Sportscenter: Michael Smith & Jemele Hill terminated over poor television ratings

Michael Smith and Jemele Hill both fired from Sportscenter.

Michael & Jemele fired from ‘SC6.’

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

BRISTOL — Michael Smith has joined former co-host Jemele Hill on Sportscenter’s contraction list. After hosting Friday’s 6 PM edition, the 38-year-old Smith signed off for the very last time. “Michael is a talented commentator and we greatly appreciate and value his contributions and creativity,” said ESPN Executive Vice President Norby Williamson. “We are in the process of discussing with him potential next ESPN assignments.” Hill, if you recall, was suspended then re-assigned after saying “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has surrounded himself with other white supremacists.”

Hill, 42, is now a columnist for “The Undefeated,” an urban publication that focuses on sports and racial issues. Smith’s dismissal had everything to do with the show’s inability to secure millennial subscribers. The 6 o’clock edition of Sportscenter, once dubbed SC6, promoted a hip hop culture geared towards younger viewers. But poor television ratings derailed those efforts.

Will you miss Smith and Hill on Sportscenter?

Did they receive fair treatment?

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  1. Gamecocks Arelame

    Yea the brass at ESPN are a bunch of old white dudes. They aint got time for all that hippity hoppity bull shit. I noticed a change in their program a few months ago. But to be honest Michael was always tryin to remind us he was black. We know your black, guy. Stop the “Im cool” act. Its embarrassing.

  2. Good they left. Stick to sport or do politics. That show and this channel are garbage. Boring and sad to watch.

  3. It’s weird not going to be able to see Jemele Hill and Michael anymore. It’s like Mike & Mike being gone. It’s weird af

  4. good hes a coon and a racist

  5. All of this because Jemelle cant keep her mouth shut.

  6. SC is obsolete. Espn is obsolete. Im a sports fanatic but I haven’t watched sports center in years. I’m also a millennial and M&J would not have brought me back. Are you aware smart phones exist? You can use it to instantly find scores and highlights from every sport in every corner or the world. If I want to see see M&J joke around I would youtube it. But I wont do that, because I just did before commenting, and it turns out they aren’t funny.

  7. Well ESPN has done it again…we know that it is the most unfriendly place for women to work in TV and looks like they are running a plantation too. ESPN took two very intelligent, creative, talented, socially conscious African Americans Out of a creative setting and made them Talking Heads, just reading copy that someone else wrote! Not only that, ESPN takes women and dress them up and paint their faces like they are the “today hooker special.” Why not reward Jemele and Mike where they were and doing what they do best instead of degrading them like that? Jemele and Mike are socially conscious talkers who carry an African American swag…why pay them to be mundane, vanilla, talking heads catering to white boys 18 – 40y.o. who are offended by a Black Woman with a voice and wearing braids and NOT trying to be looking like a hooker (Josena Anderson.) ESPN set them up to fail in that forum..

  8. They should go to FS1 like skip did

  9. I always felt like Michael and Jemele made a mistake joining sportscenter, we knew these white people wouldn’t rock with them from the jump. There was no way ESPN was going to let them be themselves for too long, now they don’t even have a show together anymore smh.

  10. Jennifer McMillian

    They don’t mind you working for them as long as you don’t have a voice.

  11. Damn those white supremacists really got Michael and Jemele out of there quick

  12. Michael and Jemele made for bad television. They were boring as hell and had akward chemistry (michael throwing paper at Jemele’s face. ESPN agenda is about sports.

  13. Don’t F with Trump..Good riddance to both of them

  14. ESPN has been plummeted for a long time slowly and slowly but with the loss of these two entertaining intelligent personalities not to mention of color they guaranteed the demise of their own network for not appreciating the talent and the quality of intellect and character that came through they fingers and they misuse

  15. Had a feeling that was gonna happen after Jemele left

  16. ESPN is so left it’s a shame, so u have to be a special kind of stupid to be inflammatory enough that you hurt their bottom line and expose your ignorance enough to get the entire show of liberal only views cancelled. Jemelle Hill should get a lifetime achievement award for being oblivious to the obvious!

  17. There was this old saying that went something like, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Sadly, the clowns running ESPN obviously never heard of it. Sports coverage should be about the games and that’s it. If I want my daily dose of politics I can watch CNN or Fox.

  18. Jennifer McMillian

    They don’t mind you working for them as long as you don’t have a voice.

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