Wicked girlfriend ‘guilty’ of manslaughter, boyfriend’s suicidal death raises questions

Michelle Carter found guilty in boyfriend’s suicide.

Crazed girlfriend “guilty” in suicide.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BOSTON — Ladies, the next time you tell your man to go kill himself please understand it could land your insensitive ass in jail. Michelle Carter, the 20-year-old woman who foolishly sent her boyfriend a barrage of text messages urging him to kill himself, was convicted Friday of involuntary manslaughter — a verdict that proves words can indeed kill. A juvenile court judge ruled that Michelle caused the suicidal death of 18-year-old Conrad Roy III who intentionally filled his truck with carbon monoxide in the parking lot of a store in Fairhaven, Massachusetts after she urged him to take his own life. Now she faces up to 20 years in the slammer.

The judge’s ruling came down to three words Michelle uttered to a scared Conrad as he tried to climb out of his poisonous vehicle. The benighted chick had the audacity to tell him to “Get back in” according to a friend who testified. The judge said the verbiage constituted “wanton and reckless conduct.”

Michelle will now have plenty of time to meditate on her odious actions.

Word on the street claims Conrad suffered from mental illness.

Do you agree with the ruling?

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  1. that bitch is inbred as fuck

  2. I wonder how she loved this Judge early on? she thought it was over and started to cry then he lowered the BOOM on her. It’s kind of ironic that feeling of freedom only to have it snatched away. It’s kind of like what she did to Conrad, he was out of that truck and could have lived another day but she demanded he get back in the fucking Truck and listened to him die! Feels terrible doesn’t it Michelle Carter?

  3. finally real justice!!! fuck her!

  4. It’s terrible because she was fully aware of his mental illness struggle. She knows exactly what she was doing. Glad she’s guilty. She is a very shitty human being.

  5. The Chickenmaster

    You guys down in America give 20-year-sentences for this shit? Radovan Karadžić killed 8,000 people and served 21 years, this girl only killed one person and even that is arguable.

  6. white dominance all day greatest race on earth

    should be raped by male gaurds and sent to prisonf or life

  7. she is super hot, what a waste. the lezzers in prison will use her like a chew toy. Hot and killed a man, the lesbians will have little lesbian hard ons

  8. I feel as though she deserves her punishment. She was on the phone with him for his last 20 minutes of life. Let’s just say she had never even texted him all these commands to kill him self, she still knew of his location, did not contact police to stop him, did not tell his or her parents or anybody to help. She’s clearly not okay. Any decent human would try to prevent this in any way possible, yet she encouraged it for attention at school. See how wrong this is..

  9. Da Vida Jackson

    FInally, people are paying for their narcissistic crimes. Hallelujah.

  10. bye bitch, no more cellphones, Starbucks lattes, spray tans, night clubs. have fun in the slammer

  11. you have the audacity to cry

    hope you rot in hell bitch

  12. This Michele Carter is a psychopath. She needs to be out of society.

  13. I bet she didn’t cry as much when she found out her ex boyfriend had killed himself. I bet she didn’t even cry at all. I hope her cell mates have that same compassion towards her. They very likely will.

  14. Really can’t grasp what was going through her mind. Did she get a kick out of it? Did she want to play the victim and have a sad story to tell? Did she want to abuse her power and see how far he would go? Did she genuinely think this was the best option and he was beyond help? Was it a mercy thing to her? Does she still think it was right? Did she push him thinking he would never really do it? I don’t know. Maybe even she doesn’t. Bizarre.

  15. Everyone listen up….the next time you say ” Fuck Off ” ” You Suck ” ” You Suck at life ” ” Go kill yourself ” or any other negative comment be careful because…..youre going to be looked at as a suspect in murder and probably serve prison time with our crooked ass judicial system.

  16. piece of shit hope she hangs herself inside.

  17. Emily Richards

    Good. I see way too many people saying “but but, he killed himself, so she isn’t responsible”. Yes, ultimately he made the choice to kill himself. But she actively pursued pushing him to do it. He showed signs of having second thoughts, and not wanting to go through with it. Only for her to tell him to get back into the car and do it. Even when he has serious doubts about dying leading up to the day, she aggressively convinced him that it is best for him to die. Not only that, when he changes the subject and wants to forget about it, she circles around and brings it back up again – and pushes him to go through with it.

    This is a sick person. I am blown away by those that think she is a victim here. Or think she has no responsibility in this. Her bf was clearly suffering depression, and yet she chose to push him to suicide. I would understand your point – if he had not on multiple occasions said he didn’t think he wanted to do it, or even during the night of his suicide left the car and did not want to die – and yet she pushed him to.

    She is absolutely partly responsible.

  18. A spoiled rotten over indulged teenager, whom will now understand the repercussions to her mean, nasty, ugly, selfish and egotistical actions. Shame on her and on her parents!

  19. shaka_lutherking

    First of all, when I was have kids, my kids will know my wrath is worse than prison, jail, anything, even death. You can tell Carter was never spanked or beat, otherwise she would have fucking known better. My parents instilled the fear of the belt in me, and to me it was really worse than anything else I could imagine. Coupled with crippling guilt and disappointment I would cause them, I learned to actually think before I did things as I understood how it would make other people feel . This fucking dumb bitch has no regard for anyone but herself. She deserves whatever she gets. Fuck her.

  20. lock this heartless bitch up for 20 years in prison where she belongs

  21. shes horrible like wtf ughh shes sickkkk Omgg ughhh the anger in my body how sadddd

  22. Say what you want about the first amendment and constitutional rights. This bitch is where she belongs and that judge made the right decision. He even backed his decision with prior precedent cases. That kid would have survived that night, he was getting out of the truck, he got out of the truck. Her sociopathic monstrous ass is where she belongs, away from civilized society. I don’t want someone that evil walking around free

  23. Chesca Rodriguez C

    I want to make her forehead a piñata!😡😠

  24. I don’t know why she is crying… I remember when this was going on and the way she pushed him into suicide is disgusting. If not for her he would still be alive. He kept backing out and she would get ignorant and say things like, “stop saying your gonna do and just do it already” and ” Tonight is the night, I will be there for your mom” He kept backing out even at the last minute when he got out of his truck cause he said he felt it working and she actually told him to get back in the truck.. He even said he worried what his mom would do without him. She is completely guilty.

  25. Sick bitch deserves everything she gets

  26. Ashley Mitchell

    that’s not justice he chose to take his life nobody made him do its not her fault its his I don’t feel bad for him or his family if you don’t want to kill yourself then don’t do it if you kill yourself its because you wanted to die you don’t get sympathy for that and if you don’t like my comment I don’t care

  27. This boy probably didn’t love himself … how does one drive you to suicide ? I can’t I love me too much go even hurt myself .

  28. Very happy with the verdict, it sets a new court precedence. For all you fucks bullying people into suicide, open your fucking eyes because there’s going to be consequences.

  29. Fucking bitch! She deserves more than just a man slaughter charge! She was in full control of the situation!

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