Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry celebrates second title with wife’s BBQ

Steph and Ayesha Curry celebrate NBA title with barbecue.

Steph Curry’s wife delivers BBQ gift.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

OAKLAND — Shortly after collecting his second NBA championship in three years, Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry received a celebratory entrée from his favorite chef – wife Ayesha. First, they chugged a few glasses of an expensive beverage. Then the 28-year-old food preparer and cookbook author smoked a few slabs of barbecue ribs. On Tuesday, Ayesha shared a picture of the mouthwatering meal on Instagram. “The beginnings of some ribs,” she posted before slipping a large pan of barbecue ribs into the oven. “Doing a little @eatatsmoke at home! Coming along nice!”

Later, Ayesha topped the ribs with fresh chopped scallions. Her family thought they were a big hit. “Post ribs it is and bliss because the fam LOVED them,” she wrote. Ayesha is expected to open her new restaurant later this year. Are you a fan of her cooking?

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  1. Ayesha is so lucky to have a handsome sweet husband like Steph Curry!

  2. lucky ayesha 😭😭😭😭

  3. She wants fame….😫😫

  4. Bruh I’m no fetishist, but I’d suck a fart out of Ayesha’s asshole.

  5. You know I could watch her show but i’d rather watch someone with talent.

  6. ChooChoogirlelle

    Ayesha Curry slayyyys! #goalz

  7. MrThekidisback

    God bless Steph Curry. Steph Curry is blessed. He has a beautiful wife who’s humble and can cook her butt off. I pray I get this one day. In this day in age a woman like this is hard to find.

  8. Steph is the lucky one….. I would like her ass and toes every night

  9. easily identifiable

    All I see is a fat girl with no breasts and a cake full of makeup

  10. That sounds nasty as shit

  11. God damn Ayesha is fine as hell

  12. least Steph gotta wife that can cook these bitches now and days can’t even cook too busy thotin and goldiggin 

  13. I don’t see why they get so much hate but then again I do.. Everybody doesn’t have that relationship that seems like you have the perfect person, your best friend by your side..they are so funny, happy, and down to earth..God bless you all and your family…

  14. I want to fuck this niggas wife

  15. I need me an Ayesha in my life….

  16. Listen I’m not a Golden State Warriors fan I Like the Cavaliers, however Ayesha And Curry relationship is truly refreshing and beautiful. They are truly blessed.

  17. Relationships aren’t cute you fucking faggots 😤😤

  18. Aww they so cute😍😘

  19. No hate no nothing but this bitch love to call attention and she look like aregular bitch common curry you can do way better that. No good titts no ass no nothing jus beautiful eyes smh

  20. I love her spirit ❤ So genuine and real

    Why does she get hate?
    A).She’s classy. People aren’t used to seeing a classy woman with an NBA player
    B). She’s modest. People are used to over the top personalities being talked about
    C). Pure jealousy.

  21. I like her though, i dont care who doesnt like her because it doesnt matter. She is a good example, nice and also very beautiful.. she is also modest, has morals, self respect, class etc. lol

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