John & Chrissy almost didn’t make it?

John Legend tried to break-up with Chrissy Teigen.

John and Chrissy almost broke up.

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LOS ANGELES — Widely regarded as being one of Hollywood’s most eminent couples, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen almost didn’t make it. That’s because the 9-time Grammy winner tried to break-up with Chrissy several years ago, but she wouldn’t let him. Her perseverance obviously paid off. Today, John and Chrissy are happily married with a beautiful young daughter (Luna). So, what happened? Why the break-up request? “I was really stressed and busy,” John recalled. “I was just like, ‘I’d just be happier single right now,’ and she was like, “No.'”

John, 38, married Chrissy, 31, in Lake Como, Italy in September 2013. The ‘All of Me’ singer started dating the Sports Illustrated model 10 years ago. They met when Chrissy was cast in John’s music video in 2007. He still credits his wife for inspiring him to become more intrepid.

“She pushes me to be funnier,” John told the Guardian newspaper.

“Not because she’s trying to, I think it’s just being around her. And to be bolder.”

Nice to see John and Chrissy still going strong.

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  1. I don’t know much about Chrissy but I’ve always loved seeing these two together. They seem so in love and it’s like they just trust each other, I’m so happy for them.

  2. Egyptian_Thoth

    John Legend it makes me cringe seeing you try so hard. LOL. You picked a tranny looking beard though. They seem so unnatural together and the interaction seems forced. 

  3. Opposites attract. ❤️

  4. MrsTruthTeller

    I love to see women who are outspoken and comfortable with themselves! Love it! I hate seeing all those robot and docile women who are afraid to speak their minds.

  5. If he wasn’t married, I would assume he was gay

  6. people need to stop bashing her. she is so real and shes not afraid to be her self. and that’s why john loves her. he loves her personality, her craziness and everything about her. her personality fits his perfectly because shes the crazy funny one and he is the calm one and reserved one so they both get a little bit of everything out of each other. they are perfect for each other and he is crazy about her. he always will be. 

  7. Beautiful couple. I hope your love is true John. Don’t be like Lionel Richie, who wrote the most romantic love songs about his first ex-wife all the while cheating on her.

  8. whitemoonflower100

    Bless this couple ❤️

  9. Deborah Adeyemi

    The way he looks at her, you just know ☺️

  10. One of the few Hollywood couples that I like. They’re adorable!!

  11. chrissy would look good even in a trash bag.

  12. they’re so cute 😞❤️❤️

  13. Chrissy has an interesting face…

  14. John’s bitch got big titties and a fat azz

  15. They make me believe in love bruh

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