In aftermath of sexual assault conviction, Cosby’s legacy is forever tarnished

Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault.

Cosby is convicted, prison is possible?

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

NORRISTOWN — On Thursday (April 26, 2108), inside a Norristown, Pa., courtroom, veteran comic Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand several years ago. Cosby apparently put his JELL-O pudding pop where it didn’t belong. Now he’s paying the price. After the ruling… Cosby, 80, showed his ass by cussing out the prosecutor. When Montgomery County district attorney Kevin R. Steele asked Judge Steven T. O’Neill to revoke Cosby’s bail because he’s a potential flight risk, a pissed-off Cosby shouted, “[I don’t] have a plane, you asshole!”

After hearing that, my mouth just dropped. Been watching Cosby for over 30 years and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard him cuss. This coming from a family icon once beloved as the mild-mannered, designer sweater-wearing Dr. Cliff Huxtable on his hit NBC sitcom “The Cosby Show.”

This coming from the waggish originator and voice of corpulent cartoon character Fat Albert. If you’re over 40 and grew up in a single parent home, Cosby was probably the closest thing you had to a father. Now, you can stick a fork in him because he’s done.

When the dust settles, Cosby figures to get at least 30 years in prison and he’s already 80 which means he’ll die in the joint or seek parole at age 110. Cosby’s conviction is arguably the single greatest television disaster next to OJ’s. Both have fallen from grace as convicted felons.

Should Cosby go to prison given his age and medical condition?

Should he get house arrest instead?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Bill isnt going to serve any time.. He has enough money for appeals till he dies.. So this was kind of a waiste of taxpayers money.. The only one who wins are the attornies.. Their gettin RICH!

  2. Kristofer Georgesson

    Maybe like 5 years look at the state of him he looks dead already

  3. I’m sorry he too old.
    These ladies should have told long ago

  4. Righteous Shadows

    Free Bill Cosby, lock up Trump.

  5. He’s gonna get some pudding pops in prison


  7. House arrest would be appropriate !

  8. He’s only being arrested because he tried to buy CBS & he’s black ..ask yourself why Weinstein or Brock Turner are not locked up for 30 years but Cosby is

  9. Rhonda Robinson

    Sending Mr. Cosby to jail at his age is a total waste, I agree with the house arrest or time served case over.

  10. J-A-I-L-O for Pill Cosby.

  11. Pretty Caprice

    Very sad. They just had to put this elderly man away smh. He’s in my prayers tonight. 😔😖🙏☝💔

  12. Angela Williams

    I’m so happy 😀. Half the planet was for him when the story first broke a few years ago . I’ve always believed he was guilty! My fam took up for him. We don’t know this man. He’s an /was entertainer. What we see/saw on TV that was acting ppl. He’s despicable, disgusting piece of shit!!!👎🏽👎🏽

  13. He committed the crime he should do the time. How many others are old aged and mentally unstable to go to prison but still do. Again with these celebs getting special treatment. Wtf

  14. Who's The Master? #ShoNuff #KissMyConverse

    Bill Cosby is innocent…These white supremacists just want revenge for OJ. Why is Harvey WeinStein still free?

  15. That’s BS!! He needs to do time just like anybody else who does this to people!!! His victims are doing time for LIFE!!!

  16. These white women are evil. This was a setup. Bill Cosby is innocent.

  17. Why didn’t these women say something years ago

  18. Should of said something when it first happened. Maybe then it would have stopped and not have happened to more women. They should charge the first few women for conspiracy, knowing what he was doing and not reporting it and allowing it to happen to other women.

  19. tyionna Williams

    He’s 80 give him a break they should’ve been said something then maybe he would be out of jail by now living his life

  20. Sorry Pill Cosby, but you do the crime, you pay the time. No special treatment for black elites. Off to the slammer you go!

  21. Ain’t no jail bird want that old Booty

  22. He did not do s*** wrong that b** lied why people are so f**** crazy

  23. Was this really proven? What kind of evidence would they have all these years later?

  24. Yup 20-30 yrs later these women decide to say something. Not buying this whatsoever. Free Cosby.

  25. House of GuesT

    All these years of Television Excellence “Gone”. Cuz of His Dick.

  26. why wasn’t the trial live on TV!🤔👌👍

  27. It sounds more like a bunch of butthurt women who whored out to advance their career and got played by Bill.

  28. These white women are evil. This was a setup. Bill Cosby is innocent.

  29. How sad are these women’s lives to have this detail them for so many years. The bigger issue is that they had the chance to be smart groupies and get something out of but they wanna wait until they have no more potential left to ruin someone else’s life.

  30. KennyGman Waters

    Total complete rubbish!! A million women can say the same damn thing but they then have to prove it and there is absolutely no proof!! Plus almost all the women have been discredited They are all liars and this was a well orchestrated plot to bring down Bill Cosby! WHERE IS THE PROOF?

  31. J-A-I-L-O for Pill Cosby.

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