NCIS: Los Angeles undergoes big makeover

NCIS: Los Angeles won’t be the same in season nine.

NCIS: Los Angeles made big changes.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Season nine of NCIS: Los Angeles features a myriad of changes, none more obvious than the baffling disappearance of the team’s most diminutive member — Henrietta ‘Hetty’ Lange (Linda Hunt). That’s right. Hetty has flown the coop and nobody knows where she is. “Even her team is asking, ‘What happened to Hetty? What is she doing?’” says executive producer R. Scott Gemmill. “It’s an ongoing mystery for them.” Hetty’s not the only employee to jump ship. After his wife was murdered last season, special agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) is also no longer on the roster. The ex-Navy SEAL has decided to stay home to tend to his kids.

However, longtime partner G. Callen (Chris O’Donnell) wants Sam back on the team pronto and he simply won’t take “no” for an answer. Complicating matters is Callen’s contentious working relationship with new executive assistant director, Mosley (Nia Long), who’s the inverse of Hetty.

Unlike her predecessor, Mosley prefers to keep everybody on a short leash and she couldn’t care less if she ruffles feathers in the process. “Mosley thinks they’re cowboys,” Gemmill explains. “To her, Hetty gave them too much freedom in everything from how they work to how they dress.”

Wow! Sounds like no more jeans and t-shirts.

Season 9 of NCIS: Los Angeles premieres Oct. 1st on CBS.

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  1. Tigreblanc 1848

    I already don’t like Mosley !!!

  2. Nia Long stars on Empire too…… make that money girl!!!!

  3. I Love Great Movies

    Fucking LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. YAAAASSSSS!! Soooo ready for this to happen, can’t wait!!

  5. Looks awesome for the season premiere. Cant wait!

  6. MichaelChiklisCares

    Fucking boring storylines, good that Ive stopped watching this shit.

  7. Lottie&HerOTP's4Life 23

    Omg finally!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 ‘I thought it would have a little more bling to it’ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Single White Female

    i want cool j to get me pregnant 🙂

  9. In upcoming season I hope to see
    * Densi wedding
    * Sam trying to overcome his grief
    * Relationship development of Nell and Eric
    * Talia returning
    * Season long story arc
    * Deeks joins NCIS
    * Some old faces
    * Crossover with MacGyver

    In future
    * Maybe Densi baby

  10. Claudia Gonzales

    omg i can wait for the next episode

  11. This is my shit….. luv me some LL 🙂

  12. kendall rivers

    You always have the heavy and Moseley’s gonna be a problem LOL I don’t think she’s ever gonna fit in with this team, she’s way too serious and professional, kinda cold to where she doesn’t seem like the type to connect with people in a warm or human way, which makes her different from Granger and Hetty who are pros but have warmth and love for the team. I feel like Hetty will come back either because they finally find her and beg her to come back and run the squad or she’ll come back to help them when Moseley becomes too big a thorn on Callen and the team’s side.

  13. I love Densi 😍💖

  14. Severan Vallery

    so why did I think Sam wife was already dead

  15. Sweet! OMG, Callen is so sexy

  16. Me & my wife are big fans of the series ✌😎👍

  17. LL Cool Gay

  18. i am pregnant and LL is the father 🙂

  19. this is my favorite crimefighting show

  20. Uncle L suck my big toe

  21. Nicole Holbrook

    I love seeing Sam back with the team. I love seeing the bromance between Sam and Callen

  22. Mostly character/actress is a bad choice= disaster. Hetty back please.
    Otherwise this series lost any unique appeal.
    Hate the know-ir-all, condescending, bitch routine. Grade”F” fail!

  23. Sweet! OMG, Callen is so sexy

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