Cast of ‘Black Lightning’ electrifies DC Comics

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Black Lightning star seeks new partner.

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LOS ANGELES — Nafessa Williams, the 28-year-old actress who portrays Anissa Pierce (aka Thunder) on the hit television series “Black Lightning,” is seeking a collaboration with Supergirl, and it has everything to do with ladies sticking together. When asked about the prospects of crossing over to appear on other DC Comics shows, Nafessa didn’t mince words. “I think it would be really cool to team up with Supergirl,” she told Qweerist. “I’m all about female empowerment. Nothing’s better than bad-ass women fighting crime, and I’d love to team up…”

Even though there’s no plans on the table to make the union happen, don’t rule it out. After all, Supergirl was featured in a late comic book episode of Black Lightning. Also, don’t forget, both shows are featured on the same channel, the CW Television Network, so anything’s possible, right?

Created by Salim and Mara Brock Akil, season one of Black Lightning (Cress Williams) chronicles the hero’s street battle with murderous crime lord Tobias Whale, a drug-dealing albino with vile aspirations of hood domination. Tobias, who hates older black people, also leads a street gang called “The 100.”

Supernatural talent certainly runs in Black Lightning’s family. His daughters — Anissa and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) — possess extra-mundane abilities of their own.

Season one is now available on Netflix.

So, what do you think?

Are you in favor of a partnership?

Would Thunder and Supergirl make a good tandem?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Kayden Stephens

    I thought Black lightning was gonna be terrible. But I can honestly say its one of my favorite cw shows the writing is refreshing compared to recent flash and arrow seasons.

  2. …Black Lightning’s BACK!! 👍😎

  3. I hate Anissa, she be overacting sometimes.

  4. To make this show a little good first they need the change that suit get a better one! One that’s not like a robot but one that’s like a suit like flash! The arrow but something other than that robaot crap

  5. Tanequa Woodson

    I love Black Lightning season is awesome and amazing job

  6. David Talkington

    Love black lightning!

  7. Cant wait for season 2!!!

  8. Nathan Santiago

    We need season 2 like now😀

  9. Black Lightning and Gotham are head and shoulders above the rest of DCTV.

  10. p.o.p.e don king

    Fix his suit so the fight scenes arent so stiff and you got a #1!!! Great cast, writing and all around vibe of the show! Cant wait for season 2! Lo key i think lightening/flash night would do numbers! Even the marketing options with that set up!

  11. drunken master

    i wanna see black panther and black lightning fight til death

  12. Can’t wait for season 2,it’s going to be sweet.Hope we get to see The Flash, Arrow crossover 👍😎

  13. I love black lightning cast especially china Anne McClain since daddy’s little girl and of course nafessa Williams and Cress Williams, Christine Adams amazing job everyone ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡❤❤❤😍😍😍

  14. Really hope other CW shows (looking at you Arrow) learn from this shows overall incredible production. Definitely my favorite of the batch so far!

  15. Can’t wait ⚡⚡ awesome!!

  16. Best DC show right now. Was hooked after the first 2-3 episodes. Shades of season one of Arrow not this crap that is going on right now or any of the other shows. Hope they don’t mess it up in the next season.

  17. thunder is badass

  18. First Black Panther

    Now Black Lightning

    Black Power is REAL!!!

  19. Thundercat 038484

    dopest superhero flick on the tube bar none

  20. Black lighting!! My man

  21. Dang it! I subbed just for you Chyna! Keep doing your thing girl! You AND your sisters! I peeped all of y’all glowin up!👀❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

  22. Would be dope if Annissa had black panthers suit every hit she takes plus her powers would have so much impact she’d be unstoppable

  23. This show is trash. I’ve seen better writing from my students and I’m teaching 5th graders. The only reason this show is remotely liked is because it’s pandering to blacklivesmatter bullshit. The first episode is just low effort stereotype after low effort stereotype. The CW is the worst thing to happen to superhero shows.

  24. Elijah Hountondji

    Anissa is definitely going to be a good superhero

  25. wanna be black panther

  26. Camilla RichardObire

    Love this cast

  27. Felix De La Cruz

    They are such a good cast. Man, Season 2 can’t come sooner! If it’s as good as the first, I will personally say that Black Lightning is the best show the CW has.

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