Amber Rose recreates historic “Psycho” shower scene with a seductive twist

Amber Rose recreates famous “Psycho” shower scene.

Amber Rose does nude shower scene.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!” When it comes to transparency and sex appeal, voluptuous vixen Amber Rose is second to none. Point being… in her most recent advertisement for a new brand of sex toys, the ‘Slut Walk’ founder raised eyebrows everywhere with a seductive recreation of Janet Leigh’s historic shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror film classic “Psycho” and get this: she does it in the nude. In the LELO commercial, the 34-year-old sex icon is depicted washing herself clean when a shadowy figure appears to sneak up from behind with a knife.

An unsuspecting Amber continues to wash up until the shower curtain suddenly opens, revealing the potentially deadly weapon as a pink vibrator instead. Rather than be alarmed… Amber shows her appreciation, telling the baleful spirit “oh, thank you, I was looking for this” before moving the sex toy down to her vagina as her face lights up in pleasure. How kinky?

Are you ok with the advertisement?

Did Amber go too far?

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  1. Bitch has had so much cum deposited her DNA starting to change.

  2. Jheri La'curl James

    She one step closer to her true calling. Hopefully she drop a porno in the next 6months

  3. Geez, this is who people look up to these days. Hahahaha

  4. Anonymoushumor

    Lol get your money anyway you can.

  5. fromPedr0to100


  6. if y’all realize how many dudes she’s been seen with against how many of these guys she’s actually screwed, I feel sorry for her undone chicken cutlet lookin ass. she gotta be a thot her whole life

  7. Young Thug Teeth's Whore Mother

    This bald headed bitch is trying to steal my clout

  8. I wanna fuck that bitch from the back

  9. I would nut in amber rose just saying

  10. I remember when Amber popped up all over the internet. I was like who is that beautiful bald headed girl??


  12. would love to lick her coochie clean

  13. Stupidity is real

  14. Amber is so pretty 🙂

  15. She’s so nasty and i like it

  16. Amber is always so nice and she is so pretty!! Her butt looks awesome too 💖

  17. Hitman Hernandez

    She is the sexiest baldheaded bitch in the world

  18. Michael Seager

    @2015 Kylie: She got that ass from a needle with silicone flowing through it

  19. baldheaded hoes give the best head

  20. No shame in her game

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