Livin’ Large: Obamas purchase multi-million dollar mansion in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Obama and hubby Barack are still D.C. residents.

The Obamas make mansion purchase.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

WASHINGTON — Barack and Michelle Obama are no longer occupants of the White House. But they’re still official residents of Washington D.C. That’s because the former president and first lady have purchased the rental property they had been leasing in the capital with plans of residency for at least a couple more years. The 8200-square-foot mansion was previously owned by Joe Lockhart, the former White House Press Secretary under President Bill Clinton.

The crib has eight bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms.

The Obamas paid $8.1 million for the property. The decision to buy, however, is hardly a surprise. If you recall, Barack and Michelle have been transparent with their intentions to remain in the D.C. area until their youngest daughter, Sasha, 15, finishes high school at Sidwell Friends in 2019.

Their eldest daughter, Malia, 18, will attend Harvard University this fall. “Given that President and Mrs. Obama will be in Washington for at least another two and a half years, it made sense for them to buy a home rather than continuing to rent property,” said spokesperson Kevin Lewis in a statement.

Did the Obamas pay too much for the property?

Do you miss them in the White House?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. as long as they didnt use taxpayer funds for the purchase i dont give a shit


    $8.1 million? Even more reason to despise the biggest fraud in American history.

  3. Obamas are cool az fuck

  4. I can think of another house I’d wish they were still living in. It’s not vacant at the moment but the occupant sure as heck is.

  5. Aaron Elvis Haefer

    Living in the area in order to maintain a consistency for their child. It would be roll modeling behavior for most people but President Trump is not one to look for good roll models when it comes to minor children. He’s out playing golf while he son is being raised by nannies and, one would hope, his mother.

  6. Truman Cunnish

    Obama is so proud​ of the success of the black folks why doesn’t he move to Detroit and live with the success of his black leaders.

  7. The Obamas got a $60 million book deal, of course they can afford this. For those who think he’s just using donor/corruption money.

  8. give a nigger money and this is what happens

  9. Sheesh looks like we (all Americans) bought ourselves a really nice place. Using our tax $$. I’m so glad I could afford that. Not to mention all the other mansions we bought all over the world. I think I might need a vacation. (On his dime !!). Scam artists 😡😡😡. 🇺🇸💞🇺🇸

  10. T H You do know it’s the money he made while in power?
    This $8 million dollar home plus the other 5 properties he owns that exceed his reported $12 million net worth, is a testament to when he first went in to office back in 2009 and was only worth $500k with debts.
    I guess it takes a special kind of politician to leave office as a several times multimillionaire after 8 years?

  11. It’s a beautiful house. It cost them 8 million dollars. I’ll tell you if I could afford such a house, then I could afford to pay for my vacations. The former President Obama , even after finishing his presidential term still gives us the bill for his jet setting vacations. That’s not right.

  12. Amazing how a “civil servant” making $400K a year can afford to plunk down $8.1 million on a mansion. Corrupt much?

  13. Obama’s salary $400, 000 a yr … ?
    Purchasing three homes on three different coasts, in the MILLIONS … on a salary of $400,000 plus rent-free … WOW… 270 days playing golf during his 8 yrs in office, takes off on a permanent vacation for the rest of his life…. Plus, full-time protection for the rest of his pathetic life… for him and his family courtesy of the taxpayer … just walks away leaving behind $20 trillion in National Debt for the working man to pay off. More of our people on food stamps than any time in history. WOW… we are in the wrong business…
    Public service is lucrative work if you can get it. The pay is not so great, though somewhat better than your average taxpayer, but those fringe benefits are pretty darn good.

  14. unlike you morons he’s a very intelligent man and so is his wife they had the ability to make plenty of money he was a millionaire before he went into the White House you need to be asking trump what he’s planning on stealing so he can pay for the stupid wall

  15. Chicken Nugget

    The Obamas are the perfect black family

  16. Kristen Butler

    The house was bought and paid for by George Soros, Muslim Brotherhood, and the blood of the Benghazi victims.

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