Ingraham to LeBron: ‘Shut up & dribble,’ President Trump deserves respect

LeBron, Durant and Cari criticize President Trump.

LeBron and Laura Ingraham at war.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham of Fox News is now being labeled a racist after she suggested that NBA All-Stars LeBron James and Kevin Durant “shut up and dribble” instead of criticizing President Donald Trump. Ingraham’s comments came in response to a viral video that shows James and Durant lambasting Trump’s performance while traveling via Uber with sports reporter Cari Champion. James said Trump doesn’t “give a fuck about the people.”

Durant then chimed in, saying “you need to empower people, you need to encourage people, and that’s what builds a great team,” before adding, “I feel like our team, as a country, is not run by a great coach.” Following a team practice on Saturday, James addressed Ingraham’s remarks.

“First of all, I had no idea who she is or what she does,” James said. “I would have had a little more respect for her if she actually wrote those words. She probably said it right off the teleprompter. We will definitely not shut up and dribble because I mean too much to society. I mean too much to the youth, I mean too much to so many kids who feel like they won’t have a way out and they need someone to help lead them out of the situation that they’re in.”

What’s your take?

Do you think Ingraham’s remarks are racist?

Are King James and Durant wrong for their harsh critiques of Trump?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. An athlete has to stick to sports but there’s a reality tv star as a president?

  2. LeBron, Kd, and Carrie, we’re in the BACK of an Uber, when LeBron got DEEP….I was like “woah woah woah”

  3. Keep politics out of sports.

  4. Stay strong everyone knows blacks are from a lineage of Kings and Queens and there contributions to the world throughout history are infinite never let anyone tell you differently . I’m not being dividing just stating facts unlike most people I’m objective and only deal with facts

  5. LeBron and Durant are too busy sleeping with Instagram thots and counting their money to care about the black community. They do whatever their Jewish boss tells them to do

  6. Shut up & dribble, LeBum James.

  7. Lester Johnson

    Crackers are so obsessed with our culture cause they don’t have one 😂

  8. Cadillac Kadafi

    Never been a fan of LeBron James, but this is a great thing, no criticism here

  9. beastmodegd2800000

    Lol racist women is just using the kings james platform to get recognized….. she should thank him

  10. Fire that bitch cause everyone has the fucking right to say what they want

  11. Rich Black NBA men crying because a White woman told them to shut up and play basketball, we sure have moved far away from Blacks crying about unequal civil rights and police racial brutality.

  12. Ibrahim Naseer

    She just hating cause LeBron and KD making that $$$ and she gotta be on the air working for Fox News for 1% of what her ass makes

  13. Shut up and Dribble. Don’t quit your day job.

  14. Anthony Campos

    so Lebron James isn’t allowed to have and express his opinions like the rest of us?

  15. Brian Lastname

    Politics have no place in sports. These guys are paid millions to dribble the ball.

  16. So she thinks Black people dont have a brain and are only good for entertainment via sports. It’s not White America. We here too.

  17. Lebron does need to shut up and dribble. Why didn’t LeBron step to Obama when unemployment was twice as high.

  18. Did Laura Ingraham have a stroke? Why is her face lopsided? Just because u didn’t want to hear it does not mean it wasn’t well articulated. Lebron eloquently expressed what the majority Americans feel. Great job Lebron!

  19. A little smug Laura, and just a little condescending. Athletes have just as much of a right as anyone else to express their opinions, certainly as much as “professional commentators.” People can make up their own minds as to whose opinion they agree with. Of course Laura Ingram’s viewers are white conservatives, so I guess it is ok to go after the black athletes on her show.

  20. Raven Anderson

    Meanwhile we have a president who is a reality TV star with the most valuable job in politics there is, girl bye! They want so badly to strip us of all our rights & make this country favorable to only their liking. We got to continue to speak up for us because no one else will.

  21. She needs to shut up and dribble deez nuts in her mouth

  22. This woman is not very smart! How can you take a woman seriously that pretends to be intelligent and uses the term Jumb Dock Alert? She told LeBron and KD to “shut up and dribble.” She should take her own advice. She to should “shut up and dribble”. She should continue to dribble the same balls she’s been dribbling at Fox News for years. Laura don’t shoot the messenger. Don’t be upset because the balls you’ve been dribbling are a lot different from the one they’re dribbling and are getting paid WAAAYYY more for it!!

  23. This is so insulting and racist. You don’t respect someone else’s opinion because you get paid to speak in favor of the Republican party which is why I don’t like watching fake news. You’re so racist

  24. So how is shut up and dribble racist? There are white people who dribble in the NBA too. If she was black, and he was white, would this even be considered as racist?

  25. What people are missing is that Laura Ingraham said that LeBron James’ political opinion shouldn’t matter because of his education level, but she forgets that Trump won the election largely because he won the votes of uneducated voters. You can look it up. The higher the education level, the more skewed the votes were for Hillary Clinton and the lower the education level, the more skewed the votes were for Trump.

    So based on Laura Ingraham’s point, all those poorly educated people who voted for Trump should not matter and Clinton should have won the election. I’m on board with that.

  26. I like Lebron James and many other celebrities, though I hate how politics are now dividing us. I wish people would loosen up on Trump, I feel like it has become a bandwagon to hate on him.

  27. Typical white woman!! love to get a RISE outta of a black man!!

  28. not a Lebron fan but he’s speaking some real shit

  29. The Best 2k Random on PS

    We are more than just athletes.. smh
    White folks love to talk down on us.. low key dissing like we don’t notice but okay. More power to ya 😅🙌🏾💪🏾

  30. Keep speaking up Lebron don’t let anyone try to silence your voice 💯💯

  31. this bitch is no journalist, shes a cheerleader for idiot trump who won idiot vote…its much sickening to listen to her sitting on that propaganda her

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