Marvel’s Black Panther earns $1 billion, superhero film now the greatest ever

Black Panther earns over $1 billion at box office.

Black Panther in billionaire status.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

HOLLYWOOD — The latest numbers are in and, after opening in China and Japan, Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther” has earned over $1 billion in global box office sales in less than a month — making Marvel’s big budget black superhero film the greatest African-American conception to ever hit the big screen. DVD sales and On-Demand purchases figure to push gross revenues even further. Hell, it’s about time. Veteran directors Spike Lee, 60, Lee Daniels, 58, and Tyler Perry, 48, can learn plenty from the 31-year-old Coogler who’s roughly half their age, yet kicking their ass.

Not trying to be schmaltzy but, for decades, blacks have been underserved in Hollywood and it’s primarily because we’ve been pigeonholed by a plethora of frugal filmmakers like the aforementioned trio of Lee, Daniels and Perry who confiscated millions of dollars befouling the industry with low budget balderdash catered towards the pecuniary interests of gays and single black women.

Mr. Coogler, please take a bow.

You may have saved black entertainment.

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  1. #BlackPower


  3. Best movie of all time.

  4. Awesome. Making our own things is what counts.

  5. abelincoln1976

    Disney sabotaged there own movie because they were told to do so, reason being. there string pullers knew this would be the greatest movie of all time and still rasict haters at the top did not want it to top movies like Gone with the Wind,Avatar,Star Wars and Titanic had they not made it a black thing and cost most of the white audience to boycott it. but they paid disney what it would have made behind the sense. even some of the white ppl that knew it was apart of marvel and tied together with other marvel sequels boycotted it because it was made a black thing,

  6. The positive reviews and box-office success of BP are due to it being a well made movie, acknowledging the fact it’s a live-action movie of the very first black superhero in the world of comics, isn’t solely about politics.

    Pop-culture reflecting the diversity that actually exist within our society isn’t some sinister agenda. Women identifying with Wonder Woman and black people identifying with Black Panther is no different than whites identifying with Spider-Man, Superman, Iron Man or Batman, the only difference being, especially in regards to the superhero genre is clearly white audiences have more options.

  7. Fantasy does usually do well at the box office . Like the idea of a successfully run Afro-ethnic country .

  8. I’m blown away by how much money Black Panther has been able to make during its box office run.
    Marvels future is looking brighter & brighter everyday it seems.

  9. 💸 Billion Dollar Club!!💰

  10. MattysonDreamland

    Congratulations to Black Panther for making it to a billion dollars 💵 . 🎉🍾🎈😃👏❤️

  11. Willis Allen Jr

    Ain’t no party like the Marvel party cause the Marvel party won’t stop!!

  12. Well deserved to Black Panther. Surpassed all my expectations.

  13. Black Panther and the entire MCU is just undefeatable.. At this point, we should all surrender, and pass our wallets to Kevin Feige. I can’t get enough of BP; Wakanda Forever! And I can’t wait for Infinity War at this point. 👏🏽✨

  14. Brenden Johnson

    Everybody go out to see black panther and tell ya friends so we can get it to the 1.5 billion. Saw it three times and gonna watch it 2 more times at least.

  15. I told all my friends that panther would break record at box office.

  16. Not Surprised, the movie is sooo good!

  17. Wakanda FOREVER!!!! It’s been a while since we’ve seen an MCU reach the billion milestone since avengers ⚔️⚔️⚔️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  18. “There will be no Challenge Today!!!!”
    WWWWWHHOOOO!!!!!! Rick Flair Drip!!!!!!
    Black Panther has single handedly beaten all of DC’s Box Office Records and The Dark Knight Box Office Take.

  19. Champion Heart

    When I said Black Panther is going to be the highest grossing Marvel film ever. Haters replied talking that Bullshit about Infinity War is going to beat it. Yeah right I doubt it. Now what haters?? My Disney stock looks good Lol 😂😂


  21. Black Panther and the entire MCU is just undefeatable.. At this point, we should all surrender, and pass our wallets to Kevin Feige. I can’t get enough of BP; Wakanda Forever! And I can’t wait for Infinity War at this point. 👏🏽✨

  22. Raghu Seetharaman

    Marvels Black Panther was a game changer for the MCU that’s for sure. It’s amazing that it surpassed The Dark Knight. I can’t wait to see the sequel for this film.

  23. Black Panther ❤️

  24. Mr. Spiteful420

    Just my opinion but I think the general white movie going audience is just as tired of the typical Black slave/thug/paint by numbers comedies. Everyone is thirsty to see real diversity without it being hamfisted down people’s throats. Hopefully this opens the gates to other cultures that aren’t noticed/respected in mainstream media. I’m soooo happy for Black Panther 😍

  25. Look I’m African. I liked Black Panther. As an African it connected with me on so many levels. There are so many nods to African culture like Killmonger breaking his spear is a nod to Shaka Zulu who broke a long spear in half and turned southern african warfare from a long range affair into close quarters combat.


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