Big Baller honcho LaVar Ball is receiving financial love from rap mogul Jay-Z

LaVar Ball receiving financial support from Jay-Z.

LaVar Ball gets assist from Jay-Z.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Stay in yo lane! LaVar Ball, father of Lakers star Lonzo Ball and contentious patriarch of Big Baller Brand, is garnering financial aid from an entertainment tycoon who knows a thing or two about operating a remunerative business. After proclaiming he’s 100 percent behind the Big Baller honcho, rap mogul Jay-Z purchased three pairs of ZO2 shoes — priced at $495 each. Why? Because the 47-year-old music icon believes African-American companies deserve more support, especially from blacks.

“Why wouldn’t I support him?,” Jay-Z retorted during a recent interview released on the Rap Radar Podcast on Tidal. “He feels like he could move culture and his son has a big enough name and a big enough brand that they can do it. Nike had to start somewhere. Why do we get so upset when we, us as a culture, want to start our own shit? That shit is puzzling to me.”

With affluent artists like Jay-Z on board, there’s no telling how far BBB can go.

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  1. Why does the media make stupid dumbass people like this loser famous, I would like to know!

  2. Let’s play a game of word association! The one word to describe Lavar Ball: ASSHOLE

  3. I love lavar

  4. JayZ won’t change my opinion of Lavar Ball, I still think he is an egotistical idiot.

  5. Brutal Beefcake

    Only 3 pair? I thought jay z was rich

  6. Lavar ball mouth gone write a check his ass can’t cash

  7. this guy is sad and his brand is wack

  8. they shouldve cracked his fucking head….. this guys a piece of shit media slut….. big bitch brand…

  9. Armando Ortega

    Lavar is smart asf all these ppl getting butthurt bc he be saying some dumbass shit. but hes really bringing attention to his kids, himself, and his brand of clothing. Trolling is what he’s doing and he is Damn well good at it. Respect to Lavar

  10. is this a joke this is funny😂😂😂😂😂😂 lavar ball sucks😜😜😜😜


  12. I wouldn’t but these shoes even if they were in Walmart next to Starburys an Shaqs. Come on kid, them shoes are ugly an the price is ridiculous

  13. Man guys like Diddy and Jay z tryna show black ppl how to quit worrying bout the statues and the irrelevant racist agenda but to focus on education and economics but black ppl steady falling for the racism trap how bout we start doing shit like supporting black owned businesses……

  14. Biggest BSer of all time hands down. Lucky that Lonzo didint take after him. He seems humble and reserved. Hope his Dad doesent ruin his career. He need to stay in his owwn lane n let lonzo do his thing.

  15. Who gives a shit if Gay Z bought 3 pairs of these Great Value version of Kobe shoes?! Those shoes are ugly as fuck!

  16. Black own businesses charge way too much SERIOUSLY & im black!

  17. black love all day.

  18. Lavar Ball is a visionary……… Jay-Z see it too

  19. Lemont Washington

    I have no problems with Ball starting his own brand, but 500 dollars is bugging. The price goes down, and the designs don’t look like something I would see at Payless or any other bargain brand stores in the hoods I’ll proudly support BBB. Until then I’ll pass.

  20. You people are so far stuck up your ass! You can see that Jay-z just gave Lavar Ball a stamp of approval! Which translates to, Kid walks into sneaker store and says quote “OH, this are the joints Jay-z was talking about, I’m getting them right now” end quote! Or placing an order on line to be the first one with them… Coonery never stops!

  21. Damn Jay, you bought $1500 worth of sneakers??

  22. I just fucked your bitch in some BBB flops

  23. BBB shoes are just like yezzys OVERRATED

  24. HipHopR&BLover Jon

    BBB 💰💰💰 going up baby!!

  25. Who gives a shit if Gay Z bought 3 pairs of these Great Value version of Kobe shoes?! Those shoes are ugly as fuck!

  26. The people in this comment section are some sad individuals… lmao!


  28. I love Lavar ball yeah buddy I’m finna order me a pair or two give thanks to the black owned businesses and fuck Shack for all that bullshit he be doing and talking about they always send the fucking coon to come after somebody that’s changing shit

  29. HipHopR&BLover Jon

    BBB 💰💰💰 going up baby!!

  30. Big Baller bullshit

  31. Realnigga Talking

    Dum ass people always hating

  32. Black owned business???where, them niggas silver spoon kids and Lavar a hype coon, so what if a black man own a business, if he only give a shit about using his kids and selling some styrofoam cups as 500$ sneaks he ain’t got shit to do with no black communities or people so why support his crab ass, Jay juss in the way now.

  33. I’ll be getting some for all 3 of my sons!

  34. Lonzo is the next kobe

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