Cedric the Entertainer signs new CBS deal

Cedric the Entertainer has new projects on CBS.

Ced the Entertainer signs big CBS deal.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NEW YORK — This old dog knows new tricks. That’s because big things are in store for corpulent comic Cedric the Entertainer who recently signed a lucrative development contract with CBS television studios. Reminiscent of CBS’ 3-for-1 deal, the contractual arrangement guarantees the concoction of multiple TV scripts for Cedric with the intent of one receiving a pilot order. Cedric’s first conception is a multi-camera firestation comedy titled “Ladder 54.”

While being stuck working long shifts, a group of firefighters are forced to cope with each other’s issues amid the possibility that at any moment they could be putting their lives on the line. Cedric will star as the team’s devoted captain. The 53-year-old comic is also set to star on the TBS comedy series “The Last O.G.” alongside Tracy Morgan.

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  1. Mikaere Barron

    hes the man

  2. QueenJoose LaMonica

    Go head now Ceddie Ced!!! Lolz

  3. Salizwa Nongauza

    O snap!

  4. Duuuudeee, this is gunna be lit

  5. Chuck E Cheese

    That fat black nigga stay busy

  6. How are regular comedians supposed to compete with this guy? He’s an entertainer they have no chance

  7. getcha hussle black man

  8. looks like ced tryin to lose weight

  9. Is it just me or does Ced just feel like family? 😂 Luv this cat

  10. nigga look like cream of wheat man

  11. Is it just me or does Ced just feel like family? 😂 Luv this cat

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