Will & Martin back in ‘Bad Boys’ threequel?

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence looking to reunite in ‘Bad Boys 3.’

Bad Boys threequel coming eventually.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

MIAMI — Okay, what’s taking so damn long? Sony’s “Bad Boys for Life,” the third film in the ‘Bad Boys’ crimefighting series, has been under construction for years. But, according to close sources, it may be awhile before we see Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunited on the big screen. If you recall, the action-packed narcotics comedy was originally scheduled for a February 2017 release before being pushed back to November 2018. But, this past March, A-List director Joe Carnahan backed out of the gig due to “scheduling issues” — putting the third installment in serious jeopardy.

Even though Sony removed the film from its release slate, officials said the movie hasn’t been cancelled and “the script is still being worked on.” It would certainly be in everybody’s best interest to get this project done. The first film, released in 1995, grossed more than $140 million worldwide.

Bad Boys 2, released in 2003, nearly doubled that total with $270 million worldwide. Word on the street claims a fourth ‘Bad Boys’ movie is being discussed with a May 2019 release date.

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  1. Bad Boys 3 is going to be called Bad Boys For Life and then Bad Boys 4, but I feel like the third one should be Bad Boys 3 then Bad Boys 4 Life.

  2. Anthony Campos

    I hope Margot Robbie is in “Bad Boys 3.” She and Will are fun together.

  3. EdithMichelle Clark

    I cant wait for bad boys 3

  4. YYEEEEEESSSSS! BAD BOYS 3 ON THE WAY!!!!!! I feel bad not going to watch these movies in the cinema I normally get it on the internet wich doesn’t help these guys lol but yeah any movie you want to carry on go watch it in the cinema!

  5. will Smith never ages wtf!

  6. Doctor Strange

    Ride together, die together, Bad Boys 4 Life!

  7. yo will smith is 48. His face doesnt age

  8. Kristian Jackson

    Bad Boys one was okay….but Bad Boys II? Oh helllllllllll yeah. Crazy!

  9. Martin Lawrence going have to loose weight for bad boys 3

  10. Omg they keep saying it but I don’t believe it until it actually hit the box office. They need to hurry up age is catching up with my boys. No Micheal Bay?but it’s his original project wow OK that’s akward

  11. very close? – is it coming or not! lol first they say yes then no then yes then no then yes – ugh

  12. Will Smith’s out filming Bad Boys 3 while his sons running around in girls clothes. sounds about right to me.

  13. Zabrina Bowman

    I loved the bad boys movies so much so I can’t wait for the 3rd one

  14. 2nd one is so hilarious the Reggie part💀💀💀😂😂😂

  15. If they make a Bad Boys 3, Will Smiths son better not be in it.

  16. I love Will Smith!! He can basically do no wrong in my eyes!

  17. It would be cool if Carlton had a cameo in the movie. Like will and martin meet a new employee at their work and martin asks will “who was that”? And will says “oh that’s just my cousin, we go way back”.

  18. This makes me so happy. I have been saying for YEARS that they should make one more Bad Boys film before they get too old to play the roles. I will go to the theater to see this film. I can’t wait!!!

  19. I’m waiting for them to make a bad boys tv series cause there’s a lot they can go with

  20. A Skeleton that is both Spooky and Scary

    Martin and Will are both in shape as fuck so they can definitely do a big action movie like this.

    Black don’t crack.

  21. bad boys bad boys what you gonna do when I come for you

  22. If they wait too long it’ll be called BAD OLD MEN FOR LIFE.

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