Trey Songz eludes domestic battery charge, evidence of assault not found

Trey Songz off the hook in domestic violence case.

Trey Songz beats domestic charge.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — R&B icon Trey Songz is not a woman beater, this according to prosecutors at the City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles. Bottoms Up! Bottoms Up! Trey is officially off the hook. If you recall, during NBA All-Star weekend in February, Andrea Buera accused the 33-year-old singer of beating her ass at a Hollywood Hills party because she was talking to another man. Prosecutors, however, rejected the urge to slap Trey with a misdemeanor domestic violence charge due to lack of evidence.

After checking herself into a hospital, Buera told law enforcement officials she vomited and suffered a concussion as a result of the alleged assault. However, Trey’s attorney, Shawn Holley, dismissed Andrea’s story as being false after collecting statements from several witnesses.

Do you believe Trey is innocent?

Did Andrea make all of this up?

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  1. If she was hit so hard she had a concussion wtf her face isnt black blue an purple as pale as she is. GTFOH!!! Stop it!!!

  2. Following Phan

    Can’t believe everything anyone say anymore. It’s like people are trying to get famous and it’s the best way to be seen and heard. You cash me, outside 😂😂

  3. did she know that 80% of all HIV in America comes from black people? But black people only make up 12% of the population, bruises should be the least of her worries….

  4. Trey Thongz got that prison punk booty and he knows it.


  6. I know like 10 girls who would love to be smacked by this man it’s crazy💀

  7. I don’t believe this 🤦🏾‍♀️ mfs will do anything to stop somebody else’s blessings .

  8. Trey got agitated that she was speaking to ANOTHER man😂😂😂lol foh Trey could get any girl he wants

  9. golddiggin ho wont get a dime of trey’s money

  10. Justice League

    They should start locking up women who lie about being abused, raped, etc

  11. I don’t believe this because trey songz is a very good man and i feel like that woman that said should stop and get a life😒😒😒

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