1. All of these jackasses look like some ghetto flavored transvestites.

  2. King of Shmups

    Someone actually made this………..I have no idea what this song is about.

  3. It’s so bad that it’s great.

  4. That Man Diesel

    This was made on a budget of 4 , four locos and a half bag of weave

  5. they should have called themselves the “pigeon squad”

  6. Fallen Smallen

    Damn this song is where it at they bringing that gangsta 💩 back again

  7. I got herpes watching this video

  8. I’m a fan!

  9. Redbone = Steve Urkel

  10. This is hilarious lol!

  11. I wouldnt fuck none of em

    dem hoes ugly

  12. Anthony L Leid

    5 out of the 8 group of women in that group I will lay down with, my only problem with them is their behavior not the way they look. Physically that have beautiful faces, skin , and eye color. Even the last dark skin rapper with the dimple has a nice body. But that street girl mouth and Rachel Ness I don’t go for , I’m all school real talk !🤔😆!

  13. Ain’t nuthin like black pussy on my dick

  14. i bet they pussy stank

  15. Fun to watch and listen too but…. I wouldn’t fuck one of these nasty skanks for a million dollars. And I hope they don’t have any kids …. but they probably have 6 or 7 each like most hair hatted hood rats.

  16. What an excellent role model for all young black women! How can men stand these hoes?

  17. These hoes are disgusting hood rats….

  18. GiftFromVirgo%

    all these black hoes look like men

  19. Even my phone smells like tuna fish now from watching this

  20. Rulya Ard Mhacha Farley

    Redbone is a dude.

  21. Imagine the smell of all of that weave and stanky ass in close proximity.

  22. Lol mookie looks half way decent other ones look like dykes with dicks

  23. Daniel weirdo vato

    “Listen and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with, it can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead. – blackbitches with weave today”

  24. Black women look like straight up shemales, I feel sorry for black man this is what they have to deal with it no wonder they like white girls.

  25. And now we see another reason why inner city black hoes are only good for fuckin ,smoking and babies

  26. Whats the Montana reference they keep using?

  27. Who the fuck is Montana?

  28. These ladies are not the ones mom would have liked for me to bring home but I wonder why they do look so damn sexy to me. Especially that first one the did her rap. I’m sorry but I couldn’t say no to that. Them panties would be down buddy.

  29. These bitches love the white woman hairstyles!!!!!
    Proud to be black but ashamed to look black!!!
    I like how they put the ugly dark skinned one on the end…ha ha ha ha.
    Should really be called the abortion squad!!!!!
    Biggest killer of black people in the USA is abortion.
    These ‘people’ are unbelievable.

    Who pays to feed, house and dress these folk???? Oh yes it’s those evil white people..

  30. For real though Ash bash does look like a guy I used to rush the quarterback with.. that nigga was hell on 3rd and inches

  31. wtf is the point of this video?

  32. Skitty the Dictator

    >>Who is fucking these ugly violent bad attitude weave loving bitches though?<<

  33. Take off your pants and jacket

    Beasties back? Where were they?
    Welfare line? Prison? Popeye’s chicken?

  34. I wonder how many of them are single moms now

  35. Redbone has nice tits ! That’s about it.

  36. Tinka is my favorite. She is sexy af. Fellows we got to take ladies like this under our wing. It just takes one penis to calm them down.

  37. blog king probably fuckin them all thats why they on the blog…… hehehehe!!!!!

  38. Rick James Clone

    2 or 3 are fuckable

  39. this is what happens when u eat popeyes chicken

  40. Just watching this video gave me an STD.

  41. Louise Lockley

    Ugliest bunch of bitches!!

  42. Ash bash is dangerous..She.ll fuck some shit up!

  43. did we ever figure out what ass cash is?

  44. I love black pussy but Id be scared to fuck them

  45. SillyAssWhiteBoy

    ash bash is the hottest

  46. “aint nuthin like black pussy on my dick”

  47. Roach Queens.

  48. Black Pill Yellow

    This music video gave me AIDS.

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