Avengers: Infinity War big disappointment?

Avengers: Infinity War is a major disappointment.

New Avengers flick lacking substance.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

LOS ANGELES — What’s happening jive turkeys? It’s that renowned critic Blog King here with an eccentric review of Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” which, if we’re being candid, isn’t very good. Ok, It’s probably not a complete catastrophe. After all, the movie was concocted with the pecuniary assistance of a $400 million budget. But, when talking quality, it’s at least two or three pegs subordinate when juxtaposed against Ryan Coogler’s “Black Panther,” a film so good it makes you wanna slap your momma. If you recall, Panther broke multiple box office records, grossing more than $1.3 billion in worldwide sales.

Conversely, if I had to establish a value on “Avengers: Infinity War,” the summation would equate to $5.00 and that’s being kind. Heck, I may ask for $2.00 back in change. Anyway… directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, “Avengers: Infinity War” features a myriad of valiant superheroes anchored by a star-studded cast that includes A-Listers Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Don Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Chadwick Boseman and Scarlett Johansson.

However, the drawback with upholstering too many characters and subplots into a single film is that we’re being cheated out of a good story. As a matter of fact, “Avengers: Infinity War” doesn’t contain much in the form of rigmarole at all. Watching the flick, you get the sense the Russo brothers tried to extract as much monetary juice as possible from the aforementioned thespians via rectitude of mere name recognition alone. This type of cinematic overkill probably explains why the movie is damn near 3 hours long, yet void of a satisfactory narrative.

Then, to compound matters, the ending was an absolute joke.

Damn a spoiler alert!

Blog King gotta keep it real, feel me?

Look, many of our favorite heroes die. That’s right. Spiderman, Black Panther and Doctor Strange are all toast (literally speaking). But… if you’re a rabid fan of Marvel Comics, you know they aren’t really dead because all three have sequels looming. As previously mentioned, Panther grossed over a billion so he ain’t going nowhere. The same can be said for Spidey and Dr. Strange.

The Russo brothers must think we’re stupid or something.

As for the merciless villain who extirpates everybody? His name is Thanos. He’s the holy undead with execrable aspirations of devouring the universe. Thanos hates you, me and all breathing creatures. After he murders mankind (including you and me), Thanos watches the sunset from a mountaintop in peace. Keep in mind, he’s all alone. Everyone else is dead. Hell, I would’ve at least spared 7 beautiful women, made them my wives, impregnated each, and started my own civilization.

But that’s just me.

Anyway, that’s my review.

The social media sorcerer has to go.

Share your opinions below.

Blog King is out!😎


  1. Finally the hero thanos saves the universe from the evil avengers. Thors evil family ruled for thousands of years. Now peace is upon the realm.

  2. Blog King is an idiot.

    The movie was fucking EPIC!

    a cinematic experience baby!!

  3. are you serious putting black panther over infinity war. anyway i enjoyed this movie way more than black panther.

  4. Yolanda Briano

    nfinity war was the best marvel movie yet black panther would be #5 on my list

  5. I have seen Infinity War and it’s the best Marvel film. by FAR. Thanks Russo brothers, tragic beautiful film. Culturally black panther? Ok, but not film wise, Inifinity War is way more epic and mature. Thanos is the film gold.

  6. I agree with the review. Blog King nailed it. Black Panther is way better. Infinity War would be 3rd or 4th on my list.

  7. Critics are entitled to their opinions.

    1. Infinity Wars
    2. Winter Soldier
    3. Iron Man
    4. Black Panther
    5. Guardians 2
    6. Guardians 1
    7. Thor Ragnorok
    8. Hulk
    9. Avengers
    10. Captain America.

  8. Never Nervous Pervis

    Infinity War sucks….. almost walked out on this shitty film

  9. Gregory Leonard

    right now my number 1 marvel movie is the Avengers Infinity Wars..Black Panther Second but not very close. Although i really like Black Panther

  10. Infinity war was amazing .. but black panther is def the best marvel movie ever

  11. Blog King, please stay off the meth

  12. black panther
    spider Man
    Nick fury
    these r people who die………
    but don’t worry guys coz DR strange has got a plan…..n everything is going according to his plan…..

  13. Cant believe we waited 10 years to watch this piece of shit

  14. “Avengers: Infinity War isn’t a movie: it’s advertising and brand management on an unprecedented scale. In a couple of decades time, audiences will struggle to remember the title, let alone any distinguishing features.”

  15. Just printed off Avengers poster and used it to wipe my ass… thats how I feel about this movie.

  16. This masterpiece already has smashed world records for highest grossing opening weekend, highest viewed trailer, and #9 on IMDB..

    I’m just very anxious for the final untitled chapter..

  17. Tanmey Saraiya

    The movie is great. But the movie felt rushed but not because of the pace but because of the abundance of characters. I really loved Thanos because he was not a bad guy but a guy with some messed up ideals. He doesn’t want power for himself but to balance the universe.

  18. Infinity War does what it sets out to do, and does it in a pleasant and diverting enough manner. The film moves briskly through its runtime, light on it feet. Perhaps a little too light.

  19. Despite of your opinion on the superhero film kinds, one can’t deny that ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is an ambitious endeavor – the largest of its sort, turning it into a significant event in world of films.

  20. ALL DIES
    Loki Heimdall Gamora Vision Black Black Panther Spider-Man Doctor Strange Bucky Barnes Falcon Wilson Scarlet Witch The Guardians of the Galaxy Nick Fury Maria Hill Captain America Iron Man Thor Black Widow Hulk War Machine Rocket Nebula Okoye M’Baku Captain Marvel Hawkeye Ant-Man ALL DIES

  21. and the Oscar for most overhyped, shittiest movie of the year goes to…….

  22. Alan StarWarsFan

    I saw the movie last night and it break my expectations away and makes me happy to be a fan of MCU. Thanos…what an awesome character! It’s well balanced. Fast Pace! Character interactions are awesome! One of the best movies of 2018! What a good way to celebrate for 10 years!!!! 5/5 Stars!!!!!

  23. This was the longest Marvel movie to date but it felt like the shortest one yet.

  24. A crap movie, badly developed characters, the villain’s CGI is terrible, bored the first half and the plot is so ridiculous that makes the heroes depend on a single character at the end of it all.
    And that is my opinion of Justice League, Infinity War was intense and perfect.

  25. “Were kicking names and taking ass” laughed so hard!

  26. Movies=Marvel
    Super Heros=Marvel
    Video Games=DC
    Heros Design=DC

  27. this movie had a few good moments but overall it was boring and too long

    panther was 10 times better imo

  28. I thought the ending was quite confusing. And people are like “Why did Thanos kill trillions of people/wipe out planets just to watch a sunset?” Remember he had the time stone and (possibly) went back in time and all to the sunset? Well I think it wasn’t only the sunset, but it was a time in his life where he felt the happiest at? And then I believe since he was back at the past he was happy at he never became evil.. and kind of changed a lot in the future… like those movies where a character does one little thing in the past and the future is all messed up? I believe it’s kinda like that. Maybe Thanos went back in time and didn’t become evil and somehow some of the existing characters in the future vanished because Thanos (possibly) never became evil when he traveled back at the sunset. But that’s just my theory :)

  29. I thought infinity war was good but I was sort of disappointed. I mean it’s good but it’s not the greatest.

  30. this movie sucks so much ass it smells like fart

  31. I’d say that the majority of those turned to ash will return/come back to life but characters such as Iron man and Captain America were left alive so they could possibly be properly killed off in the next film to allow for the most possible emotional impact rather than killing them twice.

  32. still getting goosebumps … even after almost 3+ week of its release ..
    this is not just a movie … this is an event .. an experience ..
    a thrill emotional rollercoaster ride

  33. You’re rigbt. I’m disappointed to not see the actual infinity war of marvel where all the heroes have to fight evil copies of themselve. The infinity war should never had anything to do with thanos. Heck , even deadpool should have been there to fight the avengers! What ever happened with the real infinity war?

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