Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kylie’s pregnant with rapper Travis Scott’s baby

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner expecting a baby girl.

Kylie J. and Travis seen getting cozy.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LAS VEGAS — What’s done in the dark eventually comes to light, right? Expectant parents to be, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, enjoyed a lovey-dovey night out on the town Saturday in Las Vegas. The romantic rendezvous transpired roughly 24 hours after close sources confirmed the couple’s pregnancy. They’re expecting a bouncy baby girl in February. While patronizing Sin City, the 20-year-old ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star attended Travis’ performance at the iHeartRadio Musical Festival.

Whether or not it was intentional, Kylie covered up her baby bump with an enlarged black t-shirt and brown elastic pants. Anyway, gettin’ back to the show. Travis, 25, performed with DJ Khaled, Chance The Rapper, Demi Lovato and French Montana at T-Mobile Arena.

There is, however, one little problem with Kylie’s pregnancy.

Rapper Tyga says the baby is his.

Do you believe him?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. that poor baby’s life is gonna be full of suffering

  2. Me reads:— Kylie Jenner is pregnant.
    Me to myself:- it ain’t mine 😋

  3. Sim0n3T0rtiLLa

    G E T A N A B O R T I O N .

  4. This whole family is whats wrong with the world.

  5. Oh great 2 ugly people having a baby. Maybe itll come out pretty or handsome.

  6. Kylie is gonna be a baby momma before she’s old enough to drink alcohol…im dead.

  7. Between the Sheets

    Can’t make a ho a housewife. That baby is doomed.

  8. Why does Kylie stay dating these ugly ass dudes??! 🤔😳

  9. She is nothing more than a skanky slut and if she didn’t hail from a family of rich bitches, she’d be no better than the knocked up baby Mamas that you see that the local welfare office! This ho needs her tubes tied so we don’t have to put up with anymore of these skanks in the future.

  10. Doctor: You’re pregnant!
    Kylie: I wonder if I’ll be a dad or mom 🤰

  11. LOL!!! No matter the success, can’t take the ghetto out of some people. I’ll bet EVERYTHING I own she becomes single parent. It’s what black men do more than anyone else – have kids out of wedlock and leave (backed by stats)…damn poor baby.

  12. Hes so ugly though😒😩

  13. Kylie jenner made a bad desicion, why would she want a baby this early, and this young? I just don’t get it

  14. She not first nor last have kids not be ready.. Married couples have kids not married. Who is really ready for kids? Life in gerenal? Good thing she has strong family to back her up. And few coins in bank will help also. Wink

  15. He’s looks like a mud duck!!!!!!! She could do better.

  16. Just another baby gonna be brought up by a nanny because momma isn’t grown herself

  17. Kylie has had so much plastic surgery that I wouldn’t be surprised if she gave birth to bratz doll

  18. Jezabel-in-Hell

    I don’t get why these gorgeous women are with the ugliest men they can find. Yikes! My husband isn’t rich, but at least I like to look at him. Hahaha!

  19. GenzillaKDM 408

    Nobody gives a fuck about this Frankenstein ass hoe

  20. she’s not pregnant. just loving the attention

  21. that kid is going to grow up so mentally fucked up.
    I pity that kid.

  22. Tyga gotta be the father cause Kylie got pregnant as soon as they broke up, and her and Travis only were together for a second. No way that Travis is the father. If he isn’t, Kylie is kinda fast lol that’s kinda slutty to already be pregnant with a baby daddy that you just met. 🤔 tyga is the dad.

  23. What a fucking bitch.

  24. Fuck u kylie just admit it or deny it.. im tired of these stupid headlines

  25. They talkin about Kim havin another baby, and it’s a girl, and so is Kylie, I guess people are looking at it, as though, it’s supposed to be like a competition thing, between those two, going on right now, but when you think about it in actuality Kylie really beat Khloe to the punch😒 💋 smooches

  26. Honestly who cares.. big fucking deal, when I spray my dna in a girl would It get ground breaking coverage? fuck this shit

  27. That Girl steph

    She’s not pregnant you guys 🙄

  28. No matter what u look like or how rich you are, a man who wouldn’t marry you is not about to stick around for u after you have his baby and you’ve only been together since April 😂 this guy gonna leave her as soon as she gives birth for another bitch watch. Majority of these rappers aren’t loyal and most of them are friends. She must not have heard the saying you are who your friends are…ladies stop letting these men knock you up and thinking ur the only bitch he fuck with. It’s very rare in today’s day and age that your going to be anyone’s “one and only”. Smh no pride in herself whatsoever.

  29. Joejoetheboss Culler

    One thing I can tell all of you all I don’t know none of you all from A to Z but I’ve been watching this show for 10 years every f**** episode one thing I can say for sure there is no faking in the Kardashian family when it comes to pregnancy everything else may be fake but there is no faking when it comes to being pregnant because Kim wanted Khloe to be her surrogate for her next child please with all due respect don’t know none of you all from A to Z but again please don’t watch every episode from season 1 to season 14 including Khloe and Lamar including Khloe and Kim and an in Kourtney & Kim Take Miami please watch every last episode so y’all can see and then go look on social media there’s nothing even if Travis Scott didn’t get her pregnant somebody got that b** pregnant and somebody got closed pregnant because in one of the episode they always said that Chloe could never get pregnant now Chloe to have kids f*** y’all mean go do your homework some more folks cuz I do mine and I’ve been watching them for over 10 f**** years

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