Former-Subway sandwich icon Jared Fogle seeking shorter prison stay, again

Ex-Subway spokesman Jared Foble seeking less prison time.

Jared from Subway seeking short stay.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

INDIANAPOLIS — Disgraced Subway pitchman Jared Fogle is once again appealing his 15-year prison sentence for sticking his footlong (or six inch) into a ring of underage girls. Jared, once thin, is now fat, nasty, and out of shape. He’s currently serving time in a Colorado prison. Since being incarcerated, Jared, 40, has been assaulted by an inmate and many wonder if he’s been raped. Now he’s seeking an early get out of jail card. On November 19, 2015, Jared pleaded guilty to charges of child pornography and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors.

This isn’t Jared’s first attempt at chasing a lesser sentence. If you recall, the former deli sandwich icon once hired a public defender for an unsuccessful appeal of his lengthy stay behind bars. This time, however, Jared is trying something different. He’s gonna represent himself. No attorney.

Will Jared’s bold strategy work?

Does he deserve all 15 years?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Nigga been eating a foot long on the daily😂🍆

  2. you know those black prisoners like they bitchs thick

  3. 1)lawyers told him get fat/depression
    2)gets fat
    3) goes to court
    4)lawyers says its wont be safe for him to stay in jail that long because of his health
    5) get Compassionate release because health problems

  4. Jared: hey kids, want a six inch?
    Prisoners: Hey Jared, want a foot long?

  5. Annette Melnychuk

    fuck the inmate should have shanked the fucker. Damn!!

  6. Inmates hate child molesters they will fucking beat them all day long

  7. 15 years? This piece of shit deserves life in prison.

  8. PapiyoneVineland

    So… this pathetic fucking asshole got his ass kicked by a 60 year old… that’s awesome. Pray on children, get beaten badly by old fuckers. Keep it classy and dignified man! What a nice illustration of what a coward he is. I’ve heard that in some prisons guards purposefully look the other way and pretend they didn’t make opportunities for those punishments to happen easily. That sometimes they even erase the tapes of the assaults! If you ask me, that’s perfect: our system is so fucked up… at least a little bit of good old school justice still goes on. ;)

  9. MrAlienautopsy

    I don’t feel bad for him. People need to think about the consequences of their actions. But seems there’s an epidemic of people doing dumb stuff without thinking of consequences these days.

  10. What surprise me is that this pedo is only getting 15 years! 😡

  11. that fuckin pedo deserves a daily beating.

  12. Only the memeiest For the dank

    Christ! Even Jared’s sentence is under 18!!

  13. garrett salter

    I bet he gets told “I got a foot long for you Bitch’ all the time. LOL

  14. He giveth a footlong, therefore he shall receiveth a footlong :D

  15. Only one thing he can do now go full tranny and go to subway and try get his old job back once he gets out jail

  16. I hope he is getting his shit pushed in

  17. HaylonHarroo87

    Damn Jared, back at it again with the fat nigga shit

  18. Wanna suck my footlong little boy

  19. And that ladies and gentlemen is the only way a 15 year sentence for a pedophile can be harsh. The treatment from the other inmates.. He deserves it.

  20. execute this motherfucker. what a fucking creepy piece of shit. no fucking soul.

  21. Bring back public hangings!!

  22. Jared Fogle can give the booty the easy way or the hard way. He choice is his! LOL

  23. should have shoved a subway sandwich up his ass

  24. abel youngblood

    Fogle just wanted fresh meat.

  25. ProChoiceJesus

    Yes, cho-mos are hated in prison, but at a federal low security prison like where Jared is (Englewood FCI), there is very little violence and fighting. Mostly white collar criminals, older men, and others who’ve earned the privilege of moving from med or high security to a low. I know he already got beat up, but that kind of reaction is actually rare in a low security fed prison. I spent a few months at a federal low (for possession of unregistered firearm), and the cho-mos were hated, but

  26. He’s still eating foot longs, foot long dicks that is! HA HA! FUCKIN CHOMO!

  27. The Tiger Power

    Now he’s the most hated man in America because he’s a asshole fuck him he deserves everything bad that’s going to happen to him he’s a sick man a pervert is what he is I hope he goes to hell with satan

  28. He looks like a pedophile. Standing with that weird smile, his hand extended out with a sub in it. Almost looks like he saying: “hey little boy! want some of this dick — i mean, meaty sub?” Look at him. Fucking hot dog bun. Fuck him.

  29. Jared’s career began and ended by trying to get into smaller pants.

  30. Cant handle the meatball subs😂😂😂

  31. he’s getting tired of getting foot longs with extra mayo every night in prison

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