Ferrell shows off ‘thug thizzle’ in new film

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg back for more in ‘Daddy’s Home 2.’

Daddy’s Home 2 this Thanksgiving.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Parental rivals Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are back for more schism in the hit holiday comedy “Daddy’s Home 2.” The official trailer is out and you can expect even more cackling this winter. In the inaugural film (released in 2015), Brad (Ferrell) was the consummate stepfather to his wife’s meddlesome children until their biological dad Dusty (Wahlberg) showed up to recapture the kids’ affection. The juxtaposed twosome couldn’t be more dissimilar.

Dusty is cool, muscular and extremely handsome. Brad is a puny geek.

Directed by Sean Anders, the second installment of the series will feature a pair of new fathers portrayed by award-winning actors Mel Gibson of Lethal Weapon and Ricochet’s John Lithgow. “You’re letting this guy raise your kids half the time?” Gibson asks his son (Wahlberg) after watching Brad and his father (Lithgow) embrace each other with a kiss on the lips.

“Daddy’s Home 2” is scheduled to hit theaters November 10th.

Watch the official trailer.

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  1. Fuck Mark Wahlberg!
    Vietnamese hating piece of shit…

  2. MrVidification

    The true comedy stars in this movie are obviously Mel Gibson and John Lithgow

  3. This is gonna be fun!

  4. i cant have daughters cuz if they call me daddy it’s game time 👅

  5. MickyMuffMuncher

    The 1st movie was terrible. Its beyond belief that they made a sequel


  7. I didnt like the 1st one but this looks promising

  8. Kamogelo Manamela

    this movie is dope…I can’t wait for this.

  9. Nathaniel Berry

    Mel Fucking Gibson

  10. Viktoria Martin

    somewhere adam sandler is watching this pissed…

  11. Fuck me Mel Gibson’s BACK!!!

  12. Meg Griffin 666

    Brian: DADDY’S HOME 2 FUCK YEAH! !!!!!

  13. How to save your movie franchise.. GET MEL FUCKING GIBSON


  15. What’s the bet will Ferrell dad will turn out more badass in the end then the other dad

  16. So, are we just forgetting that the first film ended with Dusty trying to hook up with another woman with her own daughter? Or are we just supposed to assume Roger scared him off?

    Also, what happened to Griff, the baby that Brad and Sara conceived?

  17. Malcolm Reynolds

    this looks much better than the first.

  18. Primordial Pete

    Oh please PLEASE just stop it with these nonsense movies and just give us The Other Guys 2.

  19. Chase Stringer

    Looks hilarious

  20. One million dollars bet this will be better than the first one, cause John Lithgow & Mel Gibson in it

  21. Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg were badass but Will Ferrel and the other guy were cringe 😂😂😂😂

  22. Chuck Norris should’ve been the first grandpa…

  23. I would actually see this movie, if only . . . . Mark Wahlberg wasn’t in it.

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