Judge gives Larry Nassar “death warrant” sentence for his sexual assault crimes

Dr. Nassar gets “death warrant” in sexual assault case.

Dr. Nassar gets lengthy sentence.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LANSING, Mich. — Dude, don’t drop the soap. Dr. Lawrence G. Nassar, the former osteopathic physician for the American gymnastics team, will be behind bars for a long, long, long time. On Wednesday, Nassar was sentenced to a range of 40 to 175 years in prison for a plethora of sex crimes against female athletes — many of whom were minors. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina’s ruling capped an irrefutable seven-day hearing that attracted more than 150 women to publicly confront and/or testify against Nassar.

Judge Aquilina also made it clear Nassar, 54, will probably die in the joint. “I just signed your death warrant,” she said while imposing the sentence. When given a chance to address the court, Nassar turned to the victims and apologized before adding: “Your words these past several days have had a significant effect on myself and have shaken me to my core. I will carry your words with me for the rest of my days.”

However, prior to sentencing, Judge Aquilina read excerpts of a letter that Nassar wrote last week that insinuated the opposite. In the document, Nassar complained about how he’s being treated in a separate federal child pornography case — claiming his accusers are seeking cash and media attention. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” he wrote, eliciting audible gasps from annoyed spectators.

Judge Aquilina wasn’t moved by the letter. As a matter of fact, it ticked her off even more. “This letter tells me you have not yet owned what you did,” she said. “You still think somehow you are right, you’re a doctor, that you’re entitled, so you don’t have to listen. That you did ‘treatment.’

“I wouldn’t send my dogs to you, sir.”


Nassar, who was employed at Michigan State University, isn’t the only villain culpable. Several university officials have already resigned as the school remains under a federal investigation amid claims of ignoring sexual assault complaints.

Do you agree with the judge’s decision?

Does Nassar deserve to die in prison?

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  1. This is how a sexual assault case is handled! This judge is amazing

  2. He won’t last long in prison. He’ll either kill himself or someone will kill him

  3. Christopher Gargaro

    The look of his attorney next to him says it all, she knows he’s absolutely screwed and just wants to get the hell out of there. This man deserves everything that’s coming to him. Please inmates at whatever his final prison destination will be get ready to welcome him warmly to the cell block.

  4. Willy Martinez Jr

    I also hope one of the prison guards accidentally leaves his cell door open for the hardcore prisoners to give him what he deserves.

  5. judge is a dried up bag of a cunt! she should be in the kitchen making me a sandwich not in the courtroom

  6. Beyond The Veil

    This is how you get a mistrial. Show 10000% bias, especially gender based. What the hell is she thinking?

  7. Commie Libtard

    I think an old fashioned stoning to death is in order for this utter piece of human trash.

  8. Jesus. So painful. So much pain in our country and in the world at the hands of abusers, molesters, bullies the selfish and self centered. So many people walking around trying to hold it together…looking down so you don’t see the pain in their eyes…just glad to make it home and shut the door without someone seeing the pain. Wearing a mask of toughness everyday. Our world is so sick. STOP ABUSING AND LEARN KINDNESS.

  9. I don’t like this judge. I feel like she added her personal opinion and used words that showed her opinion. She acted unprofessionally. I felt like she used the fact that everyone hated Nassar to her advantage and went overboard for the media. She could’ve stayed neutral without all the extra stuff she said “I just signed your death warrant” and still do her job. She did not need to be all dramatic and toss away the letter. But she won’t get in trouble because everyone hates Nassar and will congratulate her for “roasting” him.

  10. marc marinacci3

    how can anyone in their right mind not be proud of this judge that is abhored by this hideous crime, and has the decency to react in a totally proper way !! Aquilina has to be admired NOT criticized!!!!!

  11. Hanani Spradley

    People knew what was going on and they chose to turn their heads. They’re just as bad as him! Sick, sick, sick people!

  12. Any young male or female, athletes and non-athletes, should never be allowed to be left alone in a room with an adult and at least 1 parent should be present in the same room at any given time during an appointment with a doctor or therapist and anyone treating a female should be only females ! I hope that this was a wake up call for more strict laws to be implemented into the system. I’m very surprised that this sick puppy and poor excuse for a human being, ‘’Larry Nassar” got away with this for so long ! I wish that one of them would have spoken out and told someone sooner ! I hope that these women and girl find the strength, courage & support to carry on and I hope that this sick loser, Larry Nassar, rots in prison !

  13. Simone Biles should get a gold medal for bravery as well as the other gymnasts for speaking out against that perverted pig named Larry Nassar. That is why we need more judges like Judge Aquilina.

  14. John Peneamena

    Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, you are special, you did your job like a true master …what was special is you sign posted a direction for the survivor’s to take, a helping hand on how to get over this,…to return to yourselves, to be at peace…..your strength your ability to cast judgement….as a person you have my admiration and from the bottom of my heart my total respect….Godbless.

  15. This Doctor does not need to spend the rest of his life behind bars in solitary confinement. He just needs to spend ONE day behind bars in General Population

  16. He should be tortured in the Jail everyday

  17. Kyota Tsushima

    What a stupid man.. Spending remaining life time in prison for touching children’s body. He lacks an ability to estimate the risk.

  18. They are gonna tear apart that little booty hole of his in prison

  19. I don’t get it… He’s not gonna survive a quarter of the sentences. Child molesters are huge targets in prisons.

  20. I am 60 years old and I am sorry to say that throughout my life, I was the victim of sexual harrassment at every job I have ever had. I was sexually abused as a girl and teenager. I was drugged by a radio disk jockey at age 17. It is part of “men’s culture” in the good old U.S.A. Men are physically stronger and more powerful than women. They do it because of testosterone (a stronger sex drive), a double-standard that is tolerated in America that “boys will be boys” and because it has gone on for so long. In my younger years, women were afraid to speak up because you were either not believed and persecuted for it and we were conditioned to just put up with it. There are good men out there but there are a lot of jerks who will harrass you and/or hurt you. It is not only happening to girls and young women but boys, as well. Sad to say but Nasser may have been abused as a child, too. It seems to be a cycle. It is no excuse for him but if he was, it just shows the power of the cycle of abuse. I am glad these girls got to confront their abuser. I am so sorry that in this day and age, children are still being subjected to sexual abuse. Larry Nasser will never abuse again.

  21. What he did was wrong.. but what about the university and these girls….these girls could have stopped many more from being abused if they spoke up sooner. Some of these testimoneys dont add up. He had been doing this for years and people finally want to speak up????? HE SHOULD NOT BE THE ONLY ONE GOING TO PRISON….MSU NEEDS TO GO AS WELL….SOMEONE ELSE KNEW ABOUT THIS and you mean to tell me not one or two girls could speak up?? Come on now

  22. Cj The Monster

    I hope he gets raped in prison so he knows how it feels.

  23. Oh well, this creepy little man will now be the victim until he dies.

  24. Honestly they should of fired him after his first victim or whoever was in charge of him should of have made him monitored when he was doing the “treatments” to his patients, so no one would have to suffer. Well at least his victims get justice.

  25. Nassar is really a master manipulator. Poor girls.

  26. Satan attacked Larry Nassar with lust and satan will claim all who wish harm and have hatred, those people will not see the Kingdom of heaven, The gate is wide for all the wicked hearted souls and the narrow is reserved for the repentant and humble, remember what jesus said as he was murdered by those that hated what he preached against the sinfulness that they loved… father forgive them as they don’t know what they do

  27. Now that the sex monster is in jail it is time we ask the bleeding obvious question: WHY were these educated girls so easily manipulated? Why didn’t they tell their parents? Remember – these are not uneducated poor families. The authorities need to be held accountable – but if the victims couldn’t tell the parents how will the next level authorities be notified? We need to break this SERIOUSLY ABNORMAL pattern of family-induced silence.

  28. Who thinks he will kill himself in prison

  29. Nassar looks like a werido!

  30. This sick pervert is getting his due and he deserves everything bad that’s coming his way for what he did to those poor girls it’s just sick but you know what time’s up

  31. Just shoot him save tax payer money. If there were actual real consequences for these freaks they would think twice

  32. Olivia Brochman

    There is something really off about this whole situation. I know that the girls were young and naive when this happened to them but to me, it doesn’t make sense that you could believe a doctor when he tells you that he has to finger you in order to help something such as an ankle injury. They all said his “treatments,” were off, so why didn’t they tell someone when they felt it wasn’t right? If just one of them had said that Larry had touched their private parts, that would have been enough right there to have him removed as the team doctor. I understand that they were worried about their spots on the national team but come on….What happened to them is terrible but and the fact that almost all the gymnasts stayed quiet, seems really strange to me.

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