Mr. Trump finally meets with Kim Jong-un, altering U.S. history as 1st prez to do so

Trump and Kim Jong-un discuss not blowing up the world/TMZ.

Trump first to accept an invite.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

SINGAPORE — (Update) Good politics? Or merely a case of the blind leading the blind? Republican honco Donald Trump made U.S. history by becoming the first president to hold a one-on-one conclave with a North Korean leader. Not even Barack Obama could pull this off. Trump met with Kim Jong Un Tuesday morning to discuss nuclear issues relative to blowing up the world. The summit was deemed a shocking success. Even though both are known to be impetuous, the hot-headed duo now appear to be good friends.

“Excellent relationship,” Trump said after their 48 minute meeting. “Working together, we’ll get it taken care of.” At one point, Trump patted Kim on the back. He also placed his hand on Kim’s shoulder.

What’s your take?

Are you impressed with Trump?

Can Kim be trusted?

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  1. Morons have finally taking over the world ( Kim and Trump)
    I’ve lived to see this shit. 🇺🇸

  2. lets hope they keep him

  3. Don’t even like Trump. But I have to admit I am impressed. Trump managed to get a meeting With NK. Hope it goes well!!

  4. They’re going to discuss the pros and cons of differing hair styles.

  5. Trump: Yo Fat Kim.. What’s up?
    Kim: Hey Dotart.. Wasappening??
    Trump: Oh… just so u know, there’s been No Collusion..Ok!! No Collusion, No Collusion, No Collusion!!
    Kim: Ok Ok, I hear u. I’m not death, Donny!!
    Trump: Man, I tell u Kim, the press been treating me so unfairly.
    Kim: Press??? Easy solution Donny. Kill them all, then No more Press. Simple!!
    Trump: Genius, you are so smart Kim boy. I wish wish wish so dearly no more press in the US. They wouldn’t find out about the porn star Stormy Daniel.
    Kim: Well, u don’t see any press in NK & we love it! Only press we have is when we have our Parade.
    Trump: Genius.. I want a Parade too so badly, but they won’t let me have a parade, huh huh huh…
    Kim: Oh give it time Donny, u will soon have ur own parade. Hopefully before ur impeachment.
    Trump: And those Mexican & Muslims are just pis*ing me off.
    Kim: Well, no Mexican in NK. No Muslims either.
    Trump: Wow… Amazing. I’m speechless!!
    Kim: Ok.. let’s go play basketball.
    Trump: I thought we were playing gold?
    Kim: Didn’t u bring Dennis Rodman?
    Trump: No Kim.. he is u know… black, I don’t hang around with people of color.
    Kim: Ohhh..Ur a racist orange pig, get the f** out of here!!

  6. Universal Scientist

    Kim Jong Un will be announced as the new celebrity apprentice at the upcoming meeting. Dennis Rodman is out and Kim Jong Un you’re in. Dennis 👉 “You’re Fired”

  7. He needs to take Dennis Rodman dressed in drag to punch up the ratings

  8. Kim and Trump are like two out of control trains headed at each other, at full speed, on the same track. A major train wreak in the making, and we are all passengers on the out of control Trump train.


  10. When they meet they should smoke a joint.

  11. Jaxson Davis72

    Kim Hong un isn’t an idiot. He has the total upper hand here if the u.s. recognizes north Korean legitimacy they will continue to commit horrible atrocities throughout our lifespan. I mean if peace is achieved it’s really a win for the u.s. Japan and south Korea, a win for kim jong un and wealthy north Koreans and a horrible loss for the unwealthy north Korean people. Don’t get me wrong no nukes in Korea would be awesome but in order for that to happen the u.s. has to promise that we will let north Korea be and not take it out like the dozens of other dictatorships we didn’t like in the past. There is a reason north Korea has lasted this long. NUKES if Iraq under Saddam had nukes they would still be around too the Kim family is incredibly smart dictators not crazy just smart and horrible. But smart.

  12. Does anyone really think this moron is going to get North Korea to give up their 30 year nuclear program? He’ll just get played like a fiddle.

  13. Trump can meet, they will talk, and then they will talk some more, and then they will defer further talks to other diplomats and so on and so on. Kim Jong Un will keep playing the US, he will keep developing his nuclear capabilities and will use the meetings for his internal propaganda politics. Trump will fail just as others did, because Russia and China like to keep N.Korea as an irritant to the US. No interest whatsoever on their side to help Trump. Why should they?

  14. Two idiots gonna have a meeting . Everything will work out fine .

  15. Now we are going to be hearing that trump colluded with Kim Jung Un, and the North Koreans rigged the election!

  16. Isn’t it strange how 30 years of presidents couldnt get this far with NK but Trump did in less then one term.

  17. Trump + Kim Jong Un = Crazytown. What could possibly happen? God help us.

  18. Oh, to be a fly on the wall when he meets with N. Korea. Those two mental midgets…

  19. Cold War Veteran

    A lot of vets are not happy with this, how quickly everyone seems to forget the tortures this monster has done. How quickly they forget about that young boy sent back tortured so bad he had brain damage and then died. No mercy for jong un. And we were hoping for a President with balls for a change.


  21. Boycott israeli products

    Trump should negotiate 2 things which can be reached:
    1) NK not transferring nuclear technology to other countries
    2) No more test and NK stop advertising their nuclear prowess on international stage
    Keep it secret like israelis.
    That’s all because never ever NK will dismantle and allow inspectors 365 there and cameras like in iran deal.
    Btw am almost sure after May 12, iran could stop iran deal too and expell inspectors of IAEA.
    Trump destroyed the only good foreign policy move of obama.

  22. Trump is intelligent, creative and has good judgment on all critical matters. Have not seen a present fighting with so many parties and gained respect from other countries so quickly. Good news will keep on coming.

  23. Some comments are still hating on Trump this goes to show that people only care about their Late night TV hosts telling them to hate Trump,mind control is strong.

  24. GentlemanXCreed

    I wonder what it feels like to be a North Korean raised to believe “Death to America”, then a extreme U turn happens and all your nuclear weapons your leader was flaunting is going to be destroyed to make peace with the country you loathe.

  25. I don’t like Trump. But to his credit on this particular issue, he did a damn good job!

  26. Trade Forex With Romesh

    Trump is a deal maker ! Trump might just be the GOAT US President have ever seen

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