Thomasson receives lengthy prison stay following murder of boyfriend’s daughter

Lindsey Thomasson receives 26 years for murder/WDAF.

Wannabe stepmom murders little girl.

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GARDNER, Kan. — On Tuesday (June 12th), a Johnson County judge gave 25-year-old Lindsey Thomasson more than 26 years behind bars for beating her boyfriend’s daughter, 2-year-old Pressley Porting, to death. The homicide took place in February of last year. Lindsey, who’s from Gardner, Kansas, made a sick habit of abusing the little girl — giving her black eyes and bruises before attempting to cover them up with makeup. Mark Porting, Pressley’s grandfather, addressed the judge.

He asked for a harsh sentence and got his wish.

“I beg you,” Mark told the judge. “I’m begging you on behalf of my family and for this little girl here… that you impose the harshest sentence allowed by law. And bring some form of peace and comfort to this family, to honor and respect what this little girl endured before her little body gave out.”

Lindsey will be over 50-years-old when she gets out.

Was justice served?

Do you agree with the sentence?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. fuck prison….. give the bitch the death penalty

  2. This is why you must be careful with whom you leave your children with.
    Some people cannot take coming in second next to a child that isn’t their’s…

  3. Larry Calloway

    I hope & pray that that female is put in the deepest pit in jail . 😡

  4. This is so [email protected]#$ed up!!! 😔

  5. Louisse Kerrney

    RIP Baby😢

  6. I am so tired of hearing about children being killed!!! It upsets me to my SOUL!!!!

  7. SMH… WTH is going on with all these people abusing and killing kids;. They azzes need to Fry! Literally and figuratively speaking! Sick Pathetic excuse for parents! This is so sad! Rest in heaven Angel… Condolences to the family and true Loved ones;😭😢😤

  8. OMG she had been abusing this child from day one…Put her ass under the jail…

  9. Casual Oberver

    Mark Porting was not Presly’s father, but her grandfather. Her father, Nick Russom, was not at the hearing.

  10. Please Lord, make it stop!!!😢😭😠

  11. so sad

    how could she do such harsh things to that cute little girl?

  12. Im even more mad at the father. What kind of man are u to love a women who does something like this.

  13. May she Rot in HELL!!!! Sick Bit#h!!!!!

  14. Katrina Austin

    she is the can someone hurt a baby she needs to die just like casey Anthony and susan smith

  15. Im normally not for the death penalty but it applies in this case

  16. PatronSaintOfTroll

    I’m never going to understand why people like this date/marry men or women with kids.

  17. Damn this story got me crying how could anybody do this to a beautiful little girl Smh

  18. Stupid typical white bitches

  19. Stupid ugly drug addict DIE IN PRISON YOU UGLY WART INFESTED SNATCH I hope they rip your rotten vagina and std infection ass open then pour bleach and cleaner on it in prison ugly ho!!!!!

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