Charlie Sheen is accused of intentionally infecting woman with HIV, faces lawsuit

Charlie Sheen accused of intentionally giving woman HIV.

Lady says Sheen gave her disease.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Embattled actor Charlie Sheen is accused of intentionally giving his ex-girlfriend HIV. Now he’s headed back to court. Sheen, who starred on the hit TV sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men,’ allegedly lied about being HIV-positive and exposing the woman to the deadly disease. The claim comes on the heels of Sheen’s nationally televised interview in November 2015 when he shocked everybody with his announcement of being HIV-positive. According to court docs, Sheen met the complainant in September 2015.

The contaminated damsel said she asked Sheen if he had any sexually transmitted diseases to which he replied everything’s “fine.” The woman claims she and Sheen had protected sex until October 2015. Then they decided to have unprotected sex going forward.

The woman said one night, after having sex, Sheen stepped outside to smoke. When he returned, the woman said he “threw a bag of pills on the bed” before coming clean about being HIV-positive. The woman said Sheen told her to take the pills and she’ll be okay.

Do you believe her story?

If proven true, does Sheen deserve prison time?

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  1. Who would of thought that sleeping with lots of women and doing lots of drugs would result in lots of hiv

  2. I was going to make an HIV joke butt fuck it instead

  3. Fucking prostitutes blackmailing him. Goddamn it they’re even worse than Sheen. I am glad that there are prostitute serial killers

  4. michael linton

    I feel soooo bad for all these whores!

  5. Sheen’s scuzzy lifestyle was LEGENDARY. Why any partner ever didn’t wear a body condom is beyond me.

  6. To those women: when have sex and fornication with men without marriage and get HIV blame no one but your selves. Allah (God) says in the Noble Quran the following
    verse: ” And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is
    ever an immorality and is evil as a way” .

  7. With how much money he has, why doesn’t he just get Magic Johnson’s doctor?

  8. After all these lawsuits poor dude is gonna be homeless, penniless and disease ridden…

  9. this is why you don’t fuck black girls, fucking diseased infested cunts.

  10. HIV and a half man

  11. Clairelouise Mason

    Note to self: do not party with charlie.

  12. Gravelord Nito

    Two and a Half Men is actually a PG version of his real life.

  13. bitches still fucking him😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Researchers have determined that HIV is not transmitted through sexual contact. Charlie probably contracted HIV due to long term drug abuse that weakens the immune system and allows other opportunistic diseases to develop. Poppers are also a cause. The HIV tests are not reliable. HIV drugs will make the condition worse. All drugs are toxic to the body. Just read the fine print that comes with these killer drugs. HIV can be cured by natural methods, not by the Rockefeller medical system. The CDC and AMA are liars and corrupt. In fact the entire US government and military are liars and corrupt.

  15. say no to females ..and yes! to your right hand

  16. Straight men don’t get AIDS. Charlie must be gay or bisexual.

  17. love Charlie,bring back
    two and a half men please

  18. Gloria Alvarado

    I really bless Charlie Sheen, God loves him!. I pray for him guided by the Holy ghost!.😂

  19. Charlie Sheen
    you’re a hero.
    I love u Beautiful.

  20. Sad fact: A lot of people that are hiv positive and aware don’t say anything…and would nonchalantly put others at risk. Just protect yourself.

  21. Javier Salazar

    Sucks man 😕

  22. I feel bad for the man. Who knows what he had went through that he had to resort to such debauchery. He just doesn’t seem right, mentally. He has even said he was depressed and made bad decisions.

    No one should have to go though this. It’s an awful disease that changes many lives.

  23. Angel Messtanoffski

    He’s got tiger blood….mixed with HIV!

  24. Still a bad ass mother fucker. Respect to Charlie

  25. Gravelord Nito

    Two and a Half Men is actually a PG version of his real life.

  26. how much coke does charlie sheen take? Enough to kill 2 and a half men

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