Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs wants black-owned NFL following Trump’s crazy suggestion

Sean “Diddy” Combs seeking to buy every NFL franchise.

Diddy seeking to purchase the NFL.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — Bad Boy honcho Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs has a remedy for disgruntled football players who are sick and tired of serving under the right-wing, conservative leadership of NFL owners: he would like to purchase the NFL — not just one franchise, but the entire league. Why? So African-Americans can have a “league where you can be yourself,” Diddy tweeted before adding his players would “have a retirement plan, have freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs.” Diddy wrapped things up with “KING!! NEW DREAM ALERT!!!”

Diddy’s tweets are in response to President Donald Trump’s controversial suggestion that ‘sons of bitches’ who protest the national anthem should be “fired.” Also, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ruffled feathers when he threatened to bench any player who disrespects the American flag.

For Diddy’s dream to come true, however, he’ll need a few payday loans.

Diddy, according to CBS Sports, is worth approximately $820 million.

Conversely, an average NFL franchise is worth $2.5 billion.

That said, do you support Diddy’s fantasy of an Ebony-owned NFL?

Is his vision unfair to whites and non-blacks?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Don’t buy a team, start your own league.

  2. The NFL is a sinking ship

  3. Tech N9ne to buy Kansas City would be Awesome

  4. P diddy doesn’t have enough money to buy a team, let alone the league.

  5. Naruto Can Kill Goku

    He has a higher chance buying my left nut.

  6. Carlos Kennerley

    Dr Dre fucken rich put him in there

  7. Who killed biggie diddy? I know you know nigga!

  8. If Donald Trump founded the USFL, Diddy can start his own professional American Football league.


    20 yrs of Buck Dancing and Bullshitting This is what Diddy and everyone from that Rap generation has contributed to Black People in the United States. Cops are killing us because we know how to dance and buy shoes but not Fight

  10. The Whiskey Diaries

    ice cube got big3 he should try it

  11. TheRealtalk617

    NFL generates 20 billion a year and is worth almost 100 billion this nigga dont even have enough for a down payment.

  12. Why so many niggas out here counting that mans bread?……thats what chicks do. Far as his dream, yall would be the same ones even AFTER the way they treat niggas that wouldn’t even buy a ticket to support his league. Someone created a womans basketball league and womans football league (lingerie 😒) so you mean to tell me if diddy wanted too, and could yall would still hate on that too? He mentioned starting a league but yall ignored that…. Smh.
    only our folks.
    It’s like some of y’all can’t breathe without ya masters foot on ya neck SMH. I hope he does create a league. I’d buy a ticket and invest.

  13. Judah Tribe1969

    Brothers there’s power in unity..You can’t have peace with the oppressor and think he will respect you.

  14. Coon diddy please stop running ur fake ass mouth. Where is ur fucking money that u put into the black community. Washed up fucking coon. Go away. When i see u I’m reminded of what our men should not be. Stay in ur lane and continue to fuck Hispanic and white bitches. Coon ass nigga!

  15. There should just be an all negro league.. freedom of speech then. Its not like whites are as talented as us anyway. So when the nfl have their own whites being slaves to the fruity flag and playing shitty because again whites are not as athletic as blacks in sports, they’ll miss having blacks playing for them again. Then they might reconsider their rules and regulations.

  16. ➡ Sure. Start our own league…

    But black folks will not purchase $150 tickets per game in mass. And our 100% mass in this country is only 12%. There’s not enough of us to support big paychecks for these guys.

    But if they’re willing to accept 30-40k per year, maybe that’s feasible.

    We all know that ain’t happening!
    So starting our own league as a “replacement” league… NO! 👎

  17. the time is now , the players put them asses in those seats!! Not the team owners. Make them motherfuckers respect you all!!!

  18. Nigga you can’t afford 10% of a part owner in a team, let alone the entire league. But I do like the message you’re trying to send.

  19. If he can team up with others. They can pull it off. The new negro league, but this time it will be Football.

  20. Why don’t you fucking stupid niggers just go off and invent your own sport instead of ruining our sports!

  21. ➡ Sure. Start our own league…

    But black folks will not purchase $150 tickets per game in mass. And our 100% mass in this country is only 12%. There’s not enough of us to support big paychecks for these guys.

  22. If the NFL is black owned would whites still buy tickets?

  23. Diddy, Diddy, puff …………….. Silent modern day slave. To all the people offended by anyone taking a knee during the anthem, trades places with those kneeling and stand for them. After all this is America; a country where its acceptable to express yourself, and assemble with others in a peaceful manner. Oh Americans, you pretend to be faithful and JUST. Oh America, how long shall your some of your dwellers worship worthless objects and mere words? When you descend to your final home your beloved red, white, and blue flag will not be awaiting you. One can continue to ignore the facts; however all of the evil, unjust, and corrupt people of America will be responsible for the blood shed.

  24. Something came in the mail today

    They will never let him own an NFL team lol. Cute fantasy tho

  25. so basically he said nothing other than black stick together another nigga dividing the country

  26. Obama for 8 years did you niggers right..he led from behind,shoving it to every nigger up the ass…look are you better off 8 years with Obama??..didn’t think so.

  27. Yeah, I can see Diddys NFL business model already……………. East Coast vs West Coast

  28. Black people are so fucking gullible
    the fucking snakiest gayiest bitch ass niggas PROPS for saying shit he dont even
    practice. MAN FUCK THIS NIGGA. bitch ass nigga talking bout unify, like he wasnt fucking over and ripping off his artists. Didnt even give BIGGIES daughter tickets to the bad boy reunion thing until she put his snake ass on blast. theres loads of shit both him and JAYZ does that makes me not respect him. but hes one hell of a business man ill give him that.

  29. What’s going to happen is White folks are going to boycott the NFL and then the players will be looking for jobs. And, Black folks don’t have the money to create a professional sports league.

  30. Captain Save a Ho

    without shades that nigga diddy look like he got down syndrome

  31. If the NFL is black owned would whites still buy tickets?

  32. Fuck you puffy. Go make an album.

  33. Diddys black he will never own a nfl team

  34. The jager bomber

    He should get dre and some other music moguls involved

  35. Celebrity Dildos Inc.

    After Craig Mack, Mase, Biggie, and Shynes life all turned from promising to complete shit under Puff’s control why would anyone let this man be in charge of anything ever again?

  36. I want to wish everybody a safe and happy holidays with the almighty blessing. I don’t know if Diddy have the money for a NFL team but he sure got a lot of people backing him up . sometimes the backup can get you the money. money talk bulshit walks.

  37. Diddy is worth alot of money don’t get me wrong but these Owners are worth BILLIONS (plural) not just one Billion.

  38. 😂😂😂 black males aren’t capable of running anything. Let the white man handle that

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