chuck”
    “Chuck keeps interrupting me”
    Talks shit and can’t handle it. Sensitive ass Shaq

  8. i get pissed at shaq cause we all know that chuck is one of the greatest players to play in the game and if it wasn’t for jordan he’d have a bunch of rings. shaq is a bitch ass sellout

  9. Ernesto Valencia


  10. Chuck can’t be calling anyone a fatass.

  11. both of them niggas fat

  12. andola jackson

    aay aaay k chuck knew he was low key bitter period, and started jokin to shaq as an apology throwin in rick fox derek fisher as if shaq rode their coat tails…he said the real shit got it out there and also acknowledged his wrong doing lmfao then shaq insued….lotta people want shaq off the show and i can get it bc the only entertaining aspect he brings is when he and chuck talk jive, and when he does shaqtin and they can just call it some other dumb ass pun Id also like to note that shaq never avg 10 defensive rebounds in his entire career. and hit the apex of 1000 rebounds in a season 3x…so idk how he can selfproclaim most dominant ever…its actually making the argument for biggest selfproclaimed jackass ever….and its exactly how the all time greats regard him as well as karl malone……for the widespread disrespect of proclaiming you are better than them….w.o the facts to back it…and also facts like “bill russell/wilt/kareem/hakeem/miken real top 5 C) wouldnt have given up and got clowned by ben/rasheed wallace”…smh

  13. ChuckSchuldinerisGod

    Shaq was extremely unprofessional in saying he would’ve punched Chuck in the face… and Chuck owned him after that with “first off you are not a good fighter” lol

  14. Clinton Johnson

    Shaq: I would punch you in your face

    Charles: First of all you’re not a good fighter

  15. OprahSide Stupid Ass

    “I’m a throw 1 of these chicken wings at yo fatass”

    that nigga Barkley funny as fuck

  16. Javier Rodriguez

    Shaq, you better watch your mouth before Charles drops yo ass again

  17. Shaq needs to stop acting like a bitch. this dude was ruining javales career months ago now he can’t take jokes. wtf?

  18. 52.7 career FT Shooter BUM!! Lmao..

  19. Shaq, is really an annoyance. He attempts to use comedy as a substitute for intelligence. His analysis and viewpoints are juvenile at best. I used to be an avid fan of the show, but over time, with Shaq I watch less and less. I’m sure that would change if Shaq were gone. Fun is fun, but there still needs to be a certain level of adult maturity in my opinion.

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