Corpulent comic Aries Spears is seeking damages in assault and battery case

Zo Williams sued after punching Aries Spears.

Aries Spears still suing radio host.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — After suffering a beatdown of epic proportions while appearing as a guest on ‘The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show’, corpulent comic Aries Spears continues to follow through on his lawsuit against Corey Holcomb and radio co-host Zo Williams. If you recall, on the evening of April 12, 2017, Spears got into a heated argument with Williams over Barack Obama’s presidency. Things took a major turn for the worse when Spears cracked a joke, at Williams’ expense, saying “light-skinned niggas” get loud.

An offended Williams then sucker-punched Spears before hitting him repeatedly in the head. The entire ordeal was captured on video. TMZ released the footage. Spears filed the suit shortly after, accusing Williams of assault and battery. He’s also suing Holcomb and his staff for failing to intervene. Spears is looking to collect an unspecified amount in damages and attorney fees.

In case you forgot, Spears was a regular on Mad TV.

Does he have a good case?

Did he deserve to get his ass kicked?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. When zo put down those glasses you should’ve been ready homie !

  2. This fat raccoon STILL talking about them “goons”. FOH!!

  3. Billybadass311

    U deserved dat shit bruh. #5150

  4. U was drunk obnoxious rude loud and touching him… The gooey raccoon got what he deserved..#5150

  5. All we do is fight each other. Can’t even have intellectual conversation without going to war. Fuck !!!
    Death around the corner!!!!

  6. Nigga got scraped 😂 he lucky dude didn’t have hands cause he woulda got fucked up bad!!!

  7. That ass whipping has humbled him lol!!!!

  8. Aries was smart he knew Zo would come up if he retaliated and Aries would’ve tooken a bigger loss in court. He’s just thought about all that money he had to pay his ex wife and cut his losses.

  9. Why Aries Spears kept touching him though? I don’t like people that I don’t like touching me either.

  10. Lol keep those lightskinned vs dark skinned jokes to yourself

  11. ThatKidWitTheAfro

    If ppl watched the whole show u know that Aries is coon heavy. This nigga literally said during the show “I’m ready to ask the devil the going rate on a soul.” Foh nicca Aries ain’t with us. He for whoever the winning team is.

  12. Nigga missed all those shots cuz he took off his glasses

  13. Ppl that talk that light skin dark skin BS deserves to get stole On

  14. If you’re going to start fights at least learn how to throw punches first. Seriously my eight year old niece has better lefts and rights than this guy

  15. Did any of those weak bitch ass cheap shots even land?

  16. Man this light skin dark skin crap has to stop! We are all brothers Google willie lynch he was a famous slave owner that came up with pinning blacks against each other by using the light skin dark skin crap. People we cannot keep falling for this stuff. Educate yourselves !

  17. Corey show which means he can be held liable. yeah Corey is real, the fight was real, and now the lawsuit is real. they didn’t learn shit from Dave Chappelle skit “when keeping it real goes wrong”

  18. Reggie Artemus

    Y’all know light skin and dark skin people can’t get along.

  19. anytime a Nigga got malt liquor its gonna be a fight

  20. Hahahaha
    talk shit fake shit
    You get real hits

  21. AlexAutomatix84

    I don’t necessarily call that a sucker punch . Dude just said I will put hands on you & give you real black eyes . . That is all I need to hear a nigga say to be more than ready . Aries Just didn’t believe he really would do it & called his bluff . A sucker punch is blind siding someone who has no idea it’s coming . Ya’ll mf’s just be throwing words around

  22. Both shades of niggas take a L for this

    1 for missing every punch,
    The other for covering up like he just got jumped or something smh #HowSway

  23. Christian Mijarez

    Good all he do is talk shit. Weak ass comedy shows he does in Houston. He’s very disrespectful

  24. He wrong for attacking that man ain’t even let em get up shit wasn’t right at all black folks we’ve gotta do better… Then they laughed about the shit smfh.. I would’ve sued all three of them for inviting me to a show to give my view on things and being attacked by one of the hosts tf is wrong with niggas these days?

  25. ThatKidWitTheAfro

    If ppl watched the whole show u know that Aries is coon heavy. This nigga literally said during the show “I’m ready to ask the devil the going rate on a soul.” Foh nicca Aries ain’t with us. He for whoever the winning team is.

  26. 100% he deserved it- definitely needed to happen. he was spouting soooo much shit in that interview also- glad it happened but i rly cant stand spears fans who actually are on the side of this guy yuck.

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