KC Melting Pot’s “Single Black Female” satiated with purpose and melodrama

Lanette King and Karis Harrington shine in Single Black Female/photo credit Jillian Shoptaw

Single Black Female has ‘drama’ galore.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

KANSAS CITY – As part of its third benefaction specific to the 2017-2018 performing arts season, the KC Melting Pot Theatre presents Lisa B. Thompson’s “Single Black Female” starring Karis Harrington and Lanette King. Shows are running from February 23rd through March 10th (see details below).  Directed by Teresa Leggard, “Single Black Female” is an exhilarating two-woman conception that utilizes a series of comedic sketches (à la Saturday Night Live) to irradiate the romantic challenges of thirty-something-year-old, middle class black women and their pursuit of dignity in a world that fails to recognize their beauty, strength, and buoyancy outside of stereotypes that are routinely depicted through television, film and theater.

Harrington portrays Single Black Female No. 1 and King stars alongside as Single Black Female No. 2. The onstage production promises to take viewers inside a time capsule to the early 2000s at the height of the “Oprah” era before there was a Black Bachelorette and a Black President. As a byproduct, the audience will experience a climate where women voice their demur to systematic inequality and gender politics.

Shows will be held at:
Just Off Broadway Theatre
3051 Central in Penn Valley Park
Kansas City Mo. 64108

Performance Dates/Times:
Friday, February 23 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, February 24 at 7:30 pm
Sunday, February 25 at 2:00 pm
Thursday, March 1 at 7:30 pm
Friday, March 2 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 3 at 7:30 pm
Thursday, March 8 at 7:30 pm
Friday, March 9 at 7:30 pm
Saturday, March 10 at 2:00 pm
Saturday, March 10 at 7:30 pm

General Admission – $25.00
Seniors (Ages 60 & Up) and Students – $20.00
Community Nights (Thursdays Only) – $15.00
Group Discounts and Press Comps are also available

For additional information, contact Linda Williams at 816-226-8087.

To purchase tickets online, visit KCMeltingPot.com.

What’s your take?

Is a good man hard to find?

Are single ladies too finicky?

Is the pool of eligible bachelors too small?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. it aint that the pool of BM is small, its just some BW have such a fairy tale list of demands for a man. Some of them just dont realize that the guy working at the supermarket may be the 1 they need if they would just quit with this freakin’ laundry list of requirements

  2. The Entitlement these Sistas have since they have a job and not necessarily a good job is outrageous. Now let’s assume the BW does have a good job, why not get a poor decent Black Man with the looks, character and sex appeal you looking for and help build him up using your money and influence. Affluent Men have been building up Broke Women for years and this is very socially acceptable.

  3. If BW can’t find a good BM she should just ask a White, Indian, Mexican or Chinese woman. BW want the most but have the least to offer & get exactly what they have ordered, nothing! Lol

  4. our sisters have it hard

  5. Taryon Johnson

    As a black man I will tell you truth be told black woman are a waste of time to be in a relationship thanks to there bad attitude plus they don’t love good quality black men. Also more truth that white men and other non-black men are not interested in being in a relationship with a black woman. Black women have nobody to blame but themselves for being single and no man not wanting a relationship with them. I challenge anybody to prove me wrong but I promise you that you will not prove me wrong.

  6. Stop trying to be the man in the relationship

  7. Vedic Astrology Lover

    All this is the result of the fact that about 80% of African Americans consist of single parent families..
    The negative effects are seen on both African American males and females.
    The truth is, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and any other similar movements will not improve African Americans.
    Brighter future begins with YOU and YOU ALONE if you are an African American person reading this comment.
    Rise above and make significant commitment to creating healthy families. If you are a female African American, stop blaming everything on brothers for once and actually show some empathy!

  8. Aquire funds, don’t marry, don’t cohabitate.. ever.

  9. They are to picky! They want the 6’5 guy with a beautiful body, makes over $100,000 a year and looks like Shemar Moore! They will not settle for anything less!

  10. Lol stop only dating black men and stop begging these men to want you and building their egos. When you date out you realize even more that black men generally have less to offer than other men. Also the way they degrade black women, degrade themselves, only listen to horrible disrespectful music called rap and hip hop while thinking all over music is “white people music”, hate natural hair and call us “nappy head” and broke for going natural, disrespectful, think the only sport is basketball, usually lazy, don’t like to do anything that isn’t typical of ghetto/hood/black culture and feels anything else is lame and “white people stuff”, can’t speak english, constantly uses the word “nigga”, does something horrible that would cause any woman to get mad but will immediately call you an angry black woman, usually dead beats, could be poor yet still buy tons of jordans, will brag about how “paid” they are yet lives in the projects/ghetto, would rather have chains, jordans, a pimped out car and rims then get out of the dangerous projects/ghetto, would rather waste money on jordans, cars, rims, grills etc than move their kids out of the dangerous hood/ghetto with horrible schools, would rather their kids look “fly” then spend money on putting them in better schools and money on extracurricular activities (if they’re involved with their kids at all), refuse to marry, horrible diets, 9/10 smoke (cigarettes, weed, blunts anything), bad hygiene, have too many kids, will let their kids grow up in a single parent broken home because they refuse to get married so they can be a “playa” and chase ass, violent, usually have a criminal record, will make fun of you/ignore you/won’t date you/call you lame if you’re a nerdy girl and say you’re “into dat white people shit”, won’t get an education, likes to live off women and the system, always tries to be “cool” so they can’t let loose and be goofy or is too much into having fun and can’t be serious, can’t have a conversation unless it’s about rap, rap beefs, basketball, degrading black women, praising non black women, hating white men or racism, higher chance of having stds than other men, will say you “talk white” or “trying to be like a white girl” if you speak english like a normal person, have too much unprotected sex, keeps their hair practically bald because they hate their hair, have colorism issues and project it on others, have huge egos, will blame all their failures on black women and also white men because “da white mans keepin me down”

    They are some black men that are ok but don’t waste your life searching for them and weeding out the bad ones. Try dating non black men, just be prepared for black men to trash talk you for dating out, even though half of them date out themselves and the other half cant stand black women any but still don’t want them interracial dating. It’s crazy. Move on, don’t waste your precious time on them and maybe you’ll find love and happiness.

  11. Fiona Alabi-Isama

    Dating in general is the hardest.

  12. so first of all 70% of black women aren’t that attractive. there are 3times more black women than black men. most black women want a rich black man. most black men are poor or don’t even have a job. So maybe they should look to date a Hispanic man or an Asian man. maybe they shouldn’t be so picky on how much money that man makes maybe they should get a job themselves. Basically don’t be so picky and maybe let the guy you like know that you like him. I think black females can be intimidating and then ontop of that meeting her black parents who might hate people who aren’t black. How many times on the news do you see black on black crime. I mean it could be scary to think where these women might live if she lives in the ghetto and she wants you to come over I mean forget about it. oh and those successful rich black men like NBA or Football players look who they date White women LOL black men with wealth and power are more likely to marry a white girl than a black. which means black men are less racist or not racist at all and black females are hella racist.

  13. Black women in general look like dudes. European and Latinas have the body and exotic looks and Asian women have beautiful hair and soft features. Black women look like line backers. No ty.

  14. black women don’t take responsibility and listen to criticism

  15. When a black woman says there are no good black men to date what they really mean is there are no good black men who will date ME and I’m high and mighty so it’s them

  16. Enlightened Man

    Notice that the more attractive, slim black woman with the natural, unpermed hair is the one who’s married to a highly educated black man. That should tell black women something.

  17. “A good man is hard to find”

    Translation: A. There aren’t any good Black men we can manipulate and put up with our disrespectful attitude. B. There aren’t any good Black men who will approach us. C. There aren’t any good Black men because we have made bad choices. D. Good Brothers kept it moving.

  18. Merlin Partlow

    Black women are cool. Like anything else, you have to find the right woman that works with your personality.

  19. Some of the best ways for a black woman to attract good black men is to be more submissive. You can’t have two leaders in one house. I’m not saying that women should be treated as less then men, but yall have to trust us and let us be leaders.

  20. Be a woman and stop trying to be the man

  21. Most of y’all are fools — the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice

  22. Tiffany Gilbert

    Same old tired topic.

  23. surafel beyene

    In my personal experience black women usually have a wall up to weed out who is strong enough to handle her shit and who is not. They want the alpha male more than any other race of women lol there is nothing wrong with that but that puts a lot of pressure on the men and especially in this generation boys don’t have strong male figures in their lives so the male figures they have are usually rappers and other people the media portrays as masculine. boys today are either hypermasculine or feminine, they can’t quite find the balance. Basically the problem is both men’s and women’s, we are all fucked up lol.

  24. Black woman are DRAMAQUEENS. They destroy your life and will never regret that your life is ruined. Go MGTOW and NEVER date a BLACK CHICK, they a mentaly ill and unsecure and want a men because of money and sex adventures. GO MGTOW.

  25. Well black women only have themselves to blame. Black men have offered black women solutions for a long time: Drop the weaves and stop the overealiance on synthetic stuff, go natural, lose the attitudes, stop with the oversexualization and provactiveness, lose the weight and keep yourself up, drop the materialistic and goldigging ways, stop having babies out of wedlock and by multiple men, lose the love for thugs, stop trying to challenge a man or run a man’s house, stop with the on going ratchet and unladylike behavior, etc but they didn’t listen and now it’s coming back to bite them in the rear. Other races are seeing what black men have been dealing with as well as seeing how the media and black women portray themselves and are saying no. They can continue to stay adamant about wearing their weaves and wigs, saying men can’t handle a strong black wonan, keep dressing provactive and oversexualing themselves on social networking sites, keep getting tattoos, brag about their degrees, keep trying to challenge a man, stay with the attitude, blame black men and society for their problems, etc but the truth is they will remain the least desired, least wanted, least attractive, and least married women on the planet. It’s their fault. Either change or get left behind!

  26. Private Property

    Men want to marry and have children by women who are young and virginal… Usually a woman has wasted MOST of her “good years” riding the cock-coaster by the time she turns 30. Men can sense this, and have no desire to start a family with such women.

  27. 45% of black men are single and no one asks that question of them

  28. Black women are single because black men aint shit and white men have little dicks

  29. Donald E. Graham Jr.

    Interesting discussion. Personally, I think that one of the bravest things a woman can do in life is walk away from anything (and anyone) who doesn’t recognize her value. I honestly believe the fruit that many Black men reap from Black women is a direct result of the negative seeds they have sown into them over time. At the end of the day, you will only get out of a woman what you put into her. I pray that many more women would stop settling for less and realize they deserve God’s best! 😃 ‪#‎KnowYourWorth‬

  30. my daughters are not single they have husband’s i refuse to raise my daughter like my mother raised me…my mother felt black women were not much as far as value…this lead to not speaking of future not expecting a good man , not expecting much in life that was good.
    its the mother’s role to teach the daughter it the father’s role to give her an example of strong caring male …what black mom and dad do this? once this happiness they have no problem getting a suitable mate. until then bums have their run of booty calls

  31. Dont close up to just black men, open up to any man, love dont see race

  32. Johnathan Jester

    most usa black women are nappi headed lowlife scumbag Pieces of sh** bad attitudes live off the good old welfare system an set alone miserable an single for most of there lifetimes even there own black kings dont want there smelly black asses

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