“Claws” takes cosmetology to bloody level

“Claws” has turned out to be the hit of the Summer.

TNT drama mixes cosmetics, murder.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MIAMI — Tony Soprano, eat your heart out. If you’re truly enamored with mob life, butchery, extortion and unscrupulous deportment, be sure to check out “Claws” every Sunday night on TNT. The Niecy Nash-led theatric is so enthralling, it’s already been renewed for a second season roughly a month after the show’s June 11th premiere. “I’ve never had a job that took me away from home this long,” said Nash, 47, who admits she misses her husband during each filming session.

“So I have to import that loving.”

It would certainly be harebrained to inculpate network officials for granting their approval for an encore. After all, the bloody dramatization has grown its audience each and every week since the aforementioned initial launch. Yes, viewers are subjected to a myriad of erotic pedicures, silk wraps and polish treatments. But the dirt in between is simply too captivating to pass up.

Unfamiliar with the conception? Here’s the scoop: a quintet of hardworking manicurists are doing their best to make ends meet in a starchy economy while trying to sever business ties with bi-sexual crime lord Uncle Daddy and the Dixie Mafia. Salon owner Desna (Nash), who cares for her mentally-ill twin brother, supervises an eccentric staff that includes best friend Jennifer, sphinx-like Ann, ex-convict Polly, and whorish Virginia (portrayed by Karrueche Tran).

Can’t lie. Some of the scenes and language exhibited in the show are risqué to say the least. Salacious acts depicting oral sex, sadism and queer activity are no doubt paradigmatic.

That said, “Claws” is still all that and a bag of chips.

Are you a fan of the show?

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  1. I love this show,it’s really funny..

  2. This is my new show I love it can’t wait until the next episode

  3. Sherelle Carter

    watching claws right now i dontblike how they did kerruche nust past that part😲😲😲

  4. I can’t wait to see this! All these fine women on here!!!! Niecey Nash is so damned thick and fine……I’M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND!

  5. Priestess Auset Ra Amen

    Looks like an entertaining show to get lost in, to pass the time Karrueche is so beautiful.

  6. Niecy Nash is a mess yet for some reason I find her irresistably sexy…. WTF!?

  7. This show looks super fun and i’m living for it thanks tnt💘💘💘

  8. When you have a bad plot , always show money, Boobs ,guns, sex. This is TRASH TV

  9. Sir Pumpernickel


  10. Patrick Marcellus

    niecy Nash 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  11. It’s like BAPS.

  12. looks dumb asf

  13. Dope af 👌

  14. I love this show,it’s really funny..

  15. tyron anderson

    seen 6 episodes this is amazing

  16. I love this show,it’s really funny..

  17. It’s like BAPS.

  18. I must say this series is raw with great writers…this reminds me of some Quentin Tarantino stuff damn smh it’s good


  20. go karrueche girl, people are hating and I’m loving it.

  21. This is the most creative show ive ever watched i can honestly say

  22. Desna thicker than a Snicker!😂😂 This a good show, they got the essence of Florida down pat. A hot, crazy, funny mess😌

  23. This show is so good

  24. Should call this Skanks . Waste of TV time…………

  25. Ratchet trash

  26. It’s funny when Italians make shows about drugs, strippers and money it’s seen as cool, or thrilling or action packed but when the show has black characters all of a sudden it’s “ratchet” trash

  27. Imelda Hernandez

    Absolutely love how the head of the Russian mafia is a woman! Great season finale!!

  28. Desna thicker than a Snicker!😂😂 This a good show, they got the essence of Florida down pat. A hot, crazy, funny mess😌

  29. I love this show!!!! Yes honey!!!

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