Jury finds community star Tamika Pledger guilty of manslaughter in Wyco case

Community activist Tamika Pledger found guilty of manslaughter.

Jury finds Pledger guilty on all counts.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A corybantic week in court hit fever pitch on Thursday when a Wyandotte County jury found community activist Tamika Pledger guilty on a quartet of vehement charges tied to involuntary manslaughter and aggravated battery. Pledger, 41, was on trial for her involvement in the deadly January 2015 auto crash that took the life of 16-year-old Tierra Smith. Three other teens were also injured. The incident occurred in the 1300 block of Troup Avenue in Kansas City, Kan.

Here’s what transpired: Pledger received a phone call about her daughter being involved in a physical altercation. While racing to the scene to break up a fight, a distraught Pledger struck a group of teenagers with her Mercedes Benz after cresting a hill.

The jury’s expedited decision comes on the heels of Wednesday’s drama-filled debacle that forced the judge to clear the courtroom after a relative of the victim yelled “Bitch, you killed my daughter!” while Pledger was testifying on the stand. Several family members were banned from court afterwards.

Pledger, a former Wyandotte County Commission candidate, faces up to 68 months in prison. As the verdict was being read, Pledger’s son jumped the rail and had to be detained. He was placed in police custody. Pledger, 41, was also handcuffed by sheriff deputies as a result of her reaction.

To say the 4-day trial was emotional would be a vast understatement. Law enforcement officials had to intervene on multiple occasions to help calm family members of both the victims and Pledger.

The jury was comprised of 7 men and 5 women.

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  1. She didnt mean to kill anybody…. it was an accident…. Wyandotte County prosecutors are full of shit

  2. Another black on black crime story……… is this news?

  3. The issue of black violence is complicated. I think the breakdown of the family is number one. The explosion of single mothers in the black community has been detrimental. The children of these single parents are often poorly parented.

  4. Look, she made a fatal mistake and the lord is making her pay the price.

  5. It’s not that complicated, it’s just that no one wants to acknowledge the truth. The truth is Negro’s are a dysfunctional species with a biological and genetic pre disposition for violence and an extremely low IQ (The Bell Curve)


  7. Carey Patterson

    She’s guilty. Here’s the facts — she ran into a bunch of kids, she never hit the brakes, and she killed a kid. She deserves time in prison. Point blank!

  8. There’s no excuse for crime,i don’t have money and me and my family don’t commit crimes.The crimes in the black community is because you have single black mothers raising their kids badly,there’s plenty of proof that shows black mothers hitting and cussing at their kids,they encourage their kids to fight.The black community has to start dealing with their kids,there’s plenty of video’s of 30 to 50 black kids running around causing chaos,the public schools are a mess because the kids are out of control,and blacks blame everything on whites,start blaming yourselves.

  9. Took 2 and a half years to reach this verdict???? Shouldve been an open and shut case. She ran over a bunch of kids. A trial was unnecessary.

  10. She’s evil and I hope she rots in prison

  11. Evil bitch never showed remorse for her heinous actions.

    She gets no sympathy from me.

  12. I think lack of education is a big part of violence. My family was very poor and violent and many lacked an education beyond 9th grade. My family is white. I’m sure there are more reasons as to why, but I feel in my heart the more educated a person is, the less likely they will be violent. The people in my family who have little education cannot make responsible choices while the people who are educated make better and non violent choices. I come from a very large family and I’ve talked to a lot of them.

  13. Team Pledger all the way!!!

    Wyandotte County offices are full of corrupt scandalous greedy muthafuckas. A blind man can see this was an accident. Corrupt bastards! Every dog has its day.

  14. Forget about the problems, let’s talk about the solutions. Black people were at our best when we built our own. We used to have several Black Wall Streets (until white people burnt them down) Sad to say but we started fucking up when we started trying to get accepted into the white establishment. We had the Negro League. The Negro League was about to start making some serious money and over take the white establishment’s MLB. But we wanted to get accepted and they started buying out our best players. The Negro League was through after that and all of the businesses that depended on it were gone to. Same thing with the end of segregation. Yes it was good that we did that, but after we did that we started supported white businesses and eventually our Black businesses just couldn’t compete and had close. That’s why our business rate is so low.

    So we need to get back to building black wall street’s and creating an industry that we can control and thrive off of.

  15. She was driving 55 mph on a 20 mph school zone. She’s lucky she wasnt charged with vehicular homicide.

  16. People are just morally evil, looking for reasons to do evil or hate. You can’t explain it logically. You can only explain evil from a biblical context. The nature of the human being is grossly depraved. If it’s not violence, it’s arrogants, adultery, having sex outside of marriage, drugs, alcoholism, pettiness, grudges, revenge, self righteousness, or hypocrisy, and the list goes on and on. There isn’t anything good within man kind. The best that we can do is…act nice. Act a part that isn’t even true of us, and hope for the best that isn’t us.

  17. I don’t think she did intentionally cause some of her own family members got hit too they just making exanpls of her cause of her position in wyandotte county when she ran for officd was for the community and had her own daycare and a notary accidents do happens and I understand how the other family and victims feel if those girls wouldn’t have been jumping on niece she would not been going to the scene how many in each family knew that was going on and not try to prevent then this would not have happened and when my daughter got killed her and her friend killed execution style shot nine fucking times in her car wyandotte county let them go talking about circumstances evidence we didn’t even get pass preliminary hearing they paid their way out so fuck wyandotte county they full of shit I am sorry for both familes cause nothing worse than losing your child and even if justice is served you still miss your child

  18. Tokasa adanandus

    @teddybruscie: If you would do a thorough background and investigative research on the black race, you would be shocked to know that the people who Pharoah had to release because they were Yah’s people-were black people. Blacks who ARE the Hebrew Israelites that left Egypt led by Moses, were then and still are a stubborn, hardened-in-heart, divisive people who are sad to say a self-destructive race. Yes we blame the white man for our troubles but our troubles started when we as YAH”S CHOSEN PEOPLE continually disobey, willfully disregard Yah’s covenant laws and requirements made with our forefathers. Thus, Yah has cursed us as His people. Listen to this and regard what the Bible states, “My people are destroyed for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE…”. Lack of knowledge of SELF! It is a shame we are one day Hebrew Israelites, then we are Negroes, then Afro-Americans, now Black Americans. Heck we collectively do not know our own true identity, and it sis a damn shame these pulpit pimps called church leaders do not even know themselves or don’t care to know as long as they have tithing people who they can exploit. THE CURSE OF YAH IS ON THE BLACK RACE.

  19. It was probably an accident but a life was taken — jail time is appropriate.

  20. Baby T is too pretty for prison

  21. Peppermint Patty

    This is sad for all involved 🙁

  22. @Lunchmeat: Your a piece of shit

  23. This is why black people are the ugliest race

  24. Full of Corruption

    Did they tell you

    1. Special prosecutor James Spies is Jeffrey Smith’s private attorney when he killed Tyjuan Donnell.
    2. Spies held back evidence that Tierra Smith died of medical malpractice having pre-existing medical conditions of grand mal seizures.
    3. Did you know Jeff pulled the plug on his own daughter to get her half a million dollar insurance policy.
    4. Did you know the gave misleading instructions to the jury removing the word “intent” from the language leaving it reckless and vague.
    5. Did you see Essence Robinson ton fox4 say she did not hit four kids intentionally. She is Tamekas cousin and the one who called her to the scene and did not tell her the right location. She was also hit as a result of not giving tameka that they were all in the street.
    6. Essence and her sister who are her cousins signed waivers it was an accident and took money from Pledgers car insurance.
    7. Pledgers insurance paid her for the accident as well. No insurance company pays for intentionally hitting anyone.
    8. Tameka car had suspension recall which caused her car to slid along with the sand when she hit her brakes.
    9. Pledger call Spies to hire him as he stated it was an accident. Years later he prosecutes her.
    10. Spies the prosecutor also rents space to her bondsman so after trial he order her back to jail to make money.
    11. Spies planned the outburst with all three parents. It was planned perfectly while she was on the stand.
    12. Aggravated battery is intentional. Obviously Essence didn’t know that before she gave her interview with the media.
    13. Jailhouse conversation didn’t air that my family visited the hospital and all stated it was an accident. The State told them they would get money if the change their stories and stated that she was trying to go to plan b to help them change their story. She was told the love her, it was an accident and can’t wait to see her. She responded then why was she in there. Get with the family and tell them xxxxx. They used what she said to make it look like she was changing the story. They all got paid not because of what the State did, but because Tameka told her insurance what happened and gave them the proof. They did not help the State in this matter at all. Pledger cooperated with her insurance to reassure they were compensated up to $100,000,00 dollars.

    Wyandotte Corrupt Kansas can kiss a D/@$ for all their lies and take HIV Deya Barnett with them.

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