ESPN anchor Jemele Hill ‘slams’ President Trump & Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Jemele Hill, Michael Smith’s co-host, suspended from ESPN/Getty Images

Jemele Hill gets herself suspended.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BRISTOL, Conn — Sportscenter host Jemele Hill, who ruffled feathers last month when she disseminated tweets labeling President Donald Trump a ‘white supremacist,’ received a 2-week suspension from ESPN on Monday for what network officials are calling a violation of the company’s social media policy. After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Sunday that he would punish players who “disrespect the flag,” Hill sent out a retaliatory tweet urging fans to boycott the team’s advertisers. 

“Change happens when advertisers are impacted,” she tweeted.

“If you feel strongly about JJ’s statement, boycott his advertisers.”

Jones’ threat comes on the heels of President Trump’s suggestion that players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired. Trump also called protesting players “sons of bitches” during a political rally a couple weeks ago. Hill later clarified her tweet saying she wasn’t calling for an NFL boycott. Instead, she was merely bringing to light the “unfair burden” imposed against players.

Do you agree with Hill or Jones?

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  1. ESPN did all of us a favor… they gave this dumb crazy racist biotch enough rope that she hung herself.. lolol.

  2. Fire that racist bitch. If had been a white chick saying something about obammy her ass would have been fired on the spot. Get rid of the bitch.

  3. Loretta Toombs


  4. Jemele Hill is a racist that think she works for MSNBC not ESPN..

  5. spliffsperlunk

    Another case of “WHEN KEEPING IT REAL GOES WRONG”.

  6. Jedi King Pudge

    Fuck jemele hill bipolar ass, this week it’s boycott jerry jones’s sponsors and she’s siding with the players and then next week It’ll be all black men are terrorist…Fuck Outta Here!…Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  7. Derrix Gholston

    She scared the nfl and talked about trump nfl to big and its to much money involved watch will smith in concussion that’s what going on now nfl get scared when u hurt they money or they think u gonna hurt their money

  8. Andrew Villanueva

    I hate you black lady!!!! ESPN what does it take for her to be fired!!!!!!

  9. Ship her dumb ngger ass back to da ghetto!!!

  10. Trump Supporter

    Jamele Hill should have been fired. You want equality right? If a white newscaster said Obam a is Muslim socialist who hated AMERICA, she would have been canned. Equal rights, fire her.



    Dam two weeks I cant see that juicy black ass for two weeks smh you know she has that good good 😂

  13. That’s not her place (as a reporter). The NFL & ESPN are in business together selling a product. This silly broad is harming her employer’s product. If she wasn’t black she would be fired. & Before you racebaiters start, I’m black.

  14. thebklynprophet

    lmao karma is bitch
    sell out coon once espn saw that you insulted the group of people that back you up with thst article they know they had the green light to check this coon

  15. jamelle hill is trash. and she is very ugly. maybe trump cam get her a job cleaning boats after she gets canned.

  16. RevolutionaryINK

    Jemele is BITING the hands that feed her on both sides! Straight blackmen took up for Jemele and she’s stabbed us in our backs. Then on the other side she coons for ESPN & the pro-sports establishment, then turns on them when convenient as well. ESPN has now noticed that Straight blackmen (the largest viewership segment for ESPN) no longer has her back so they couldn’t wait for her to give them ANOTHER reason to chastise her. She’s twirling in the wind. She’s gonna find herself by herself.

  17. They hated Ali during the 60’s & 70”s when he was an outspoken on issue regarding race & poverty but in 30 years the very ppl that hated him claim to love him & say he transcended race, which is another way of saying he became palatable to uptight conservative white ppl. I imagine the same will be said about those brave enough to call out bigotry & discrimination which still makes some ppl uncomfortable.

  18. Redeemer Hades123

    Piece of s*** mother f**** b** ass get the f*** out of this country I don’t give a s*** what you saying your protest if you refuse to stand for the flag born in a protest you’re no different in a piece of s*** KKK member in my eyes I wish to refusing to stand for the flag if you bought it in a protest in my eyes is no difference in a piece of s*** setting file and burn a cross in somebody’s front yard disrespect and racism intimidation

  19. Well when a online personality tells the viewers to boycott advertisers she’s gonna get her fingers slapped. At least she wasn’t fired. I would take with NFL players if given the chance and i totaly agree with their view of police brutality. Its not about disrespecting the military, flag or country.

  20. Black men you are weak. This is the same woman that through you under the bus by cosigning that Straight Black Men are the White People of Black People article.

    You negroes are just pathetic.


  22. Brandon Williams

    This is why we should start a black sports channel.

  23. Trump told Jerry to crack the whip on these damn niggers!

  24. Derrick Webster

    According to Ms. Hill she agrees straight black men are the white men to black people. So, fuck her and her suspension. That’s what cooning gets you. I could give a fuck but I don’t and I wouldn’t give her eye water to cry with!

  25. William Gates III

    She said on Twitter to boycott NFL sponsors after espn paid (m)illions for NFL contract, hence boycott espn sponsors
    You get suspended anywhere for that type of shit.

  26. Project Mayhem

    ESPN has a 15 billion dollar tv deal with the NFL. Jemelle basically told people to stop supporting the company that keeps the lights on at ESPN. Football season seems like it is never over thanks to ESPN; draft coverage, OTAs, training camp, domestic violence etc… The owners are now coming out saying they need to change the rule so players must stand… That TV deal expires 2021…Fox Sports is up and coming… The NFL could jump ship… She got off easy if you ask me

  27. Geovonni Cains

    Anyone who is hateful towards our country and our flag should be fired and removed from the spot light forever… Us American people ( black, white, brown ) just want to watch football without all this hatefulness… Boycott the NFL until this shit stops !!!

  28. Jemele you didn’t deserve the suspension. They should had had your back instead of buckling under the imaginary pressure of trying to appease this BITCH ASS PRESIDENT CRACKER #45 TRUMP! ESPN has no backbone and are cowards…..So ESPN, TRUMP and SARAH HUCKABEE y’all can go eat a FAT DICK!!!!!!!!

  29. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks would be disgusted with this crap. THEY and previous generations experienced racism. 99% of white people aren’t racist yet the black narrative is if u white… u racist. such a joke. I know 10x more whites poeple than black yet could name maybe ….maybe 1 racist white person. but could get.u countless names of blacks who are racist.
    she is a joke….this “narrative” is beyond a joke…its disgusting.


  31. jemele is a black supremacist.

  32. Steve Harvey lewis

    Ugly ass coon ass bitch

  33. Alexia Is On Fire

    She is fat, ugly, and black so her salty and butthurt nature is understandable

  34. I stand with Jemelle

  35. ESPN =
    NON-Patrotic bastards

  36. Hot Dawg With Mustard!!

    Jemele Hill is a racist!! Sorry. I’m so surprised that ESPN didn’t fire her! She must have some “dirt” on some of the ESPN executives I’m guessing. Unreal. Peace!

  37. The lady need her job dam give her a break you going to pay her bills🤔💰

  38. Christophe Maximin

    ESPN’s Jemele Hill wrote that : “rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.”
    I mean she is the kind of person who says every single stupid things that comes to her mind and then tries to think about it to justify it.
    No wonder why nobody watch her show. She is deeply dumb but the sad part of this story is that some blacks people support her & talk about her like she was an inspiration for the black community.
    She is successful but dumb, and everybody can see it, so how do you make the black community going forward when back then our inspiration was a classy & smart man like Martin Luther King and nowadays it’s some stupid drugs addicts rappers, Jemele Hill Stephen A Smith or Colin Kapernick who don’t know how to express themselves.
    Nobody will never takes black people issue seriously when the messengers who talk about the serious issues sound blatantly stupid.

  39. I found nothing wrong with what she said, but at the same time the suspension was reasonable. Exercising your right to free speech is fine, but don’t forget your employer has policies and procedures that you have to adhere to.

  40. Fire that ugly ho.

  41. calvin pressley

    If the NFL don’t stop the nonsense we might see a NFL strike soon.

  42. Apparently Jamele Hill hates straight black men so fuck her.

  43. I’m not going to disrespect her by calling her out of her name but, I was one of the many black men who stood by and defended her. The next time something unjustly happens to her I’m thinking twice before I defend her. You can’t alienate those who stood by you. Where we’re the feminist groups when she got suspended? I heard nothing but crickets!

  44. ESPN is a sports channel i dont tune in for political view points of there anchors maybe she should work for a regular news place.

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