Boo 2: A Madea Halloween better than 1st? Probably, but something’s missing

Perry’s Boo 2: A Madea Halloween comes up short on laughs.

Perry’s Boo sequel lacking merriment.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Trick or treat… “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” did fairly well at the box office. But it’s not as funny as its predecessor so maybe it’s safe to assume there won’t be a threequel. HALLELUJER! That said… if you’re bored, fidgety and have absolutely nothing to do, it may be worth a trip to your local movie theater. Look, the film ain’t all bad. Thanks to the profane antics of Madea, Perry’s dirt-cheap sequel has its moments. The only problem is there’s not enough good ones.

As for the synopsis? In an effort to keep her 18-year-old grandniece Tiffany (Diamond White) out of trouble, Madea (Tyler Perry) visits a ghostly camping site to crash a Halloween frat party. But, to keep Tiffany safe, the pistol-packing granny has to fight off a horde of demons that include a chainsaw-wielding lunatic, a possessed child and a Grim Reaper.

Madea’s not alone. She’s joined by her usual kinship of misfits; namely Hattie (Patrice Lovely), Joe (also Perry) and Bam (Cassi Davis). In typical Perry fashion, the movie concludes with a Madea moral lesson.

Are you a fan of the Boo series?

Has Madea worn out her welcome?

Would you like to see a part three?

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  1. Why Tyler….WHY!!! You don’t come out with a movie in a YEAR, and we get a sequel to BOO? I can’t with this…Can the REAL Tyler Perry PLEASE Stand UP! #IllcatchitonKODI

  2. As a white man I feel it is my duty to see this film.


    I love Tyler but these Halloween movies are a no

  4. That part when Madea said “IMA BEAT HIS ASSSSSSSSS” cracked me up 😂😂😂😂😂😂


  6. Skittles Skittles

    Dear Tyler Perry lol can you make a why did i get married part 3 ??

  7. Madea never gets old.

  8. lord money bags69

    Really Tyler you’re making this a year after the first one with the same basic plot as the last one come on man you’re supposed to wait a few years before doing that

  9. I’m like did Tiffany not learn her lesson in the first movie

  10. madea and hattie is hilarious😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and people who dont like this movie is crazy

  11. I simply loved this movie it was better than the first one oh my God Mama Hattie Joe Madea Danny was on it. Thank u Tyler Perry I love you

  12. It was funny but only the parts that Madea, Jo, Bam and Attie were in as for the movie it was about those kids again, I think he needs to have a Halloween one about Madea, Jo, bam and Attie maybe them getting stranded and having to spend the night in a hunted house.

  13. Lol fuck that nigger

  14. “Help me Jesus help me Jesus” 😂

  15. Frederick Wells

    Don’t Tyler think that it’s time to get rid of the dresses and let Madea die a natural death, FOR HIS SON’S SAKE?

  16. GetBackIn TheKitchen

    Its absolute shit like this that keeps me from ever setting foot in a movie theater again.

  17. Anthony Aguilar

    So this shit is what beat Only The Brave at the box office?

  18. im being madea for halloween even though ima boy so please don’t make fun of me!

  19. Tysepia Williams

    I saw it and honestly it’s not good at all wish I didn’t pay to go see it

  20. Watched this yesterday, this movie was complete shit and boring. I mean it. was funny at some points. First, the girl gets a car, woopty fuckin doo, then the dad is like oohooooh no, I just got her headphones. So the mom lets her go up to Lake Derrick where people have been murdered, then they have a party, kids get picked off one by one, but it’s by people in outfits that have been hired by Tyler Perry the dad to scare the children, after that, Madia Joe and everyone else trys to escape the place, next thing you know, the daughters who are the zoo keepers in the beginning scare the people along with a guy in the mask with a chainsaw, then everyone is fine and the dad explains it’s a joke. THE MOVIE IS TRASH OK AND I hate people who fuckin spoil movies u know :/

  21. Selena Martinez

    Love the part when they have to go pee and she pee on herself, She always Super funny & how she runs Madea 😂😂😂💕..

  22. Rose Aina Foster

    SO FUNNY!!!!!!😂😂😂

  23. Jeremiah Jennings

    Joe:Whoop Her whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass whoop her ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. word on the street is madea gives good head

  25. This movie is hilarious madea is back and is scurred than ever. in this sequel to boo a madea halloween it takes place a year after the last movie and brian’s oldest daughter is turning eighteen and wants to go to the frat boys halloween party which by the way is at a camp where this guy murdered fourteen kids. but brians ex wife let’s their daughter and her friends go with out telling him but madea over hears them and tells him about it but still they go. so madea takes it in her own hands to go get her and bring her home and she drags along joe, bam and the other lady. now what do you get when madea runs into ghost and chainsaw killers a whole lot of laughs. i dare say that this was funnier than the first movie. if you want to see a funny movie that involves halloween with madea than this is the one. the acting is good like always the story is good and the comedy is great. i laughed during the whole movie. if you love madea you will love this movie. this movie is cinematastic. until next time have a cinematastic day rating 5/5

  26. Brandon Blackmon

    Terry Perry, greatest filmmaker of our time

  27. The actors are fucking horrible

  28. Osvaldo Cervantes

    This movie sucked ass must be the worst film Perry did im just being honest.

  29. Tyler Perry milking the hell out of this Madea franchise because he know that’s the character that reels him in the most money. Madea got played out a LONG time ago.. It’s time to stop being lazy Mr.Perry and put out some new fresh material!

  30. I want to fucking kill myself right now

  31. I hope NOBODY black supports this racist movie. As usual, making insults against black women, their biggest threat.That one scene with them alluding to that white furry headed beast as sexy, and insinuating the black were not is reason enough to stay away! Genocidal SOCIAL ENGINEERING at its best! If they wanted to make a skinny fat joke, they could’ve easily gotten a slim, sexy black girl!

  32. A killer better not come for madea she will beat their ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Corey Lumpkins

    i dnt get it.why would any 1 support abomination..this is nothing but MOCKERY & yall fools support it..

  34. iScReAmF0rR0CK0

    Saw it and love it too fucking funny lol can’t wait on DVD

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