Terri Allen Fitness: Losing weight requires tremendous work, drive & dedication

Terri Allen talks losing weight around the midsection.

Losing weight more than just stomach.

Terri Allen Fitness Blog

KANSAS CITY — Many ladies say, “I just want to lose my stomach and keep my booty!” Are you kidding me? If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard this type of verbiage I’d be blogging under bubbles from my imaginary bathtub made of solid black gold inside the 14th restroom of my lofty 50-bedroom mansion that’s located along the outskirts of my own private island. Ok, you want to shrink your tummy. I get it. After all, it’s certainly human nature to pursue goals that are difficult to achieve.

But, it’s also important to understand just how toilsome weight loss can be. For starters, you can’t shed pounds from one part of your body. There’s simply too many components that are physically linked together. In other words ladies, please quit thinking you can drop pounds from just your midsection.

Don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news.

But weight loss is a process the entire body goes through.

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  1. am I the only one with an overhanging stomach? Seems like I’m the only one

  2. makayla flowers

    I love this girl she gets to the point and don’t try to “sell” you anything!

  3. is dance help in losing weight fast,that’s the one thing that I can enjoy while doing.haaha,seriously.I want to lose weight 😭

  4. I would bang her so hard

  5. I’m recently been trying a loose vegan diet and I’m having trouble eating a whole 2000 calories a day… I’m just not hungry for it… So I’m afraid to exercise because I don’t want to under-eat and then burn off the little that I did eat. I’m probably around 1500 daily if that. I don’t need a lot of energy to get through my day so I think that’s okay but idk

  6. Goals must be manageable. And in the beginning start small. People get Gung ho and try to do too much too soon and get burnt out and give up. I’ve always known what to do, exercise and eat healthy. Duh! But of course it’s hard to do if you’ve never done it. So I got some great advice from a super hot trainer. He said just do one thing each day that is a step in the right direction. Then every day do a little more. Also do what you enjoy so you’ll keep doing it. Well, I Hate the gym, for a number of reasons. But I like walking the trails. So I started with 1mi, 20 mins. I did it a couple times then next thing I knew it was 3mi 2x a week. As far as diet, I’m a sugar addict. So I slowly cut out sugar. Started with no more candy. Not too hard. Now a year later I walk 6-10mi a day 3X a week and have done 2 18mi fundraiser walks. Oh, and lost 45lbs so far 😆 Also, I didn’t weigh myself for about 6mo. Just went by my clothes falling off. Everyone has that pair of jeans they will fit into again! Keep putting them on, great motivator! I’ve got those jeans in the give away pile now cuz they’re too big!

  7. I enjoy food😝

  8. Stephanie Marie

    Yoga helped me a ton. Especially flow and slow burn classes. I sweat so much and it really clears my mind. I feel amazing. You CAN injure yourself though, so listen to your body during each pose and be careful not to over extend yourself.
    I also love biking and walking/hiking.

  9. Nacalated Coolie

    The best and most effective weight loss is doing something you don’t like. Doing something I didn’t like made me angry and work harder until the exercise became easier and then enjoyable because it became easier. Crazy logic but it worked for me.

  10. I definitely have to get butt moving again..seems like holidays season is hard for me..so if I don’t gain..then I’ll call that a win..

  11. i love food soo i cant do all this but im going to try😂😂😣😣😣 food is like my Bestfriend like😣😭

  12. I’ve been following this super lady for quite a while — she teaches always as she talks. Her workouts on her FB site are great — and always something I can do at home! Thank you – keep it up!

  13. 💪💪 keeping fit is key

  14. terri can be my future baby mama

  15. Jenny Contreras

    Last year i was 270 lbs now am 150 lbs …but now every week i just lose 1 lb .i just want to lose more 😔😥what can i do..

  16. Are you able to provide a list of the things you Eat and drink? How many hours per day do you work out?

  17. Xavier Henderson

    please write a book, I promise ill buy it

  18. So inspiring 😍💕

  19. Daniel J. Fittness

    I just started my weight loss journey. I’m down 36 pounds.

  20. Terri, I LOVE your positive attitude so much, for some reason it inspires me to work hard on my goals too. ❤️ you’re amazing for what you have achieved.

  21. YESSS loved these tips! I’m still on my weight loss journey… I’ve got 30lbs to go. You look amazing!!

  22. i do 30 minutes hiit & about 30 minutes of pilates. ive been doing thus everyday almost for 2 months now. i havnt really noticed a difference. ive gain muscle for sure but its like body fat refuses to reduce & its frustrating; u ; im also dieting. 3-5 bottles of water daily, only veggies with a form of baked protein (chicken/shrimp/or tilapia), fruit, not much dairy (really only greek yogurts.) i use coconut & almond milk for my protein shakes, & I’ll eat a rice cake or fruit for a snack.
    but the fat just wants to stay
    ; u ;

  23. One tip I’m going to try and implement today is to just go for one serving and be really intentional about going slow and enjoying the food in front of me instead of anticipating seconds. 😘

  24. i do all these exercises but i cant do pushups . what should i do?

  25. ummm, so i’m in my early teenager years, and when I try to do some exercising I scare my parents because they don’t want me to feel insecure. I do think I’m fairly skinny, but I do think it would be good to work out around this time of year so I don’t get any fatter. What can I do? I don’t want anyone to have a heart attack.


  27. Maricel Pagunsan

    So far I have lost 44 lbs (started from 184 lbs in March to 140 lbs now, and I probably lost more than that coz the holiday season is happening haha) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. You are my inspiration this year I’m trying to lose 30 pounds and I’m excited but scared at the same time

  29. Why do I feel like everyone loses weight so much faster than I do?😭😭😭 I literally lost 17 pounds in 7 months. And I see girls loosing 20 pounds in 1 month

  30. I have been losing weight and almost at an ideal body weight and the most common questions I get are “are you using drugs?” Or “are you anorexic?” As if it’s impossible just be be healthy.

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    how to lose belly fat
    how to lose weight
    how to lose double chin

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