“Girls Trip” not your typical chick flick, conception is raunchy yet hilarious

“Girls Trip” is a little raunchy but hilarious nonetheless.

“Girls Trip” movie surprisingly funny.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES, Calif — “Girls Trip” is a trip… literally speaking. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The female-dominated comedy, directed by Malcolm D. Lee, won’t garner many (if any) Academy Award nominations. But Lee’s girlish conception is downright hilarious and, for that, we must extol the congruous quartet of actresses primarily responsible. The movie begins with a somewhat corny introduction of the ‘Flossy Posse’ — a sisterhood comprised of four middle-aged black chicks looking to recapture a smidgen of magic from their ‘90s heyday at the annual Essence Festival in New Orleans.

There’s Sasha (Queen Latifah), a news reporter turned impecunious gossip blogger; Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith), a domesticated homemaker turned corybantic single mom; Ryan (Regina Hall), a lifestyle pundit married to an unfaithful, yet sexy professional athlete; and raunchy Dina (Tiffany Haddish), a recently fired party girl who comes up considerably short of every moral-code known to mankind.

Look, “Girls Trip” is rated-R for a reason. To be candid, the movie is straight up vulgar. When they’re not busy performing erotic acts with grapefruits, members of the ‘Flossy Posse’ can be seen urinating on unsuspecting crowds during aerial rope activities.

That said, “Girls Trip” is still a hoot.

The camaraderie on screen is nothing short of flawless.

Again, the movie won’t rake in many awards.

But who gives a damn. It’s still worth watching.

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  1. Tiffany Haddish is hilarious.

  2. The Clockwise Witness

    This is what the general population want to be shown in cinemas today ? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST people are STUPID. Mainstream cinema is for the majority a fucking joke, the demand is there for pointless, generic crap and this is exactly what gets made. I’m very happy there is still independent cinema. Independent cinema has been a savior to culture and art.

  3. franciii soriano

    Movie was hilarious 😂

  4. Oh my gosh! This movie is got to be one of the funniest movie that came out in awhile! It was perfect! The movie kept going up and down with the story line! It was not boring at all! GREAT JOB LADIES!

  5. I watched this movie last night and this movie is so funny….its hilarious…TIFFANY mafe this movie y’all. Must see, no black girl bashing, or men hating..just classic 4 different women personalities finally coming together as one!
    I enjoy you, TIFFANY, from a loyal fan way back when you host at San Bernardino San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino on Wednesday nights.. keep up the awesome work girl..

  6. Rachel Dismorr

    I’m offended. There’s only one white girl.

  7. black minstrel show
    buckdancing negro bedwenches

  8. Where is the diversity. This is racist I don’t see no white or Asian people lol. Nah but really how comes it’s ok to have black only films but if white People don’t include diversity it’s WW3

  9. I’ma round up my girls and make it girls night out💃💋👠#muchneeded!!!

  10. This movie was AWESOME!!❤ I enjoyed it and the audience was going crazy 😂

  11. My gf wanted to go watch this movie. Never heard of it or seen any trailer for it. I thought it was gonna be some type of chick flick. I was fucking wrong. This movie is hilarious af! Cheesy in some parts but hilarious nonetheless. Reminded of the movie The Hangover. This movie should have had a bigger marketing budget. Highly recommend.


    fucking black scum invading the movie industry

  13. Grey Five Nine

    What the fuck is up with this movie??? This is disturbing.

  14. it looks ok but i fucking hate tiffany she try to hard to be funny dumb ass hoodrat hoe

  15. Couldn’t pay me enough to watch this movie. As if black women don’t have enough negative stereotypes and degradation, now we have this movie that will further cement the negative stereotypes of black women. 😡😡😡

  16. Little Misty-eyed

    This film was like a 10/10 sooooo fkn funny. I died at the grapefruit technique

  17. ” Set It Off “… Part 2!😄👍✨😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Potty mouthed women getting drunk and talking about men. Garbage.

  19. this movie was so fucking funny!!!! seriously go see it guys.

  20. It’s about time we have a hangover/road trip type movie with some Sistas in it

  21. Jermain Roberts

    this movie is a nigger and need to be deported back to africa where it came from white power!!!!

  22. Lmao it’s booty hole 😂😂

  23. They made me think about the Braxtons!

  24. Charlene Johnson

    this movie was sooo fucking funny i nearly died

  25. Anytime there’s a movie being made with black women empowering one another……Not hardly one black male has anything positive to say about it 😒flack from anyone else is expected.

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