Golden Globes: Oprah Winfrey reportedly contemplating run for presidency in 2020

Oprah reportedly contemplating presidential run.

Oprah entertains presidential run?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BEVERLY HILLS — Oprah Winfrey has accomplished plenty. The 63-year-old media proprietor has concocted her own television network, she’s provided ample employment opportunities for the likes of Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, and she’s earned boatloads of cash. Now, word on the street claims Oprah is contemplating a run for presidency in 2020. Insiders say her confidants have privately urged her to give it a shot. The conversation gained momentum Sunday night when Oprah accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes. If she decides to run, Oprah will garner a plethora of female votes.

Many viewed her “new day is on the horizon” speech as a campaign rallying cry.

So, what are her chances of winning? Many political strategists agree that Oprah’s wealth and popularity would make her a formidable Democratic candidate. Critics, however, wonder if America would be inclined to elect another celebrity as president for the second time in a row.

Should Oprah run for president?

Do we need another celebrity in office?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Native American

    TRUMP 2020 … IVANKA 2024

  2. Mister Democracy

    Perhaps if she started machine gunning out progressive policies id vote for her, because given her national reputation I hope she wouldn’t lie like a career politician. But no, if she wants to talk like Obama, Biden, and Clinton count me out. We don’t need someone like Tom Perez saying “We lead with our values.” because theres no stakes in it; its meaningless.

  3. We cannot allow a billionaire tv star with no political experience in the white house.

  4. Dear Miss “O”,Im 57 yrs old,Ive seen Presidents come and go,some good some not so good ,and some who are rightout lying moron’s,Ive watched you over the years,you have been a honest,kind woman,you have helped black,white,and all colors of human beings,I helped elect Barach Obama,and I never thought that a black man would ever hold office,but he did,this last election,I thought it might be the year for a woman to hold office ,but the powers to be decided other wise.I know that you have a wonderful full life,and I have no right to ask you to jump into the fire,which is politics,but I heard you say that the year for women is hear,I heard you speak with such passion ,My prayers are now that a good woman such as youer self,will find it in youer heart to save our country,make it a place for all people,a kind place,a country that people would listen to,not laugh at,right now ,we are hated by soo many other countries,we have others wanting to nuke us,sad and scary times we live in,and I really think you could change that for all of us,just a simple old southern womans hopes and views,hope this message finds you.

  5. She just gave a good speech and everyone started saying she should be president wtf? I know we are all desperate to have a decent president and anyone could be better than what we have now but we should stop electing celebrities

  6. Just what we need… another black president. And a woman black president. There wouldn’t be another white sitcom in the nation.

  7. No she should not, because she has both Republicans and Democrats that love her. Why would she choose between 2 best friends? Her popularity would be cut in half and money… plus she would fucken lose her big fat Ass! GO TRUMP.

  8. Jereck Falarenth

    Hell no!!!! 😡. Presidency is becoming a joke….

  9. – Should Oprah run against Trump?
    – No way.
    -She won’t win.

  10. Cant imagine oprah dealing with kim jong un if she become president lol. I wonder if she gonna crying and begging for kim to stop his nuclear programs like she did in her golden globe speech crying and weeping for attention lol

  11. This is a really bad idea. Oprah is not qualified to be president and neither is Donald Trump.

  12. After Donald trump became president every one believes they can be the next president

  13. Arnold Jackson

    Go Oprah 2020 and Stevie Wonder for vice president.

  14. An Oprah nomination would be a guaranteed 2nd term for Trump. Millennials have nothing but contempt for the old guard liberals and the toxic mutation of feminism which rules society today.
    Tulsi Gabbard would win in a landslide.
    No chance in hell for Oprah, who’d flame out worse than Clinton.

  15. Oprah is an icon but I will not vote for a rich celebrity for president, really people?! Have we not learned anything?!

  16. She lacks the balls to do it.

  17. stylecollective

    I don’t know why everyone got so geeked about the idea of Oprah running for President: at this stage in her life that would be a downgrade. Who the hell wants to give that up to trade in for death threats for the rest of her life and living in a fishbowl where half the country wants your head on a platter and half of the people you work with are metaphorical assassins trying to take you down and out. Plus she’d have to step away from her businesses and give up leading her academy for young women? FORGET THAT. She makes more impact as a private citizen and is fine just where she is, where she can inspire and galvanize people without the hassle of knowing she potentially has not only a national but INTERNATIONAL bounty on her head for being the leader of the free world.

  18. Greiguci Wootchie

    No, we’ve already had a black bastard as president.

  19. No one would vote for this cow, and trump will most likely win it again. Get over it

  20. This is it. The ultimate endgame downfall of western civilization and politics. Donald Trump wins once therefore every other president following him must be a Hollywood star? BECAUSE Trump won, which most people dont like, they’re going to elect the exact same thing just the left version instead of right? smfh

  21. Oprah wont run for President Trump knows too much about her private live to go through debates, look what he did to Hillary, people think Oprah in an Angel, wrong, her Husband has been up to all sorts of things its all hush hush because she paid to keep things quiet but different rules when your running for President everything comes out

  22. Haven’t we had enough of unqualified people in the White House? And does she really think she can keep secret the true nature of her relationship with Gayle?

  23. Anyone who spends time talking about Oprah for president is a vapid gadfly with no concept of policy or platform

  24. I do not think Oprah has ever run in her life except to be first in line at the buffet.

  25. Oprah never said she was running for president, which is why I never understood why people were going batshit crazy.

  26. Marcellis Robinson

    A shrewd entertainer, an expert on the business of show business, but not the thoughtful philosopher she’s pretending to be here. TV stars of her magnitude are always performing for the camera, whether they care to admit it or not. Once you become as big a celebrity as she is, you’re basically living in a bubble. Like Hillary, she’s loathe to admit that the bubble exists. And being surrounded by so many assistants that cater to her every whim, she’s largely forgotten what life was like before show biz. Politically, she’s a dilettante.
    It’s silly to think Oprah should run for president, given that she knows even less than Trump or Palin about the government, economics or foreign policy. In a saner world TV could be an instrument that educates voters on complex issues. Instead, commercial news is geared toward housewives who buy People magazine. Given a choice between watching Oprah or Bill Moyers, viewers will make a beeline for the feel-good glibness of Oprah. Public affairs programs are nearly non-existent (even on PBS), and the airwaves are under almost complete corporate control. So we get the kind of leaders we deserve : Reagan, Clinton, Trump …. How could we be duped so easily?

  27. She wouldn’t win even if she ran. If Democrats want to prop up another bad candidate, they will get a repeat of last election.

  28. Oprah is a joke.

  29. The Fireblaster

    Oprah should NOT run for president. Totally unqualified, just like Trump.

  30. minimonster xox

    America doesn’t need a reality TV star to run the country.
    America doesn’t need a talk show host to run the country.
    America needs a half decent politician that knows what they are doing.

  31. Oprah was having sex with grown men by the time she was 14 years old, such a bastion of virtue, then saying she got a message from God to run! Are you kidding me! This Aunt Jemima needs to do what she does best in “The Color of Purple”

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