Rapper “The Game” slams LeBron James, claiming Jordan & Kobe are better

Rapper The Game says LeBron James doesn’t compare to Michael Jordan.

Rap Star claims LeBron overrated.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Game on. Never shy when popping off opinions regarding the skill sets of others, rap artist ‘The Game’ says LeBron James ranks a distant third when compared to the legacies of NBA legends Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. After coming up short for the 2nd time in a three-year span against the world champion Golden State Warriors, King James’ career record in the NBA Finals stands at a less than stellar 3-5. Widely regarded as being the league’s most formidable talent, James became the first player in NBA Finals history to average a triple-double and it still wasn’t enough.

The Cavs got their asses kicked in 5 games.

“Kevin Durant being on Golden State was the x-factor,” Game told TMZ. “The best player in the world is Michael Jordan, after that it’s Kobe [Bryant], in order of appearance. Kobe and Mike never lost in the finals.” The Game is wrong. Kobe lost twice in the Finals.

Retired NBA champ Scottie Pippen, a former teammate of Jordan, says it’s unfair to compare James to the aforementioned all-time greats. “They player different positions. Kobe and Michael are both two guards; they’re scorers,” Pippen said in a recent ESPN interview.

“They’re mostly like a Kyrie [Irving]], they’re trying to score the basketball, they’re not looking to make plays for anybody on the floor. That’s the role that LeBron plays because he’s such a dominant and powerful force, he’s a great passer. I like to compare him to Magic [Johnson]. I think he plays a lot more like Magic.”

Do you side with ‘The Game’ or Pippen?

Is LeBron’s legacy tarnished?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Jeffrey Canales

    lebron james still bigger then you life game and you would never be tupac you fake studio gangsta!!!!!!!!!

  2. Christopher Creed

    The game is dumb as a sack of potatoes


  4. Kobe lost to the Pistons in the finals and Celtics wtf is he tlkn about LeBron isn’t done yet and is already the GOAT no one on the Cavs did shit but him & Kyrie and Jordan got elimanitated by the Magic with Shaq & Penny look up all truth and facts

  5. morgan williams

    jordan 6/6…kobe 5/7 in the finals…did i hear game right?…and he from L.A..wtf

  6. Game is steady tryna say something to grab attention . Cuz he ain’t been cool since like 05. And thats super super generous

  7. Steve Spielburg

    The Game is Washed up. ONE UGLY FUCK

  8. game stfu you wouldn’t of been shit with out 50 cent you still ain’t shit so nobody cares wtf you say go sell some crack

  9. david williams

    You know its sad that if Lebron doesnt get a handful more rings he’ll be criticized instead of celebrated. Its kinda fucked up

  10. fuck the media! LeBron James is one of the greats sometimes you lose sometimes you win. they need to stop comparing him to Michael Jordan there will never be another Michael Jordan

  11. Why should his legacy be tarnished..? He has already proven himself throughout the years. Why because he lost this championship is everyone questioning his skills and legacy. Every Winner still has to lose in life. That is what success is all about. Win some, lose some! So what he lost this one… It’s just someone else’s time to shine. Doesn’t define who Lebron is at all.

  12. Everyone keeps saying Lebron is better than Kobe but if Lebron was in the west his whole career he would have never made it to the Finals let alone 8 straight times. Kobe did everything in the west.

  13. Julian Ramirez

    The Game is 100% correct ..

  14. Mike DaSportsFan

    u a fucking idiot if u think kobe is better then lebron. Pretty sure lebron is averaged averaged a triple double against a dominant team. smh

  15. I would have loved to see LeBron’s Heat face this Warriors team. It wouldve made a better series.

  16. people care about this?

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