Shocking details have emerged in 911 call regarding brutal murder of Aniya Day

Deonte Lewis and Sierra Day charged with Aniya’s murder.

Mom & boyfriend murder daughter.

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EUCLID, Ohio — Shocking details are revealed in the 911 call that preceded the brutal murder of 4-year-old Aniya Day in Euclid, Ohio. Her mother Sierra Day, 23, and boyfriend Deonte Lewis, 26, are both charged in her death. Medical examiners confirmed that Aniya was indeed abused and burned prior to her quietus. She was also starved, emaciated, had a badly bruised eye, and scalded legs. Mickhal Garrett, Aniya’s biological father, went off in court, telling the boyfriend: “You killed my f*cking child! You hurt my baby!” Garrett was in the process of gaining custody of Aniya.

Here’s what led to the arrests: In an attempt to cover up the crime, Lewis called 911 and told dispatchers Aniya was experiencing breathing problems and was unresponsive. Sierra then got on the phone, telling dispatch: “She’s been acting a little sick. We went to Red Lobster last week. I thought it was ’cause of that, ’cause she started acting weird; I thought it was like a stomach virus, something she ate, or whatever. I noticed at home, we start feeding her and she throws everything up.”

Police, of course, didn’t believe the story — leading to jail time. Sadly, vile acts of mistreatment are disturbingly frequent in this matter. Aniya’s daycare documented a history of abuse that dates back to 2015. Yet, cases were routinely opened and closed with Cuyahoga County Children and Family Services due to lack of evidence. Apparently Child Protective Services (CPS) in Ohio don’t give a damn about abused toddlers showing up at daycare with black eyes and facial scars.

Very, very sad.

People, we’ve developed a very disturbing culture in America specific to biological parents failing to stay together to raise their kids. Many are more comfortable trusting strangers with their babies over blood relatives. I’ll just say this: If you’re willing to risk the health and welfare of your kids to enjoy a little fornication on the side, keep in mind nobody cares about your children the way you do.


Some will smile in your face.

Then punch your kids in the mouth when you’re not looking.

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  1. That is so messed up man. I know dealing with this is not easy. God will heal your heart brother 💯🙏🏼

  2. Saved By Grace

    They should burn them exactly like they burned this child!!!!!!!!!!!!😠

  3. Khadidrah M. Marieno

    I would’ve taken that little baby myself for adoption take parenting classes and took very good care of her so sad smh. I can’t imagine what this father is going through right now all he wanted was his daughter and this is what he got instead 😢 am praying for him and that her family at this time. And to the mother and boyfriend y’all are sick as shit how can a mother hurt her own child? As a mother you supposed to love and protect her from any danger seen and unseen and not have had her around the son of a bitch boyfriend of hers. When I have kids I be damned I will go to war for mine and die for mine foh!! May that Angel rest in Heavenly peace and she don’t have to suffer and deal with y’all evil asses no more burn in hell 😡😡😡

  4. CPS = Can’t Protect Shit

    Follow the money. Destroy the man, pit the sexes against each other, tip the scale of male and female harmonious energy out of balance, ELIMINATE THE FAMILY UNIT.

    Order out of chaos. This is all by design.

  5. we should be shooting these types of dumb ass niggers!!!!!

  6. Cymone Shannon

    I’m a single mother of a beautiful girl I take care and love my child and would do anything to protect her I would kill anyone who tried to harm my child and I don’t bring any man around my daughter… I take care of my child by myself. I’m a strong black woman that work two jobs to take care of my baby

  7. Oh wow. As the father of a 10yr old girl it’s almost impossible to watch that man break down. I’m not sure if I could survive the loss of my daughter. There are no excuses for what happened to that little girl. Those savages ought to burn for this.

  8. ThePrinceChrono

    fuck black bitches

  9. I would have been blasting like Rocket at the end of the movie Colors messing with my kids.

  10. The child told teachers, doctors, everyone.. “I didn’t fall mommy pushed me.” CPS dropped the ball.

  11. Yea the father is trash too how did he not see her in that condition and look who he had a baby by he’s nothing hands down he stood by and let all that bs go on

    Yea but it’s a long list of abuse reports and the father never stepped in and took his daughter so he’s no good right with them he would have took his daughter his daughter been being abused and the mother yuck trash fat bitch swear she’s thick she’s fat and by the time she’s 40 she’s going to be huge she’s trash bald head young hoe she’s young and I hope she get life and the father is trash to he should have been stepped up and took her fuck him to and loom how she walked in trying to be cute o evil wicked witch

    If he had been there for his kids his me ads would have took her it’s a long list of abuse reports so stfu

  12. I wish there was a law where you the victim could have one or two minutes with the murderer in a locked room with no windows and a claw hammer. Also yes the murderer will be handcuffed. He or she cannot fight back. They lost that right after they committed the brutal murder..

  13. Yep! He lost his FUCKING child to the whore that bore the child. I have no sympathy for the devil deal with your pain, you chose this whore so I could care less for everyone involved, dumbass niggah!! FUCK ALL OF YOU!! I’m gonna go spend time with my 5-year child and trust me, his mother ain’t a black American slut, bitch, whore, she Asian.


  15. This is so sad how she really acting like she’s concerned about this child who she knows is severely injured because she caused it. women if you don’t want your children there is always an option please don’t hurt or kill them. This bitch and her boyfriend need to fry for what they have been doing to this baby who eventually died.

  16. stephanie brens

    If my kid wasn’t breathing I would not sound this calm these people are guilty

  17. I just dont understand they purposely killed that poor baby, then got the nerve to call 911 smh they are demons

  18. The evil fuck at the beginning said “my daughter ain’t breathing”.. she isn’t his daughter!! And this sad excuse of a mother being so fucking calm.. I want them to suffer for what they did to that poor baby girl!😔😔😢🤬🤬😡

  19. It was the mom that killed her . Not the bf but either way they both gonna get fuck up in jail

  20. Marissa Johnson

    The paramedic is doing her job the minute this scum bag bitch called she sent an abulance , yeah they ask stupid questions oh well they still were on their way💁 anyways i hope this hoe gets tortured n the ugly bitch ass nigga too

  21. She was not trying to do CPR. Several minutes passed with this child not breathing. And then she says that’s what I’m trying to do. She has made zero effort during this call. This is so disturbing. They both mentioned her eyes being open. At the beginning and in the middle. This is horrible

  22. This is so sad how can you kill a 4 year old baby this baby didn’t ask to be here

  23. Not only is the mother and her man the worst, but he told her from the beginning she fell out and was barely breathing, she not saying anything, not responding. 20 question with help on the way lady. She is a 4 year old barely breathing. My child not breathing, why am I calling her doctor. The boyfriend called, it was not even on her mind to call, what a cold witch.

  24. Weirdly UniqueBih

    F-the life without parole sentence!! Both the mother and her boyfriend need the death penalty like that’s how I feel about the situation

  25. I hope they both rot in hell for what they did to that baby

  26. What’s a point of having a baby and your going to kill it after wards 😞😭

  27. Victoria Welch

    CPS is NOT here to protect children. It’s SOLE PURPOSE is to kidnap children from good homes and place them in abusive foster homes.

  28. Lasandra Myers

    Unfortunately this has been going on for years I was abused as a child and at the time it was call BCW and by the time me and my sister was removed we were molested, malnourished, physically abused and my dad had 4 open investigations against him. We weren’t removed from the home until I started skipping school to avoid being bullied then they took action smfh the system is all the way fucked up

  29. Evil lying pieces of satan’s shit!

  30. What’s crazy is the dispatcher seems more worried about her not breathing then them. As soon as they finally told her she’s not breathing she was shocked about it.

  31. Catrina Rollins

    Heartaching!!!!!!!for this innocent baby girl !!!!!!!☹😂😂☹

  32. This is SICK! HER BABY IS ALREADY DEAD and she trying to make it appear that she’s alive, and these 2 idiots acting as if she’s alive well knowing they killed her.
    May GOD above have mercy on their COLD SOULS.
    THEY probably didn’t perform CPR…..the guy didn’t even know what a AED is…..she was already dead. RIP Aniya Day. TOO CALM, BOTH OF THEM WILL MEET KARMA.

  33. Your child isn’t breathing & your this calm 😭😭 omfg I would’ve arrested they ass through the phone. If my niece eats something & starts coughing I start panicking Hell nah 😴

  34. Michelle Little

    This is the saddest thing ever this beautiful baby girl! I am so sorry for your loss of life and my heart is broke for your dad! I can’t help but to cry for you!

  35. I hope they both rot in hell for what they did to that baby

  36. Well me personally I would of been beat that motherfuckas ass seeing signs of abuse on my kid from the beginning forget waiting for cps I’m not going to judge the father though because I do not know all parties involved nor their family business he may have tried to do things the right way through court understandable but this is America and it’s court system is more of a business and fathers rights are bull shit we don’t have them I have a five year old daughter I can’t imagine his pain I wouldn’t be able to be the same after that. I’ll tell you one thing and I put this on everything I love if I were him I would take justice in my own hands cause I have no problem spending the rest of my life in prison for the vengeance of my daughter those two would be tortured and buried alive.

  37. Kenny Kdel-Scales

    Wtf is wrong with some people?!?!? This baby girl was failed on too many occasions by too many people and someone needs to be held accountable!! R.I.H. Baby Girl💫

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