Trump thanks Kanye for black support after infamous ‘slavery was a choice’ rant

President Trump thanks Kanye for his support/

Mr. Trump thanks Kanye in speech.

Mass Appeal Wire Reports

LOS ANGELES — Damn. What’s up with our boy Kanye West? First, the 40-year-old rapper had the audacity to proclaim “slavery was a choice.” Then he insinuated black-on-black crime is generally accepted by society. Then he claimed Donald Trump is a staunch advocate of black opulence. Now the president is reaping statistical perquisites while returning the favor. Whew! Get all of that? Anyway, President Trump gave Kanye a shout-out during his speech at the NRA Convention, thanking the embattled hip hop artist for giving him a boost in the national polls with African-Americans. That’s not a misprint. Since Kanye’s infamous ‘slavery’ rant on TMZ, a recent Reuters poll shows more than 22 percent of black males approve Trump’s performance, doubling the 11 percent he received in a previous poll.

Now that’s progress.

Thanks Yeezus!

Still no word on how black women feel.

Kanye, however, blamed the controversial tirade on his refusal to take medication. He also referred to slavery as a metaphor in a recent Twitter post. “The reason why I brought up the 400 years [of slavery] point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years,” Kanye tweeted. “We need free thought now. Even the [slavery] statement was an example of free thought … It was just an idea.”

Hmm… interesting.

Look, Kanye’s life is a little convoluted. Word on the street claims he’s battling drug addiction and he’s on the brink of divorce. That said, do you agree with his logic? Are you indeed a victim of mental slavery? Do African-Americans tend to get more upset when a white person kills another black?

Share your thoughts below.

Inquiring minds wanna know.


  1. Kanye is gaining an awareness that few in this world have the mind to see. It IS all a choice. Perception makes our reality. And everyone’s is different. He wants to get everyone on the same page to make love the collective reality. He is trying to get people to stop and think for a moment. He may not always choose the perfect words to express his ideas, but his intention is wholly positive. He seems like a loving spirit. We can choose to love regardless of what has been done to us. Turn the other cheek. Love thy enemy. It takes a strong individual to do so.

  2. FuneralforFriendROCK

    He is clearly talking about mind-slavery:
    Some Kanye West quotes from the FULL INTERVIEW:
    “We’ve been controled by the media ”
    “We are following other people’s opinions ”
    ” Yeah, right now we’re choosing to be enslaved”
    ” By that you’re choosing to enslave people’s minds ”

    400years of MIND-SLAVERY – Pretty self-explanatory. But you just read titles and watch short cuts thus proving 100% the media control on people that Kanye was speaking about

  3. chalinoahuesoduro

    I feel Kanye bout being free and when van spoke it Dawn on me. The way van spoke is exactly what Kanye was talking bout. Kanye spoke without fear and Van spoke in fear and it’s exactly what Kanye is talking bout. We chose our slavery black white brown yellow. Our fear is what enlaves us…..

    Our fear is what enslaves us.

  4. Kanyes comment was on point. He just needs to realize that the majority of the world is on a lower conscious level than he is. You cannot educate those who still aern’t woke.

  5. People are stuck looking at situations “BLACK & WHITE” … Instead look at each other as humans … Do not let the past determine the present ! Otherwise it will always be 1619 and nothing will ever change … That is the point Kanye is trying to make !

  6. Ty'Varrious Johnson

    I’ve been where Kanye is at… When you first take the red pill… You absorb so much information that you don’t know how to explain it rationally . He seems crazy, because he doesn’t know how to articulate each subject, seperately yet.

  7. kudzanai murefu

    Everything is a choice.
    You are where u are because of what you did or didnt do.

    We have been taken advantage of because we dont invest in tools to protect ourselves, be it physical, emotional or educational. We are constantly exploited. Until we make that choice it will be a continuous out cry. Whilst others were investing in crossing oceans to see whats out there, what were we doing ourselves. We shouldve been out there too. Right now what r we doing, what oceans are attempting to cross.

  8. Kanye West is not an intellectual… nuff said.

  9. Coonya West is just plain ignorant!

  10. Kanye is a Gemini, some other signs can’t keep up with the speed of how fast a Gemini can think, speak, rap.. 2pac was also a Gemini and ice cube. They are known and blessed for being clever and for being as fast as quicksilver, the natural born communicators of the zodiac. I’m also a Gemini, Kanye should embrace who he is, pure genius!! Gemini’s get a lot of haters through life through envy.

  11. I feel sorry for him-. Stress of Hollywood is getting to him. But if you really listen to his words. He has points.

  12. All Kanye is saying, is if the slave black mind would have came together the slaves could have over took the Slave owners.
    Hidden message!
    If the black mind come together, we can over throw our oppressor.
    He’s not crazy, it’s creative speech.
    If they were too afraid, then they made a choice.
    I get it.
    If we’re too afraid today, then we are making a choice, to be afraid.
    I get it.

  13. Unbiased Basketball Stan

    Kanye keep letting the people know it’s okay to express how you feel. Don’t be afraid of going against popular opinion. Think and believe in what you feel is right.

  14. Gregory Bertrand

    I’m 27 years old, I’ve almost never heard my mother use any type of expletive, but she called me maybe an hour after this TMZ thing went viral and as soon as I picked up my phone she says, “I don’t know what the ni**a’s problem is.”

  15. Broncos Stampede

    Look Guys Kanye West Is Right About 80+% About Slavery Being A Choice…Think About It A Few Thousand White Men Came To The Biggest Country In The World And Stole Over A Million+ Africans Were Slaved Over 400 Years And Not One Of Our Own People Came To Rescue Us And For 400 Years We Never Rallied Up And Overtake Them And Steal Back Something That Was Taken From Us!!

  16. Porkchop Jones

    I hope Kanye aint sellin out

  17. Bernard Hepburn

    Sooooo … Wait …. The slaves ‘CHOSE’ no more and revolted –
    Black people ‘CHOSE’ to sell other black people to white people
    …. But slavery wasn’t 🅰 CHOICE!!!
    🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 ??????
    Bob Marley said ..emancipate yourself from mental slavery…
    Harriet Tubman said: “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”
    but Kanye lost his mind huh …. Iol 🙏

  18. Kanye West said exactly what Malcom X said

  19. “Kanye is my kinda nigga.”

    Sincerely, the KKK

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