Robot Chicken: Legion of Doom plotting something wicked for Justice League

Justice League being targeted by Legion of Doom.

Legion of Doom plotting hatred.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — Are you sick and tired of the Justice League? Would you like to witness the fatal conclusion of the Superfriends? If so, you can probably relate to ruthless antihero Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom. During a roll call session via Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken, Luthor and his collection of evil misfits explore iniquitous plans to put an end to Superman and the Hall of Justice. However, to accomplish the mission, Luthor must first do the unthinkable.

Luthor must convince his infamous clique (comprised of Bizzaro, Giganta, Captain Cold, Sinestro, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, Scarecrow, Catwoman, the Penguin and others) to pay attention during the conference. Thanks to cell phones, PCs, iPads and social media, it’s no doubt an arduous task.

But Luthor appears to be up for the job.

Anyway, watch the funny video below.

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  1. Grod cross your legs I can see your dick LMAO!!!!

  2. That Cloudy Guy

    I get that Penguin wants to increase his refined reputation in Gotham by doing whatever rich guys do, but I’m sure individuals as smart as Riddler, Brainiac and Scarecrow wouldn’t follow him. Black Manta, I’m not so sure…

  3. Joker maybe my favorite DC character, but Scarecrow is hilarious in this! 😂


  5. I’ve got a case of trench foot that’s grown half way up my balls!

  6. SuperAdamska64

    This is probably my favourite robot chicken special

  7. Quesnasno Music

    Sexx Luthor!!!!!!

  8. bryce tetrickk

    all i gotta say is yes. this is fucking amazing.

  9. Little Miss Chubby Cheeks

    Man on Steel – 7/10
    Batman V Superman – 4/10
    Suicide squad – 3/10
    Wonder women – 8/10
    Justice league – 5/10

  10. We need Black Adam Killer Frost Deathstroke Ra’s al Ghul Reverse Flash and Darkseid sitting at the table

  11. Bizzaro's Cousin

    Justice League is gay

    Legion of Doom is the shit

  12. I want to be friends with Grodd.

  13. There are only thirteen members of the Legion why is Penguin and Joker there? Today’s useless fact: originally Cat woman was to be a member but it was changed to Cheetah as there were to many Bat man Rouges in the line up

  14. Sexx Luthor? LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  15. i can feel sinestro’s pain when he puts on that sweater

  16. Brendan O'Brien

    Can we please get a Sex Luthor T-shirt!

  17. Robot chicken makes a sketch involving icons of geek culture and makes something entertaining because they understand it. Family guy copies a scene from a movie but puts family guy characters in the place of the roles and think it will be funny. This has been why Family Guy sucks at comedy.

  18. Man, I need to start watching Adult Swim on a regular basis again

  19. Sean Kratovil-Lavelle

    Why does Scarecrow seem like an old woman

  20. Joker maybe my favorite DC character, but Scarecrow is hilarious in this! 😂

  21. Sexx Luthor has chlamydia….. Hahahaha!!!

  22. I bet Catwoman has some good pussy

  23. pokemaster123ism

    Holy shit is that Clancy Brown as Grodd?

  24. Fun fact: Lex Luthor actually had a daughter in the Post-Crisis continuity. She briefly became mind-controlled by Brainiac. Comics, guys

  25. The swamp around the Hall of Doom reminds me oddly of my neighbourhood streets…altough we don’t have raping alligators…yet…

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