Tennis sensation Serena Williams, Alexis Ohanian welcome first child together

Serena and Alexis welcome new daughter.

Tennis icon gives birth to daughter.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

PALM BEACH — Tennis legend Serena Williams is a mama for the first time. The 35-year-old sports icon gave birth to a bouncy baby girl on Friday afternoon at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Sister Venus Williams confirmed the news during the U.S. Open. “I’m super excited,” Venus said when asked by ESPN’s Pam Shriver about becoming an aunt just moments before her third-round match. “Words can’t describe.” ESPN commentator Chris Evert gushed over the air during Friday’s broadcast. “I’m so thrilled for her, what a role model she’s going to be for that daughter,” Chris said. “I told Serena this: It’s a love you’ve never felt before, and I know she’s probably experiencing that right now.”

Serena and lover Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, have taken heat over their interracial relationship. Serena is black. Alexis is white. Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase made a racist comment shortly after Serena announced her pregnancy several months ago, saying: “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?”

Hate if you want.

But the bottom line is Serena and Alexis are proud parents and that’s all that matters.

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  1. Congrats to Serena she’s earned everything that’s came her way. Venus and Serena are 2 of the greatest of all time ‼️

  2. so happy and super excited for one of my favorite black women!!!!

  3. Alberto Zerain 11

    Congrats to mama ape and the little chimp.

  4. The Chosen-one

    i did not no transvestite can have baby…….she must have got the full operation.

  5. Goddess ZsaZaNaya

    So where did Serena the obvious tranny purchase this baby from?

  6. Venus would like to congratulate his brother on the new arrival

  7. She got that Big White Cock lol

  8. So her money goes right back into the white community. Same old storey you have to wait for the ending part

  9. Why are people so mean. Would you like it if people called you a tranny? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some of y’all saying negative things about her, people may think the same about you. Just congratulate her and move on!

  10. typical of racist black people, Serena is white now, her entire world is white, her agents, attorneys, housemaids, ass wipers and even her pizza delivery guy, she obviously likes white cock over black cock and this blog is a pathetic attempt to convince black women to stay chained to the ghetto and not to better themselves, there are hundreds of thousands of black women who have had it with racism and want a brighter future for their children, they are realisiing white men are not what they have been led to believe plus they respect women more

  11. AquariusLady Gorgeouz

    Congrats to Serena Williams on giving birth to her first child. I wish her happiness and joy in starting her new family with her soon to be husband. ❤💍💕

  12. Congratulations Serena to you & the birth of to your baby girl & your beautiful journey to motherhood!❣️💜💙

  13. That the best thing that can happen to a woman . woman with no kid is like a tree with no fruits , no flowers . I think that baby will overshadow the tennis but that s ok no one can t catch you anyway you are a legend . Congrats!

  14. Wow! So happy for Serena! She is so amazing! What a woman! I’m so fascinated by her ! The one an only! The greatest of all time and now a mother as well! Congratulations, Serena !

  15. Crimson n' Clover

    Alexis Ohanian Jr. Weird just the two of them ! Serena and Alexis are in for the money! What on earth did Alexis ever see in Serena Williams? She’s no woman! She’s a man disguised as a woman. UGLY.

  16. Awsome baby👶. Absolutely gorgeous💞💖

  17. Crimson n' Clover

    What’s wrong with Alexis Ohanian, he’s got to be a muslim and Serena is his puppet. The kid is ugly.

  18. Just proves white niggas love sweet black pussy

  19. Dorothy Mays-Pitts

    🤗😁WoW WoW the baby is beautiful Congratulation we now have our future tennis champion be blessed u have put the icing on the cake Serena I am proud of u please do not waste time listening to haters the Lord blessed u with your child also hHe picked your partner enjoy it all I lov u

  20. Sahiry Gnobehi


  21. “no one knows I’m 8 weeks pregnant”😂

  22. The people who have made these racist and sexist comments should be sterilised. Why say such vile words?

  23. Charles Freeman

    What a beautiful baby! What a beautiful name! What a beautiful family and journey from now and into the future! I’m so happy for you Serena! 😱😘😍🎶🏆👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👪❤️❤️😀😘🎾🎾🎾🏆🏆🏆🍼🍼🍼🍭🍭🍭🌷🌹👰🏾!!!!

  24. I’m sorry but ain’t no way in hell Serena had a baby…..Men can’t have children….That is a damn dude been a dude gone always be a dude…

  25. Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch

    Congratulations Queen 😙😇👑

  26. Leina Montgomery

    Honestly they make a cute couple. That baby is going to be so beautiful. I think he is a very good man with an intelligent brain. Both couples are good people. Congrats on that beautiful little angel SERENA AND ALEX 🤗😍😇

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