Will & Margot stayin’ busy these days

Will Smith returns in new Netflix feature.

Smith and Ayer reunite via Netflix.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — Can’t we all just get along? Veteran entertainer Will Smith and director David Ayer have joined forces once again, this time via Netflix in the action-packed thriller “Bright” — a cinematic deal worth approximately $90 million. Ayer, by the way, famously directed the critically-acclaimed DC Comics film “Suicide Squad” starring Smith as Deadshot. Bright is equally uncanny. For starters, Ayer’s conception is set in a parallel universe where earth is cohabited by humans and goblin-like creatures called Orcs.

Smith plays a cop who does everything within his power to shield the monsters from a racist society. That’s not a misprint. Smith, who’s African-American, tries to protect a bunch of Orcs from day-to-day discrimination. Yes, it’s a parallel universe indeed. “Just because they look different does not mean anybody is better or worse than anybody,” Smith’s character explains to his inquisitive daughter.

Joining the 49-year-old Smith on screen are actor Joel Edgerton (who stars alongside Smith as an Orc police officer) and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace. Smith isn’t the only A-list talent going the Netflix route. If you recall, Brad Pitt starred in War Machine earlier this year.

Ayer, of course, continues to stay busy. He’s reportedly working on a spin-off of Suicide Squad titled “Gotham City Sirens” starring Margot Robbie reprising her peculiar role of Harley Quinn.

Are you glad to see Smith and Ayer working together again?

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  1. Dam can’t wait Netflix should start making more movies with big movie stars in them.

  2. Please be good please be good that’s all I ask of this movie

  3. Can’t wait 😲😲😲😲😲

  4. So this is a Men In Black reboot?

  5. This looks so shit

  6. locknezmunster

    ahhh….another will Smith movie with Will Smith acting like….well acting like Will Smith😒

  7. daddy skittles

    This looks like trash. Holy.

  8. Firepopcorn 123

    I wouldn’t be proud for directing Suicide Squad

  9. From the Director of Suicide Squad
    Oh boy, that’s a bad thing to brag about.

  10. Junior Alcantar

    This can either be extremely good or terrible

  11. Will Smith is such a savage!!! He doesn’t even care!!! But really tho… does he ever!!??

  12. Salvatore Ciciarelli

    Im going to love this

  13. Daniel Hammond

    Looks interesting, but it’s the director of Suicide squad, so it’ll either suck ass or be good.

  14. I wish they would’ve made this into a tv show instead of a movie

  15. I love will, so this is a great for me I cannot wait!

  16. A buddy cop movie with Will Smith and a fucking orc. The movie my boner never knew I needed.

  17. Hassan Sharifi

    This looks insanely awesome. Definitely getting off my friend’s Netflix to get me own now. For this kinda content I’d love to support. 😅

  18. Lord of the rings fans will love this and hate it. How it will be the present time in the story of the lord of the rings? If the Elfs returned from the oceans and decide to live among the man? The same thing for the orcs that serve Sauron. In the end of TotR we see that many of them survive the destruction of Mordor and the Black Gate. So i thought how will the present time set in the universe of Tolkien. This will be something like that. My opinion. Which are yours?

  19. This is some ridicolous nonsense. Harry Potter LAPD…🤣🤣🤣🤣.👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

  20. REALLY GOOD MOVIE…i loved it..from the director of suicide squad..dis is what he shoulda put out…well in for redeeming himself :)

  21. This movie was so COOL/LIT!😂

  22. Watch it!

    F*ck the critics. This is a fantastic fantasy buddy cop drama with good action, humor and a plot that, while not ground breaking, kept me hooked till the very end. By comparison, I was face-palming through most of Act 2 and 3 of the Last Jedi (which is still at critics rating of 90%) with the plot holes and forced drama.

    The movie/critics partnership is clearly feeling threatened. 2017 worst movie my arse. If Netflix keeps pumping out quality flicks like that, I wouldn’t have to waste money on block busters.

  23. Great movie needs a series….go Netflix go….

  24. After reading about how poorly this movie was made and how much of a flop it was, I wasn’t very surprised to find that it was much better than the reviews were admitting to. While the world is vast and leaves some questions unanswered, that by no means makes the movie hard to follow or less enjoyable to watch. The action was fantastic, the characters were portrayed very well, and the humor was spread throughout to break the tension. I could see how much older viewers who aren’t accustomed to a fantasy setting might have a hard time to follow, but if you’re like me and prefer the fantasy genre you will most likely enjoy watching this movie.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Critics are just worried about Netflix taking over the entertainment industry.

  26. I watched this last night. A real struggle to get through. The Hollywood Lefty social propaganda messaging was forced, clumsy and painfully awkward. Will Smith started out as a mostly level headed, seasoned cop, willing to resist the hate and stereotypes about Orcs. At first, they play it like he’s a lefty idealist but turns out he’s not, and only interested in himself and his pension. Roughly 1/2 way through, they have him speaking ebonics which, again, comes across as forced and awkward, even for Will Smith. I think the concept for the film is good, even if it is an obvious, uninspired rip off of a Marvel theme, but the script writing was terrible to the point that even Will Smith couldn’t rescue this turd from the toilet.

  27. This movie was awesome🔥🔥🔥🔥 I don’t know why the critics are Hating on it😓


  29. Omg Netflix please a make series of this or spin-off series or sequel because this film to me put both Star wars and justice league to shame. The story, characters chemistry, the setting, etc are all good.

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