Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade join interminable list of celebrity suicides

Bourdain and Spade join long list of celebrity suicides.

Celebrity suicides trending upward?

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NEW YORK — Acclaimed designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain took their own lives this week — leaving behind teenage daughters in the process. Kate, 55, was found dead by her housekeeper inside her New York apartment on Tuesday. She apparently hung herself with a red scarf. Anthony, 61, was found dead Friday morning inside his luxury hotel room in Eastern France. He hung himself too. Kate, by the way, was a Kansas City native.

Not sure if it’s mental health, depression or a combination of both. But too many people are taking the easy, yet painful, way out. That said, if you know anyone who’s harboring self-inflicting notions, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline pronto at 800-273-8255.

Remember… no matter how dire things get, it’s imperative to remain focused. Whether it’s financial or emotional, anything can be rectified. You only have one life to live… and you can’t get it back.

So be strong, and seek help.



  2. Inspiredfitness2012

    There has been warning signs and may have been overlooked. We need to hear from Kate’s family members about her state of mind in recent weeks. Suicide is hard on anyone and with a known history, separation, loneliness, feelings of losing grip of life and no plans to hit a rescue me button, is the hardest moment and position to be in. Always tell someone who cares about what you are feeling. We need to invent the RESCUE ME button! A button to call the person to talk you out of it!!!!!!! 🙏🏼Rest In Peace ✌️ Kate, so sorry for all. Praying for all in pain🙏🏼

  3. Rest easy Bourdain.

  4. DIngbat donedon

    They should have got a dog. and smoke weed.

  5. Angeli Alvares

    women are being forced to be superwomen. They have to work outside, push themselves to the top and also stay home and take care of the kids. In short a woman today especially a married one is a TWICE SLAVE to a system that values external appearance over and above anything else. Hard to keep up without the booze or the amphetamines and endless visits to the analyst who perhaps needs to see an analyst too.

  6. Very unusual for a woman to commit suicide by hanging. Depression is a beast that eats you alive, but even so I worry about this particular case.

  7. Ive had deep and lasting bipolar disorder for 25 years. The highs can be fun, but the lows are absolutely crushing. Ive contemplated suicide many many many times. The only thing that keeps me here is my profound belief in reincarnation and in knowing that death is not the end. But a door. And whatever you could not conquer in this life, you will repeat in the next. Your dark side is not something you slay. Its meant to give you a different understanding of existence. Darkness is real. Shake its hand, respect it, and know that the good that exists in you is greater. Its a test used to discover your best self. If you were always happy, you would never stretch. Until you get weary. Stretch. Understand. Empathise. Love. Rest in greatness Bourdain

  8. This one just doesn’t make sense to me. .He literally had the dream life. Seemed confident. Traveled the world. Money. Fame at a level where he can walk around and still recognizable. A job he liked.. this is insane.

  9. It saddens me to think that these people don’t know how much entertainment, knowledge and joy they bring into the lives of millions and they feel that alone. R. I. P. Anthony you will be greatly missed.

  10. rockstar nurse

    We will never know what REALLY happened to Kate, but I can tell you right now suicide wasn’t it. There’s serious foul play here, and it’s being covered up. She had very close ties to the Clinton Foundation, and they have an ever growing trail of bodies behind them. Capitalizing on Kate’s already existing mental illness was the perfect plan, and the masses (as usual) are lapping it up. Mission accomplished.

  11. Tell me this fake news !!!! I hate this, just want Anthony Bourdain back !

  12. so sad my heart bleeds for them 🙁

  13. suicide should NEVER be an option — prayer is the answer

  14. Gone Not 4gotten

    just goes to show being rich and famous doesnt cure all. RIP

  15. I think they both were killed. As soon as I heard they both committed suicide, I knew.

  16. michellebelledejour

    Kate Spade’s death was shocking, but Anthony’s was even more shocking. I think Harvey’s goons killed him. Call me crazy, but I think they wanted to hurt these people where it hurts the most. Anthony was heavily involved with the Me Too movement and tweeted about it every time someone came out and accused someone. Asia is the daughter of famous Italian director Dario Argento, which puzzles me how she wasn’t protected some way by Hollywood. All this just doesn’t sit well with me 😳 I have been scratching my head ever since this all went down. I don’t believe Anthony would do this after all he had accomplished and all the hard knocks he went through to get there.

  17. Mike Villarias

    When i hear the word suicide it just really makes me soooo sad 😭but suspicious 😒 why did she do that??

  18. Follower of Jesus Christ

    If only people realized that “battling personal demons” is not just an expression. The answer is always Jesus!

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