NeNe Leakes does it “big” fashion-wise, highlighted by a pair of $10,000 boots

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton are getting along.

NeNe shows off expensive boots.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

ATLANTA — Reality TV honcho NeNe Leakes continues to do it big for the holidays. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has apparently settled her differences with rival Marlo Hampton as evidenced by NeNe’s shocking decision to give Marlo a grand tour of her shoe closet. NeNe, a 49-year-old self-proclaimed ‘shoe whore,’ revealed her luxuries which include a fantastic pair of $10,000 YSL boots. That’s not a misprint. We’re talking ten thousand smackeroos for a pair of boots.

Prior to showing off her footwear, NeNe tossed a little shade — telling Marlo that her “wardrobe changed when I met you.” Conversely, Marlo had nothing but wonderful things to say to NeNe and their relationship appears to on the right track towards reconciliation.

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  1. Nene really needs to be in anger management, she’s the angriest and most agressive bitch in atlanta

  2. Why the hell is marlo back 😂

  3. nene is trash and a bully

  4. Nene looks so good!!!!!!

  5. Marlo is hilarious lol

  6. Nene looks Sharp, her fashion is stunning

  7. Nene leaks is a Manipulative Narcissist..

  8. Jack the Ripper 2018

    Nene a true ride or die chick

    Fuck u haters on the real!!!!!!!!!

  9. Caitlyn Jenner's Clone

    Nene looks like a fuckin tranny hahahaha!!!!

  10. Nene is the postergirl for narcissism. She is fragile and vulnerable. I hope she seeks psychological help ASAP.

  11. Can’t see why people like her…she has the emotional intelligence of a 7 years old

  12. Even if i was rich still wouldnt spend $10K on a pair of fuckin boots 🙁

  13. nene looks like a fuckin man hahahahaha!!!!!

  14. Nene looks soooo nice. No drag look. No extra. So pretty! And I despise her on the show.

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